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Nosound’s Erra Channels His Pain
Giancarlo Erra releases his second solo album, Departure Tapes, on July 2 via Kscope. On it, the Nosound singer plays piano and analogue synthesisers, with occasional vocals and voice samples. He began writing the record in 2019, while he travelled b
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The Mars Volta
Alt-prog heroes unearth lost treasure for 18-disc box set. When Clouds Hill acquired the rights to The Mars Volta’s back catalogue, a grand vinyl reissue was inevitable. And this is truly grand: across 18 remastered vinyl LPs, La Realidad De Los Sueñ
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Inner Visions
Even before he became famous, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker had no time for rock’n’roll showboating. Whipping audiences up into a frenzy? That was someone else’s job. “The bands that rose to the top were always the crowd-pleasers,” says Parker of the sc
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Gentle Giant Love Wilson’s Free Hand
Gentle Giant co-founder Derek Shulman says he can’t wait to enjoy the reissue of the band’s 1975 album Free Hand before its release on June 26 via Alucard Music. With Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround sound mix extras, a Blu-ray with visuals accompanying
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Jean-michel Jarre
Jarre scores Salgado exhibition with Amazon grace. This, insists Jean-Michel Jarre, is “not background music”. It’s the score to an exhibition, set to tour the world, by famed photographer Sebastiao Salgado, which explores the Brazilian Amazon: its f
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LAURE LE PRUNENEC’S haunting work has often been placed in the realm of funeral opera. As Rïcïnn, her mysterious compositions each tell a story, blending deep melodies with lighter notes. Asked to describe her sound, she replies: “I would say come an
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Space Lord
“It’s all about Nik for me,” raves Youth. “He’s the great time lord of space and cosmic psychedelia, one of the true 60s innovators and pioneers. I love his egalitarian passion for music. And let’s not forget that he’s in the tradition of the great B
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Styx Crash Back To The Past On Latest
Styx continue the journey back to their early prog/pomp years with new album Crash Of The Crown, released on June 18 via Alpha Dog 2T/UMe. Just like its predecessor, 2017’s The Mission – which related the sci-fitale of a voyage to the planet Mars in
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INTRO Extras
Kingfisher Sky will release a new EP, Rise, on June 18. “It’s four songs about hope, love, nuance and unconditional understanding and respect for one another, or lack thereof,” the band report, adding that the music features a “vivacious, symphonic a
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Ed’s Letter
Hello, and welcome to the new issue of Prog. By the time you read this, if the government’s roadmap out of lockdown holds, we’ll be moving out of Covid-related restrictions. Our attention will return to the potential for gigs once more. Our upcoming
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THERE’S SURELY NEVER been a better time to do it yourself. With you-know-what reducing face-to-face interaction, record labels preferring low-maintenance solo acts, and technology making self-production easier than ever, it’s a tempting option for an
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Flares Jet 2 Earphones
The ergonomic design of Flares® JET 2 means fitting is quick and easy. They come supplied with three sizes of silicone tips, providing superb sound isolation. Precise pressure balancing reduces distortion levels and boosts volume. Mic and control cap
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League Of Lights
THE BRITISH ART-POP/prog lite duo League Of Lights are back with a third album that was conceived largely during lockdown. The husband and wife team of keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Richard and singer Farrah West set out to cheer up their fan
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Big Big Train’s Modernised Sound
The past year’s unprecedented events have weighed heavily on Big Big Train. That’s why, instead of their epic historic narratives, their 13th studio album Common Ground looks through the lens of the pandemic, drawing on influences closer to home. It’
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Italian prog inspired by Orwellian premonitions. The follow-up to 2018’s The Day Is Done, Karmamoi’s fifth album uses the concepts of George Orwell’s iconic novel 1984 as the backdrop for their symphonic theatricality. This fusion is realised especia
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Progressive Metal
By definition, prog metal is all about looking for new and imaginative ways to make heavy music. With that in mind, London’s Urne may be the best thing to happen to the genre in years. The trio’s debut album Serpent And Spirit (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
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Inspired performance of a classic album and more. In the annals of Kansas’ distinguished history, 1977’s Point Of Know Return album is a clear highlight. So, it was no surprise the band decided to play the whole of it a couple of years ago on a speci
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Prog In Brief
Dream Theater (right) will release a “treasure trove” of material based around their Ytsejam Records catalogue via InsideOut. The Lost Not Forgotten Archives will launch with Images And Words – Live In Japan, 2017 on June 25. Multi-instrumentalist an
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Hanging Garden
Atmosphere and woe from the Helsinki shadows. The road from doom metal to prog has been walked a few times over the years, and Hanging Garden are doing it with more style than most. There are prominent echoes of the Finnish band’s heavier past throug
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The Burrell And Wallace Show
Having stayed in the USA with Ian Wallace and Mel Collins as members of Alexis Korner’s new band Snape, Boz Burrell enjoyed renewing his relationship with some of the blues-based music that had very much been part of his early career. In 1973 he beca
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Now Our Turn…
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The (un) Likely Lads
Steve Davis is a big believer in the power of chance. Without it, he would never have encountered the band that changed his life. “Things often happen as a consequence of unexpected events,” he reckons. “When I was 16 or 17, me and a school friend we
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Penny Rimbaud
In 1967, Penny Rimbaud moved into Dial House, a derelict farm cottage on the fringe of Epping Forest in Essex. He and visual artist Gee Vaucher duly set about turning the 16th century pile into a centre for radical creativity and anarcho-pacifist ide
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Impressive unadulterated live thrills from Finnish prog metallers. Recorded in December 2019, just months before touring ground to a halt, this double live album from Amorphis captures the band in front of a notably responsive hometown crowd. Where 2
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Gleb Kolyadin
Iamthemorning piano man returns with understated solo pieces. Iamthemorning pianist and songwriter Gleb Kolyadin’s second solo album comprises spontaneous sketches and cinematic pieces. He’s at pains to emphasise it’s “a serene pause” and selfrelease
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Norwegian jazz prog linchpins bow out to a disco beat. Karisma conclude their run of Ruphus reissues with the Norwegians’ sixth and final album. Released in 1979 on Polydor, Manmade saw the return of vocalist Gudny Aspaas, who previously appeared on
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The Future Bites
New decade, new Tull. That’s the simplistic potted history version of what happened to Ian Anderson and his band before they made the album A in the spring of 1980. Three members of the line-up that had made the folk rock triptych of Songs From The W
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Tom Newman Presents A New Faerie Symphony
Tom Newman will release a follow-up to his album Faerie Symphony through Tigermoth on May 30 – 44 years after the original. A Faerie Symphony II was recorded during lockdown. “I don’t have a copy of my 1977 Faerie Symphony,” says Newman. “But because
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Dennis Deyoung
Former Styx keyboardist/vocalist ends his musical half-century. Save for the announcement that it was bringing down the curtain on his career, the first volume of 26 East – the street in Chicago on which DeYoung and fellow Styx co-founders John and C
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