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New Gun Cleaning Facility At Ej Churchill
EJ Churchill Shooting Ground has opened a new cleaning facility at its West Wycombe premises. ‘The Bothy’ is a free-to-use facility consisting of four cleaning stations, two racks of cleaning rods and bore mops, two compressed airline hoses and clean
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The Brigands POWYS
It was a raw November morning, the kind where almost everything in sight from heaven to hell was saturated by rays of acidic winter sunlight illuminating a blue ice sky. There were times when we were winding slowly along the lanes and B-roads of the
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Beretta 687EELL Classic
The Beretta 687 EELL is a gun that has been around in the shooting world for some years now. The action is tried and tested to infinity and beyond and it’s as well built as any action can be. There are thousands of 687EELLs in use with the Field vers
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Iwa Outdoorclassics 2021 Cancelled
NürnbergMesse, organisers of IWA OutdoorClassics, have announced that the fair will not take place in 2021 owing to exhibitors and visitors being unable to commit due to COVID-19 infection rates, quarantine rules and travel restrictions. The next IWA
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Galloway rules, OK?
When the weather is right and the birds have turned up in good numbers, I would happily put my neck out and say that Galloway is the best place to shoot snipe in Britain. Walked-up or driven days can provide dazzling sport in the south-west of Scotla
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Out On To West London’s Towers
A visit to the towers at the shooting school confirmed that all is as expected and that the EELL Classic shoots as good as it looks with a variety of ammunition, both clay and game loads. There were no surprises and the fixed chokes delivered outstan
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You Are Cordially Invited To…
The Country Food Trust is inviting people to host an ‘At Home Fundraising Dinner’ in their own home on 26 February 2021. The trust’s goal is for more than 2,000 people to attend individual dinners across the UK, with each party helping to raise funds
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The Beginning Of The End
Those of us old enough to have been interested in such things in 1974 might just recall the fact that When Will I See You Again, sung by the Three Degrees, reached number one in the UK Singles Chart that year. The relevance of this astounding piece o
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Lasting Impressions
Engineering: The robust action has been in production for many years. It will last a lifetime and more with a little servicing and proper cleaning, especially if it gets wet. Looks and finish: The aesthetics are exceptional, as are the finish and pre
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New Crime Thriller From Shooting Gazette Contributor
Veteran Shooting Gazette contributor Paul Fievez has released his first novel. Emperor Diamond, which centres around a jewel heist at Heathrow Airport, draws on Mr Fievez’s 45 years’ experience in clay and game shooting – not to mention his time on F
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Wish You Were Here?
T‘was the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, so the recent attentions of the lady from Rodents ‘R’ Us, culminating in treating the cellars with an essence of strychnine and Semtex, seemed
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Expert Instruction
Q It snows heavily in my part of the country in January and I often struggle with my footwork when there are a few inches of the white stuff down at my feet. Have you got any tips? A People are often reluctant to move their feet for a number of reaso
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Wild Fox Distillery Toasts Gamekeepers With A New Gin
Twelve Bore, the latest gin to be produced by independent gin company Wild Fox Distillery, has been billed as a ‘tribute to the gamekeepers who manage Britain’s countryside’. The new gin is said to have ‘a juniper-led flavour, with zesty orange and f
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What Lies Within
Let me be clear from the outset: my car is not grand. It isn’t very big and it isn’t very new and it certainly isn’t very shiny. It’s not a huge 4x4 or a SUV or a V8 TwinCab with all-terrain tyres and limited slip differentials – whatever they are. I
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Skoda Superb
When I took the first Bentley Bentayga to Iceland a couple of years ago, my mates up there were all very excited to see the £200,000, 190mph car that we were about to drive across glaciers, through rivers and up the occasional volcano. All were impre
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Readers’ Letters
SHARE YOUR VIEWS Email: The editor’s interesting and thought-provoking article [An empty peg, October issue] regarding our late colleague, Darren Crush, resonated strongly with me. I took Darren with me on his first-ever
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Looking For ward To 2021
Chairman, National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) So much in our sector has changed over recent years and will continue to change, not just in the way we shoot but in the way we manage our land as well. I want gamekeepers to be fully included and co
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Spitfire Soars To New Heights
It’s not every day that a dog produces a championship-winning performance. However, Mark Adams’s Irish red setter Ballydavid Spitfire did just that at the Irish Championship for Pointers and Setters at the Wicklow Mountains National Park, 18 miles so
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Shooting gallery
A very proud Tony Roberts writes: “My 10-year-old granddaughter, Lily, with her hands full, picking-up on our syndicate partridge shoot at Aysgarth in North Yorkshire.” Pictured are the shooting party (below) and gamekeepers Jamie Kembrey and Craig D
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The Keeper’s View
As I write we are in lockdown; all driven shooting in England has ceased and gamekeepers/shoot owners across the country are more than a little nervous. The best-case scenario by the time you have read is that we have hit the ground running from 3 De
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Gundog Q&A
Q My dog gets very agitated after a while when we are training. He starts off well but then quickly seems to get slower and has been known to go and sit under the car. It is a fairly recent thing but shows no signs of going away. Any thoughts? A Oh d
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Shooting Gazette
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Both Spaniel Championships Cancelled
The Kennel Club has announced the cancellation of the Cocker Spaniel and AV Spaniel championships, which were due to have been held in January, because of the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, writes Maurice Stanbury. The International Gundog League,
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Shots From The Shires
Former United States President Ronald Reagan once famously commented that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the Government and I’m here to help’. There must be many people now who would share his view, adding civil
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A disappointing DAY
Shooting last November in appalling weather with an old friend, Charlie Bingham, on his Wiltshire farm, he decided after a couple of drives to return to the warmth of his house mid-morning in the hope conditions would improve. Far from improving, the
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Behind the Line
Standing in the shower, pondering the meaning of life and the current state of things, I was lamenting the temporary demise of my local shoot when I suddenly remembered a special chocolate cocker and the day I was sure he was a goner. I had the great
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Game Recipe Of The Month
Venison tagliatelle/ragu PREP TIME: 10 minutes COOK TIME: 65 minutes • 4 tbsp olive oil• 2 medium onions, finely chopped• 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped• 500g minced venison• 300ml red wine or port• 1 tsp dried oregano• 2 tbsp tomato purée• 10g beef
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Quicksilver Sport In The Woods
January is the peak of the game season; bags may be more modest but the quality of the strong and wily birds can produce the finest sport. On my own little shoot, the walk one, stand one helpers’ day in January is for all those who have given their t
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Gundog Picture Of The Month
For your chance to win either a Pintail Explorer II smock (bottom left) or a Seasons jacket (right), email high-res images to martin. Please put ‘Gundog Picture of the Month’ in the subject line. The winner will be chosen by t
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