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Game Cookery
Koulibiac is a Russian showstopper pie, served as a centrepiece at feasts. It is a standing pie — it is not made in a dish, but ‘built’ on a baking sheet. Traditionally, the layers include salmon, sautéed mushrooms and cooked rice. I first became awa
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In Association With Alan Paine
The winner of Letter of the Week will have the choice of a men’s or ladies’ Alan Paine Aylsham Fleece Waistcoat. Ideal to throw on under a jacket during colder days in the field. Available in sizes S-5XL or 8-20. For more information, visit: alanpain
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The Experts
BASC’s head of firearms and global authority on guns Airgunner and journalist from the West Country Vintage gun expert, firearms dealer, author and journalist Shooting Times rifle reviewer and stalker Highly regarded writer and ornithologist NGO
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For editorial enquiries: 01252 555223 For picture enquiries: Subscription hotline: 0330 333 1113 Editor Patrick Galbraith Deputy editor Ed Wills
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Cartridge Of The Week
The smokeless powders I have written about recently were all bulk powders. Bulk powders were made to deliver the same pressure as the equivalent volume of blackpowder. This was useful, because a loader could use the same measure for loading cartridge
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Dogs’ Hearing
This is David Woodhouse and his eight-year-old springador, Duke. David says Duke is possibly the best gundog that he has ever owned, and he has been training gundogs for most of his life. He has always been concerned about the effect that the noise f
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Sporting Answers
Q Can you please recommend a .223 Remington factory load that I can use during the new Chinese water deer (CWD) season? A If you use your .223 Remington for foxes and are then using it for CWD, I would recommend you use a heavier load and a more co
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Next Week In Shooting Times
Ireland makes its case why it has the best range of fieldsports on offer. Richard Negus follows the Hamilton Bloodhounds in Suffolk. Simon Garnham heads out for a morning’s flighting in search of the elusive duck. The relationship between the fox
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Native Britain
Latin name: Molinia caerulea Common name: Purple moor grass Other names: Indian grass, lavender grass How to spot it and where to find it: A perennial herb, purple moor grass is found in a wide variety of habitats, though it likes the moisture of
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Roasted Pigeon With Seasonal Winter Vegetables
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Beasts Beyond Our Shores
Porcupines may seem unlikely animals to exist in Europe, but fossil evidence suggests that the crested porcupine is a native of southern Europe. Today, it is confined to mainland Italy and Sicily. The same species also occurs widely in North Africa,
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An Impossible Tusk?
When you invite a friend to dinner, or for a day’s shooting, it’s always pleasant if they bring a bottle of wine or sloe gin. In the 1890s, if you invited Herbrand Russell, the 11th Duke of Bedford, to stay, you were less likely to be handed a bottle
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Wine For Pheasant Thai Green Curry
I expect that most people who have pheasants piling up in the shed and taking over the freezer are thoroughly sick of eating the bird by now. Game pie, roast pheasant with bacon, pan-fried pheasant breast with wild mushrooms – all excellent, of cours
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Why We Shoot
A total of 170million cartridges are purchased in Britain every year In 1851 there were 2,867 gunmakers working in the famous Birmingham Gun Quarter Learning to make guns traditionally used to take seven years, but these days it’s usually three
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From The Gun Shop
RRP: £79.99 An ideal gift for the winter wildfowler, this 10oz flask comes with four cups. So it is perfect for days out in the field and for sharing with a fellow fowler on those cold mornings or evenings on the foreshore. RRP: £399 b
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Fowling Fundamentals
On 25 November, we will be running a competition on Instagram for a chance for you to win Seeland’s Woodcock Advanced Jacket, which was described by Richard Negus in our review as “a proper shooter’s jacket”. All you have to do to be in with a chance
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During the 19th century, firearms technology advanced very quickly. Some idea of the speed of this can be gained by considering that in 1815, the Battle of Waterloo was fought with muzzle-loading flintlock muskets. Their ignition was not particularly
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Dog Of The Week
At four years old Benji is an absolute all-rounder — steady on the peg, calm in the pigeon hide, great in water and he loves his beating. Once he was an uncontrollable cocker but has turned into a cracking worker. ■
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How Does The Public Perceive Our Sport?
At the age of 11, Robin Marshall-Ball was walking through a Welsh village with his Midland 20-bore under his arm when a police car drew up and asked him what he was doing. Robin explained that he was on his way to shoot pigeon on a certain farm. The
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A letter from a professor calling grouse moors “ecological deserts” appeared recently in a national Sunday newspaper. It sparked a timely response from Ross Ewing of BASC Scotland, whose own letter made the professor look rather ill-informed. I would
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RSPB’s Stoat Traps Kill Pet Cats And Orkney Wildlife
The RSPB’s controversial stoat trapping programme on the Orkney Islands has come under heavy criticism after a pet cat, native mammals and water rails were among the animals accidentally caught in traps. Following criticism from pet owners on the isl
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Why We Shoot
Wild bird shoots often have high numbers of songbirds The grey partridge, our traditional farmland gamebird, has declined by over 90% in the past 100 years In arable counties, woodland has often only been saved due to shoot management Wild bird
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Fishy Rise In Wildlife Crime
Law-breaking lockdown anglers have driven a surge in wildlife crime in Scotland. Quarterly data published by Police Scotland for the period between April and September showed a 133% increase in wildlife crime offences compared with the same period la
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Making It A Moveable Feast
DR MIKE SWAN IS HEAD OF EDUCATION AND THE SOUTHERN REGIONAL ADVISER FOR THE GAME & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION TRUST In 1982, when I started as a trainee game adviser with the GWCT, we had a rule of thumb that it took about eight tons of food per 1,000 p
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Weekend Twitter poll
If you were going to have to drive one iconic truck for the rest of your days, which would you go for? ■
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Sauer 100 Classic XT synthetic £1,288
The Sauer 100 is designed as a no-nonsense practical sporting arm and the XT models are the entry-level rifles — offering value but with the Sauer quality. Alternative models have walnut or synthetic stocks, with classic Sporter stock arrangements or
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How Flea Treatments Poison Our Waterways
Flea treatment used on dogs could be having a disastrous effect on aquatic life, according to newly published science. Concerns over the insecticides in skin-applied flea and tick treatments are not new; however, the study provides further evidence o
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Field Test
The Sauer came fitted with a Minox ZX5 3-15 x 56mm scope, quick-detach mounts and a Sauer Titanium Pro sound moderator that proved highly effective in the Scottish gloom. For a cheap gun the Sauer shot very well. Hornady SST 150-gr loads shot a 1in g
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Nature Scot Is Making New Technology Count
Development of a specialist drone to count deer and monitor their impact is being pushed forward. The drone is being developed as part of the Scottish government’s CivTech 5 programme, which challenges companies to come up with innovative technologic
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Good dependable accuracy from both factory and reloads Lightweight and not worried about scratching this one Crisp let off and safe Simple design and tough, and better for it Sauer technology at a realistic price point You’ll feel instantly at h
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