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Fold On, I’m Comin’
Seeing a foldable phone in the wild remains about as commonplace as being shouted at by a duck, but that isn’t putting off companies making them. If anything, it appears to be making them even more enthusiastic about the concept. Enter Huawei’s Mate
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There is absolutely no way to avoid the fact that most of the stuff in Stuff is made from, well, stuff. And some of that stuff is in some way detrimental to the planet. What can we say? Humans are bad. Steps can be taken now. We must stop throwing ev
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Xiaomi What You Got
€749 / There’s nothing like a bit of political turmoil to help you get ahead. With Huawei still shut out from Google services and the Play Store, another Chinese maker is eyeing up its vacant seat. The Mi 11 might be the way to make tha
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How To Decide
Masks should always cover your nose and mouth and fit snugly, without leaving any gaps. Added fabric layers – and filter inserts especially – offer extra protection. Be careful when buying a mask with a valve, as cheaper models often only filter air
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Algorithm Is Gonna Get You
£379 / ■ Backed to the tune of £340,000 on Indiegogo, the Iris Flow cans have an algorithm that “splits out and increases the phase information sent to the brain”, which Iris says stimulates “active listening”. Sounds like rampant m
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£399 / The Sonos range of wireless speakers had been crying out for a battery-powered portable model for ages – and finally our favourite multiroom audio specialist caved in. Luckily, the Move was worth the wait. Its adaptability a
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Fitness Tech
£26 / With no installable apps, Xiaomi’s dinky wearable can’t stack up to smartwatches or reply to notifications, but it can relay alerts and track everything from sleep to workouts. It’s better than the Mi Smart Band 4, thanks to a
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Hitch ’em Up To Hi-res
Arriving later this year, Spotify’s new tier is promising CD-quality audio at last… and at a price that should undercut Tidal HiFi in a big way. £14/m (est) / Amazon goes cheaper than its rivals? Quelle surprise, although it’s £2 more if
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Cancel Cultured
£549 / Apple’s first over-ears are a lavish affair with generous 40mm drivers, but come with a comically bizarre carry-case that’s close to useless. While it’s impossible to remove the price tag from the conversation (a PS5 costs
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Hublot Big Bang E Premier League
£4300 / Mike Dean called – he wants his watch back. Tell that peacocking prat in black he can whistle for it. Geddit? Look, we know nobody grows up wanting to be Michael Oliver rather than Mo Salah; but if you’ve come to terms with the fac
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For Those About To Lock
from £180 / ■ There’s something amiss with the Bold Smart Lock – it’s arrived without keys. Rivals like the Brisant-Secure Ultion Smart and August Smart Lock include key-entry options, but not here. It’s either your phone or enter a
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Electric Cars
from £70,690 / It was about time someone took the fight to Tesla, and boy has Porsche delivered with the Taycan. This electric four-door saloon is the EV that petrolheads have been waiting for. In full-fat Turbo S flavour, the Taycan
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£free (IAP) / Android, iOS Carrot Weather is both stick and, er, carrot. The stick is a new pricing structure – more on that later – and its sassy attitude. The carrot is everything else. It provides forecasts, but will say clouds “contain trace amou
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Can’t Stand Losing Hue?
from £18 / ■ Aside from Philips Hue, Nanoleaf is the only lighting brand that currently offers compatibility with Apple’s privacy-centric HomeKit platform. It has two distinct advantages over its Dutch rival: there’s no need for
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Budget Buys
from £50 / This fabric-covered take on Marvin the paranoid android in disguise as a Magic 8-Ball feels playful yet classical. It can’t match a full-size smart speaker for audio, but as a little radio and an Alexa assistant for the bedsid
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Q Win Again
Not every television technology lives up to the hype. Remember curved screens? Or 3D TV? No, us neither, and if you happen to have a curved 3D TV we can only sympathise. Mini LED, on the other hand, might just be deserving of the ‘new!’ and ‘improved
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Baby It’s Pretty Cool Outside
Ah yes, the great outdoors, which we’ve been largely experiencing from the great indoors for the best part of a year. Whether it’s watching the Countryfile team visit deepest Buckinghamshire, gasping at wildlife documentaries narrated by Sir David At
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Beta Yourself Viewing Habits
Modern tellies have apps, but don’t buy one on that basis. If you’re not happy with the smart features your TV has, a better bet is to plug in a streaming box. You can revel in its feature set… and in the fact that you’ll later be able to switch or u
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Everybody’s Lappy Nowadays
What’s the story? Few laptops make a first impression like Razer’s brooding Blades, but these lifestyle and gaming machines back up their bluster with lashings of performance for content creators. The Pro 17 is large, fast, expensive, and overkill fo
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Craft Punk
from £3.99 / I love Lego, yet I approach Vidiyo with trepidation. This isn’t the toy brand’s first foray into AR, as it seeks to remain ‘down with the kids’ in an increasingly digital world; but previous Lego AR apps have lacked the s
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Upvoted Germ Killers
LG PuriCare LG’s mask might make you look like Bane the Batman villain, but you’ll sound less bunged-up given it’s designed to help you breathe easily. With HEPA filters blocking even the finest particles, built-in fans then push clean air in and red
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£2199 / Utterly convincing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D sound, ample power and lots of inputs mean no other soundbar currently available can perform feats with the solidity and confidence of this Sennheiser. The sheer room-filling
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Heavin’ Chemistry
Plastic waste makes up 85% of the pollution on beaches around the world, and every year the UK alone throws away 300 million kilos of flexible plastics. That means things like supermarket shopping bags, bubblewrap, food packaging and pallet wrapping
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Loops, I Did It Again
Think of the current industrial economy as a straight line that starts by dragging precious materials out of the ground, turning them into something valuable we buy, and ends with us throwing it away. The circular economy bends that line into a conti
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from £299 / Sneaking into the top berth courtesy of a slightly underwhelming Apple Watch update, Samsung’s gorgeous Watch3 is an easy wearable to love. It’s superbly made and very attractive, and the spinning bezel makes it a joy to use.
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Green Age Riot
HP has been ahead of the curve with recycled materials: the computer giant used waste plastic picked by the people of Haiti in its ink cartridges as early as 2016. But it’s the undeniably handsome Dragonfly series of hybrids and laptops that are now
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from £25/month + setup / Already home to the biggest selection of 4K content, from blockbuster films and original dramas to top-flight sport, Sky has adopted a can’t-beat-’em-join-’em approach to streaming by incorporating the likes of
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Diamond Vlogs
£590 (body only) / Whether your preferred form of expression is TikTok, Twitch, Instagram or YouTube, Canon’s latest mirrorless camera is here to be your creative partner. Canon hasn’t always been the most enthusiastic of camera makers wh
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Nokia N90
I had no idea Nokia used to make camcorders… Toilet paper, tyres and gas masks, yes. Camcorders, no. Way back before every phone was just a variation on a flat rectangular theme, features had much more influence on their design. Nokia’s N90 looked li
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