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Advertising Promotion Well Covered
This is a smart, waterproof, technical, clay-shooting jacket offering the perfect balance between protection, breathability and performance. The Seeland Skeet Softshell is made from a ripstop fabric, which is hard wearing as well as being flexible an
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There could be dispensations for clay grounds that clear up their spent lead shot. That would incur some cost but some of that could be offset by the recycled lead value. And for disciplines conducted on set ‘compact’ ranges, such as Skeet, Down the
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Picking Your Decoys
Do you use flocked or unflocked decoys and does it make a difference? Peter says: As decoyers, we all strive to use whatever make, or design, of decoy that we consider to be most realistic in all circumstances. Unfortunately, realism is not the onl
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Cautious Welcome For Government Animal Plan
Shooting groups have given a cautious welcome to the action plan on animal welfare set out by the Government in its recent Queen’s Speech, which outlines its legislative agenda. George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, said the plan would “take a s
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• Foxing rifles start at about £500 and can go up to £5,000 or more • Moderators start at around £150 • Telescopic sights – only needed with add-on night-vision (NV) devices, start at about £350 but go into four figures • Digital night-vision syst
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Rabbit Facts
DISTRIBUTION: Originally native to the Iberian peninsula of Portugal, Spain and south-west France, but introduced to many countries worldwide. UKDISTRIBUTION: Widespread across Britain and Ireland, with the exceptions of some islands. IUCN RED-LIST
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Model Agency
Last month we looked at the origins of the Winchester rifle and saw how it actually owed a lot to Mr Wesson of Smith & Wesson fame. From his original lever-action pistol with its peculiar internally primed ammunition was developed the Volcanic, the f
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Editor’s Verdict
Purdey has created something near a masterpiece in the 20-bore Trigger Plate. As you would expect, it is beautifully made in London by craftsmen and women. All that Purdey knows about gunmaking has been rolled into this shotgun. It combines the best
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Gamebird Release Licensing On Protected Sites Announced
The release of pheasants and red-legged partridges within European protected sites became subject to specific licence conditions in England from the end of May. The Government announced an interim licensing scheme for such releases following a consul
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Things To Consider
• Which rabbits should you pick off first? Male? Female? And why? • Would you kill sick rabbits and if so why? • Should female rabbits with young be shot? • Would you eat a rabbit with mixy? • Is there a point where the rabbits will move on to anothe
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In the May issue there was an article featuring Tom Sykes and he was pictured with a moderated shotgun. Which make of moderator is it and has part of the shotgun rib been removed? Edward Smith, via email Tom says: Thank you for your question. I had
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As some of you know, there have been changes to the DSC1 and DSC2 qualification requirements. These came into effect 1 April. The updates involve the game and hygiene assessment and a redesigned shooting assessment. Due to COVID restrictions, many c
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Control The Urge
Fran Ardley looks at how to deal with temptation as you train your dog to be steady to the flush. Last month we looked at getting your dog steady to shot, whistle and the artificial flush of a dummy being thrown while your dog is hunting. The next st
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Rural Groups Voice Concern Over Deer Welfare In Scotland
Fieldsports groups and rural organisations have called upon the Scottish government to rethink its policy on the control of deer. The Scottish government has announced changes in this regard, not least the removal of a close season for male deer. In
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Warts And All
Warts, or papillomas, used to be more common but are still seen occasionally. They are usually fairly superficial, verrucose growths, and some are caused by a virus. Generally seen in the young or immunocompromised, they can disappear as immunity dev
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A Right Pair
Apart from organised roost shooting, pigeon shooting is widely regarded as a solitary sport, one man pitting his skills against our most wily of quarry species. I, on the other hand, have usually shared my days out with another decoyer, so in this ar
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Haunch Cuisine
Cooking a steak. How hard can that be? Surely we do not need a whole recipe devoted to that simple task, with the addition of one of the simplest steak dressings ever invented? Well, most of us think the thing we do a lot of is quite simple – ask any
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Barbury Shooting School
English Sporting, English Skeet, simulated game and an 85ft high tower. FITASC and Compak competitions are also available throughout the year. On-site gunroom, sporting agency and café. The car pack is gravel, as are most of the pathways to stands,
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Selecting The Correct Calibre
I have been given the opportunity to shoot wild boar. Is there a legal minimum calibre for this? David says: No. Boars vary significantly in size according to age and are dense and compact compared to deer, so can take a bit of stopping. In general
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The European Rabbit Oryctolagus Cuniculus
Our wild rabbit was introduced to this country and it is commonly accepted that the Normans were responsible. It is thought that they brought them across the Channel as a source of food and fur following the events of 1066. A lack of archaeological p
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Tasks In Hand
We still have a lot to catch up on. The towers aren’t up yet but hopefully if the restrictions continue to relax we can get all of the deer management group up and that is really something to look forward to. In the meantime, the rut is approaching a
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Pocket-sized Dynamite
Do working dogs take after their owner? Some reckon they do but if the pair curled asleep at my feet are anything to go by, I’d have to disagree. Suppose it were true. If so, it would be Sam the labrador that comes closest to mirroring my temperament
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In The Round
Matt Hance, 52, has been involved in shooting sports for more than 40 years. He competes on the national and international circuit and has been a member of Team GB for the past three decades. His main shooting discipline is FITASC Sporting and he has
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The Problem: Lumps – Benign And Malign
This is a common question, Chris, and a good one. It is alarming, as a dog owner, to find a lump and, obviously, owners will want an explanation in order to put their minds at rest. This is most likely to be a non-cancerous mass called a chalazion –
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Free Flush
The next stage of the exercise needs good timing on your behalf and will begin to draw on all of the previous lessons. Get your dog hunting on some suitable ground and once it is into its quartering pattern slip the pigeon out of your vest and this i
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Natural Selection
It was a surreal sight. A gentleman, dressed in a sun-bleached polo shirt and red shorts, was dusting the snow from his gun slip as he prepared to shoot stand four. Minutes later, competitors in full winter garb were loosening collars and stripping o
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Setting It Up
Whenever I start a new lesson I am always prepared to take a step back, and although the dog is steady off the lead to a thrown canvas dummy, I begin this exercise with the dog on a lead. I put the homing pigeon in the back pocket of my training vest
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Breda Zenith Sporter
Breda is well known for producing semi-auto shotguns and, as with many Italian brands, they are produced in the Val Trompia region in Brescia. Breda uses first-class materials, displays impeccable workmanship and has state-of-the-art assembly for its
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A Tale Of Two Fields
Before we get into the pigeon shooting, there’s news on the steel/lead shot debate that I want to highlight. We already know there is a five-year plan to move away from lead shot and the National Game Dealers’ Association recently announced that it w
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Colour Coded
I am looking to buy a new labrador and I am not sure what colour to get. I have heard that black ones are harder to train. Is there any truth in this? Fran says: Funnily enough, this is a question that I get asked quite often and the simple answer
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