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Congress Is Paying People A Lot Of Money To Not Work
PERHAPS THE SIMPLEST and most important lesson in economics is this: Incentives matter. If you tax an activity, you make it more expensive and get less of it. If you subsidize an activity, you make it more lucrative and get more of it. It stands to r
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Mrs. America
In 1983, radical feminist Gloria Steinem called conservative Phyllis Schlafly “an artificial creation of the fairness doctrine”—famous only because the media were legally forced to give both sides airtime. Barbs like these are common in Mrs. America,
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Let People Volunteer As Coronavirus Vaccine Testers
ACCELERATING THE DEVELOPMENT of an effective vaccine against COVID-19 is an urgent global priority. The Trump administration has launched an “Operation Warp Speed” initiative that ambitiously aims to have 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine by
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Covid Concerts
When Dropkick Murphys had their St. Patrick’s Day concert canceled thanks to coronavirus, the Celtic punk rockers instead broadcast a free live “Streaming up from Boston” show on Facebook and You-Tube. Such online COVID concerts have become a trend.
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Covid-19 Pulls Back The Mask On America’s Prison System
AS OF MAY 30, more than 300 incarcerated people across the United States have died from COVID-19. Victims of the virus include a woman who was sent to federal prison during her third trimester of pregnancy, a Michigan man who was two weeks away from
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Capitalism Trumps Hate
BIG BUSINESS WASN’T exactly the first place activists looked for allies as the modern gay rights movement emerged. Large corporations have long been seen as a force for social conformity, antagonistic or at best indifferent toward liberation movement
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In Michigan, The Wrong Way To Govern During A Pandemic
FEW GOVERNORS HAVE handled the coronavirus crisis perfectly, but Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer might deserve the prize for the least perfect performance. Her lockdown has inspired around 16 lawsuits and multiple protests. One doesn’t have
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Blocked And Reported
Want a guided tour of what’s upsetting the woke and sparking a backlash among the “extremely online” this week? The new podcast Blocked and Reported might be for you. Each week, hosts Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal dissect the latest in internet outra
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Wait, Wasn’t Peter Thiel a Libertarian?
ELEVEN DAYS AFTER the first case of an American suffering from COVID-19 was reported, an essayist at an online journal run by the Claremont Institute—whose stated purpose is to “restore the principles of the American Founding to their rightful, preem
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Action Park
Action Park was the Somalia of theme parks, a New Jersey thunderdome for people who preferred risk to rules. It was founded in the mid-1970s by Gene Mulvihill, an eccentric businessman who dreamed of a participatory place that offered more than just
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Dumping Milk, Then And Now
IN 1933, A coalition of Wisconsin dairy farmers protested the collapse of milk prices by intercepting shipments headed to market and dumping milk cans. The strikers hoped that reducing the supply would drive up prices. Today, dairy farmers in Wiscons
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Consumer culture continues into the afterlife in Amazon’s sci-fi/mystery/romance/workplace comedy mashup Upload. The show portrays heaven as a place on Earth—a server room, to be precise—where people on the verge of death can transfer their conscious
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From Antifa To Ufos, One Joke Can Spawn A Thousand Conspiracies
IF A RADICAL movement is prepared to use violence, that real-world willingness can inspire wild rumors about the group’s plans and alliances. We’ve seen that dynamic play out with movements ranging from the Black Panthers to right-wing militias. So w
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The Netflix documentary Becoming, which follows Michelle Obama as she goes on a book tour, contains little to discourage those who hope she may someday be persuaded to run for elected office. Brimming with well-rehearsed anecdotes that are by turns h
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City Mice Go Country
CITIES HAVE A lot of pluses, including their tendency to be dynamic, creative, and vibrant. They’re also crowded. Dynamism, creativity, and vibrancy are partially a result of those crowds, but that density became a source of anxiety when COVID-19 sta
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Sweet Reason
Sweet Reason sparkling water with cannabidiol (CBD) is a beverage of interest to this magazine for a variety of, well, reasons. The flavors are on-trend and subtle: cucumber-mint, strawberry-lavender, and a La Croix–esque grapefruit. The resealable g
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I, Ventilator
I AM A ventilator—and not a single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me. Thankfully, that does not mean that I cannot be made. In fact, thousands of my brothers and sisters have been produced since the COVID-19 pandemic began. When G
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From The Archives
August/September 2005 “Statins are not the only class of safe drugs still under lock and key. Medical information is available to more people than ever before, and Americans are buying more drugs and making more-sophisticated choices about their heal
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Editor in Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward (, Publisher Mike Alissi (, Editors at Large Nick Gillespie (, Matt Welch (, Managing Editor Stephanie Slade (, Art Di
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Trump’s Trade War Made The Pandemic Worse, And Nationalism Will Slow The Recovery
“ONE OF THE things this crisis has taught us,” Peter Navarro, a top administration economic adviser, explained from behind the podium in the White House’s briefing room, “is that we are dangerously overdependent on a global supply chain.” It was Apri
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Jo Jorgensen Is the 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee
Jo Jorgensen, a senior lecturer in psychology at Clemson University, had such a wonderful time running as the Libertarian Party (L.P.) vice presidential candidate in 1996, on a ticket with Harry Browne, that she has contemplated taking a swing at the
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Editorial Notes On Police Brutality
A DEADLY PANDEMIC originates in Asia and sweeps around the globe, killing more than 100,000 Americans. A successful manned space mission briefly unites a nation with a sense of wonder. Police and National Guardsmen face off against protesters demandi
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What It’s Like To Be A Business Owner During Covid-19
“SO MANY BUSINESSES have taken it upon themselves to make lemonade out of lemons, in almost the truest sense, and really turn around and care for their communities for no reason than because they have kitchens and people to cook,” says Cheesetique pr
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After a skate park in San Clemente, California, was closed (along with other city recreation facilities) to promote social distancing, skaters ignored “no trespassing” signs and continued to use it. So officials dumped 37 tons of sand in the park. Th
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D.C. NATIONAL GUARD members blocked access to the Lincoln Memorial on June 2 while protesters gathered around the reflecting pool where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963. The National Park Service told New York Times rep
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I Don’t Want To Be Anybody’s Employee
LINDA GREENSTEIN AND Joseph Lagana looked pained. The two New Jersey legislators knew their seats on the Labor Committee existed at the pleasure of the state Senate’s president, Steve Sweeney, who has a habit of removing his fellow Democrats from pow
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The Weed Warriors Who Mistook Tea For Marijuana
ON A FRIDAY morning in April 2012, heavily armed sheriff’s deputies stormed into Bob and Addie Harte’s house in Leawood, Kansas, looking for a nonexistent marijuana garden. The deputies confined the Hartes and their two children to a living room couc
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Coronavirus Cuisine
THIS WAS NOT going to plan. On Monday, March 16, I was supposed to be in Austin, Texas, wrapping up a weeklong event at South by Southwest, where I would have been making Scandinavian craft cocktails alongside some of the top chefs in Denmark. Instea
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The Supreme Court, Livestreamed And Uncut
THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has upended business as usual at the U.S. Supreme Court. In March, the body announced that it was postponing all remaining oral arguments from its 2019–2020 term while it “examine[d] the options for rescheduling those cases in d
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Why Does Hollywood Hate Real Estate Developers?
THERE’S A SCENE in the HBO drama The Wire where several Baltimore homicide detectives come to the realization that the murderous gangster they’ve been chasing for the better part of three seasons might have moved on to a new profession. “Seems that S
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