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5 Ways To Boost Your Art Sales With Instagram
We all start at the same place on Instagram, with no followers. So how do you make your page stand out so your artwork can be seen by more people? With all the differing advice out there, it can be confusing, but there are a few tried-and-true strate
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The Unlimited Possibilities Of A Limited Palette
When I first started painting, I’d spend hours in art supply stores, looking at all the different oil paints available and drooling over the luscious colors: aureolin yellow, cinnabar green, quinacridone rose — just the names alone made me want to bu
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The Splendor Of California’s Eastern Sierra
Inspired, in part, by reading about Clyde Aspevig’s pack trips in Wyoming, as well as Sargent’s forays through the Alps with his companions a century ago, Bill Cone reached out to his friend and “co-conspirator” Paul Kratter to get a pack trip for ar
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‘Best Of’ Category Awards
The 10th annual PleinAir Salon will take place from July 2020 to March 2021. Those awards will be presented at the Plein Air Convention & Expo on May 27, 2021, in Denver, Colorado. First, Second, and Third Place, along with the category winners of
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What child doesn’t delight in the promise of a snow day? For some intrepid plein air painters, the thrill remains. After all, a good snowfall can turn even the most mundane landscape into something spectacular. Here, 17 artists share their views of a
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Fall Color Week Came With A Bonus Peek At Winter This Year
In mid-October, 50 painters gathered at Eagle Mountain House, an early 20th-century hotel with stunning views of the mountains in Jackson, New Hampshire, for Fall Color Week with PleinAir Magazine publisher Eric Rhoads. Designed to provide artists th
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Putting Together A Successful Group Trip
Our recipe for success is simple: Find a beautiful place in the world to go paint, then invite some artists whose company you enjoy to come along with you. All you need is the initiative and the time. I will caution, though, that the way we do it, wi
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Winter Reading List
Spanning 200 years of history, The River Flows: Watercolors of the American West (self-published) offers a visual and narrative timeline of the American West from the 1820s to the present. Marlin Rotach and Don Weller worked with 14 museums and five
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What To Know If You Go
“Do your homework. Scout the location you want to go on Google Earth, look at backpacker blogs to see if anyone else has been through the area, or contact other artists who’ve gone before you." — Bill Cone “If you’re not used to altitude, you may n
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En Plein Air Texas Exceeds Expectations
In October, 32 artists arrived in San Angelo to participate in a fully in-person EnPleinAir Texas. Invited to paint to their hearts’ content throughout the weeklong event, the artists had access to 18 private farms and ranches. A special evening at
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Taking The Viewer There
Depicting a road or path snaking into the background, or even just emphasizing diagonals that guide the eye, can create a sense of depth in a painting. But there are more sophisticated and challenging ways to show distance, some of which mimic the wa
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Steamboat Springs Celebrates Plein Air
Showcasing the beauty of Colorado’s Yampa Valley, the art created during Steamboat Art Museum Plein Air 2020 this September spotlighted historic landmarks, ranches, and the community of Steamboat Springs. The weeklong event brought local painters and
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Artist’s Toolkit
Palette: From bottom left, Permalba white, titanium white, cadmium yellow pale, Indian yellow, Equity orange, yellow ochre, cadmium orange, brilliant pink, cadmium red medium, alizarin crimson, magenta, dioxazine violet, ultramarine blue, transparent
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Artists Take Home Prizes In Colorado
Judge of Awards for the Plein Air Artists Colorado 24th Annual event Frank LaLumia presented Best of Show to Jenifer Cline for Attendance; First Place Signature to Peggy Immel for Pink and Blue; First Place Associate to Scott Ruthven for Care Free Su
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Evolving Impressionism
Northern California oil painter Philippe Gandiol is about as deeply rooted in impressionism as an American painter can be. He grew up visiting Giverny and Monet’s garden with his grandparents in France, and the influence of those visits shows up in h
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Plein Air Takes Over Ellicott City
Landscape painters from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond gathered in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland, in mid-October to enjoy the fall weather as they competed for cash prizes during Paint It! Ellicott City 2020. This annual plein air paint-out pr
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A Rejuvenating Escape
Affectionately referred to as “The Gray Lady” due to the fog that rolls in off the sea, the small triangular island of Nantucket lies 30 miles south of the Massachusetts Cape. I was invited by the Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) to spend two w
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Plein Air Grand Marais Pivots And Thrives
Organizing events where people gather in groups has been a challenge in 2020, but the nature of painting outdoors has provided plein air events a unique opportunity. For this year’s Plein Air Grand Marais, the rules were changed so that participating
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Jazz And The Abstract Truth
Philippe Gandiol favors one form of the arts but loves many. He writes poems on his canvases before painting a scene over them and enjoyed playing the soprano saxophone in days past. Today, he is a member of a jazz band in the Sacramento area named M
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Lost in Meditation
I am lucky to live in a place that has many beautiful sites to paint,” says Linda Mutti. “One scene that I return to over and over is Devereux Slough, a coastal preserve only 10 minutes from my home. It’s one of those special places where every direc
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Plein Air Heritage
During the last decade of his life, John Henry Twachtman (American, 1853–1902) frequently painted views of the brook, falls, and pools surrounding his home in Greenwich, Connecticut. The work ranges from naturalistic representations to enlarged, simp
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DEMONSTRATION: Establishing Intent
“When I settle on a subject to paint, the first thing I do is spend time taking it in,” says Philippe Gandiol. “I am wide open, letting my eyes travel through the scene, and my heart and soul get the mood of the moment. Then I decide on a title, in t
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Advice For 2021 Event Organizers
• Be flexible — in the planning of your event and its execution, in your expectations of yourself and others, and in your vision of what a successful event is. • Take time to identify your key stakeholders and focus on serving them the very best you
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Pandemic. Now What?
Though we’re all a little tired of hearing about the pandemic, and a little insecure about what happens next, I’m optimistic. There will be an end to it someday, and if for some odd reason there isn’t, we have to survive just the same. So what’s next
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Shedding Light On Light Sensitivity
Aye, matey!” It wasn’t until I was older that I realized my tendency to close my left eye tightly on a bright day had prompted the occasional childhood taunt. My generation didn’t wear sunglasses as kids, so I was always battling sun glare with what
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Plein Air Painting Is the Largest Movement in Art History … and Growing
If you study art history, as I have, you’ll learn that evidence of plein air painting goes back a few hundred years. Over time, painters have been inspired to take brush and canvas outside. As a result, small plein air movements have arisen. The best
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From Coast To Coast
In a year filled with confusion and anxiety, we’ve also seen incredible displays of ingenuity. In early spring, when galleries had to close their doors and events and workshops were cancelled or postponed across the country, we all worried about how
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Eye Care
In addition to experiencing light sensitivity, I live at an elevation of 3,600 feet, which has 12 percent more UV radiation than at sea level, so I know I must take extra precautions with my eyesight. Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoid pigments fou
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A Guide for Artists, Collectors & Organizers
With states implementing social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions in response to COVID-19, organizers across the country had to cancel, postpone, or pivot quickly to reimagine their 2020 plein air events. So what can artists, collectors,
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Greg LaRock (1965-2020)
California artist Greg LaRock passed away this October, two days after a rollerblading accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury. “The loss is both inexplicable and unimaginable,” says his wife, Laurie, but “his spirit lives on in those of us who
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