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Winning Women
The producer behind Big Little Lies and the latest Nicole Kidman/Liane Moriarty project, Nine Perfect Strangers, Bruna Papendrea (right), has been recognised by the Adelaide Film Festival’s Don Dunstan Award. After a tough first term in minority gov
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Green Routine Your
Raging fires, devastating floods and then a global pandemic have defined 2020 as the year our collective focus turned to the health of our planet and its people. “We’re at a crunch point,” says Wilderness Society Nature Campaign Manager Suzanne Milth
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Traditional With A Twist
MAKES 6 PREP AND COOK TIME 4 HOURS (+ COOLING AND STANDING TIME) 500g (3 cups) sultanas150g (1 cup) currants190g (1¼ cups) raisins, chopped300g (2 cups) pitted dried dates, chopped100g (½ cup) glacé red cherries125g (½ cup) glacé fruit (such as or
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MAGGIE BEER laughter Love, & loss
The year started perfectly for Maggie Beer with three generations of her family gathered for a double-whammy party. It was Maggie and husband Colin’s 50th wedding anniversary and Maggie’s landmark 75th birthday. “They’re just two days apart, a very s
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Recycling 101
As a general rule, most shampoo bottles and face cream containers are recyclable. But you need to make sure they’ve gone through the following steps first. • Rinse the container and let it dry. • If the container is crushable, remove lid and squas
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Quick Bites
In the Test Kitchen, we use White Wings Premium Plain Flour to make the perfect pastry. To prevent a ‘soggy bottom’, we recommend blind-baking the pastry shell. Line the flan tin with baking paper or foil, fill with dried beans. Bake on the lower she
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“My Girls Have A New Life”
It’s autumn in the steamy Bhutanese border town of Phuentsholing. The monsoon rains have passed and dappled sunlight filters through trees along the Torsa River, which tumbles down from the snowy peaks of Tibet and flows through Bhutan and on to Indi
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Beauty News
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How Does Garden Grow ?
Summer is the most challenging time of year as, because of the heat, we are always monitoring the wellbeing of the garden. Rain comes rarely, but if it does, it’s light and doesn’t last – the garden totally relies on irrigation to nurture it through
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Cooking and catering social enterprise that gives refugees employment and connection Loretta knew she was on to a good idea when she found herself in a Melbourne cafe watching people learn to cook as they listened to the story of a newly arrived r
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Dubbed ‘the lunchtime facelift’, face thread lifting involves the placement of surgical threads to recontour the face, especially cheeks, jowls, jawline and neck. “It’s for patients who’d like to take a few years off immediately as an alternative to
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Your summer JOBS LIST
Staking: This is the time for staking and deadheading of perennials. Many, such as the Salvia nemorosa and Geranium ‘Rozanne’, will have up to three flushes of flowers if they are cut back hard by about two-thirds. Flowering: To promote flowering, w
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2020 Judges lunch
The Women of the Future finalists always dazzle with their tenacity and inventiveness, so it's fitting the judging panel is made up of inspiring women. Amanda Keller and Brooke Boney joined ABC chair Ita Buttrose, ANU Chancellor Julie Bishop, past wi
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Spot The Difference
Clinically formulated with a blend of natural bioactive medicinal plants, you can achieve a visible reduction of dark spots on your face, décolletage or hands in just two weeks. Freezeframe Pigment Clear, $69. This Korean beauty product is a cult
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Women & WEALTH
A returned World War II serviceman inspired by the Anzac tradition of selflessness, Ray O’Neill had a profound desire to help his fellow countrymen. He realised many Australians, such as newly arrived migrants, were unable to achieve the dream to own
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A Love Story For The Ages
It’s 1976, Peter Cosgrove is scrabbling in his pocket for 20 cent pieces and starting to sweat. He’s in a public telephone box outside the officer’s mess, making the most important phone call of his life, and he’s running out of coins. “I had notes b
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Good Health
14,355 That’s the number of babies born in Australia through IVF in 2018, according to a new report by UNSW medical researchers – which represents almost one in 20 newborns, or about one in every classroom. The study also found that live birth rates
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5 Tips For Financial Fitness
1 Take stock of all your bank accounts, superannuation and insurance. Go through your bills and really look at what you spend your money on. 2 Check “lazy spending” on services and products you don’t really need, like gym memberships you no longer u
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Princess Playing Diana
Emma Corrin was on a train in early 2019 when she received the call that would change her life. It was her agent. “She’s normally very together and calm,” notes Emma, only here “she sounded really weird”. Evidently The Crown had called and asked if E
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The Butterfly Effect
If you’re anything like me, the pandemic of 2020 has had a few lingering effects. You’ll have been steadily loosening your waistband thanks to lockdown snacking, suffering from mood swings and generally feeling fatigued. However, as spring turns into
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Family Fortunes
We’ve all heard of the Big Four banks, but did you know that the fifth largest lender in Australia is the humble Bank of Mum and Dad? More than a quarter of first home buyers in Australia made the leap to home ownership with help from their parents,
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Raising Boys
Both my sons are a lot like me. On my best days, I am measured, thoughtful, independent, and confident enough to be comfortable in my own head. I value justice and fairness. I have a deep respect for women, particularly those who share my life. My so
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The Stats
14 per cent of older Australians suffer from a clinically relevant thyroid disorder. * 1 in 2 Australian children and pregnant women suffer from iodine deficiency.* Women are affected by thyroid disorders 10 times more than men, worldwide.* *Th
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About The Author
Award-winning author Sofie Laguna studied law and was an actor before she began writing for children and adults. “The truth is I don’t write for either. I write for the thing itself. It is the character who needs her story,” she explains. Sofie was b
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Sue & Saroo BRIERLEY Heart Of A Lion
Sue Brierley is nervous. Today the final draft of her manuscript goes to the printer and the implications of baring heretofore very private details of her life are playing on her mind. Sue is the mother of Saroo Brierley, the Indian boy whose story t
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Pleasure? GUILTY!
As the end of the year draws near, our minds inevitably turn to the best things in life: more time with family, parties (albeit small, socially distanced ones) and wonderful food shared with loved ones. But indulgence often comes with a sense of guil
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THE Reading room
Author Sofie Laguna pulls us right inside the heads of her characters. We feel their confusion, their pain and their pleasure in the same way they do and to this we add our own understanding. The result is a unique union with her protagonists which i
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Thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet empire, there remains an enclave of Europe where almost nothing has changed. Peasants toil on collective farms, rusty factories churn out state-decreed quotas of shoddy goods, and an ageing dictator cling
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Gremolata is a versatile condiment and garnish. Originally based on garlic, lemon rind and parsley, there are many variations using other citrus rinds such as orange, or adding pine nuts and finely grated parmesan. We’ve added roasted almonds for fla
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3 Contemporary Fiction
Victoria’s protagonist Tilly Galloway was inspired by The Weekly’s war correspondent Adele ‘Tilly’ Shelton Smith. War reporting wasn’t considered women’s work so Tilly broke boundaries. This tale opens in Sydney in 1945 as the men return from the ba
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