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Let’s Hear It For Grouse Moors
When, in 2009, grouse numbers at the 5,000-acre Garrows Estate, Perthshire, dropped to their lowest level in 120 years, owner Sir John Kemp-Welch decided to make some radical changes. Supported by former headkeeper Ronnie Kippen, he reduced the numbe
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Paradise Hooked
In September, I packed my bags and headed to Europe to participate in the first ever Fish & Fly Trio. Fish & Fly Trio is a new fishing adventure set in a diverse European landscape. This fishing challenge welcomes enthusiasts of all ages and abilitie
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We Are All Experts Now
PITY the poor sommelier. The cost to the hospitality industry of this wretched plague and pestilence has been incalculable, with thousands of staff out of work. Those sommeliers lucky enough to have jobs to go back to found that, during these ridicul
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Kit To Covert
EMAIL SARAH.FITZPATRICK@FUTURENET.COM An enchanting design from the Treasures of Pompeii collection. These scarves are available in wool/silk, cashmere or a silk twill that comes in three sizes and two colourways: marble/granite and rosso/mahogany. ♦
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The Pluck Of The Irish
If you want to settle your nerves before hunting in Ireland, avoid YouTube. There are films galore of dishevelled riders and shaggy horses scrambling up mountains of mud and plunging into fast-flowing, murky water, the latter sometimes ending with ho
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Six Of The Best Restaurant Wines
2019 EXQUISITE CLARE VALLEY RIESLING (£6.99, Aldi) Textbook lemony, minerally, food-friendly, bone-dry Riesling from Australia. 2019 NERO ORO GRILLO APPASSIMENTO (£8.99 if you mix 6, Majestic) From Sicily, a typical sommelier choice: quirky, differen
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Write to: The Editor, The Field, Pinehurst II, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7BF. Email: LETTERS MAY BE EDITED FOR CLARITY OR SPACE An old friend of mine, now living and working i
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No picnic at The Third Pole
Everest entered the British conscious in 1856, when the Great Trigonometric Survey of India declared that the previously unremarkable Peak XV was, at 29,002ft (8,840 metres), the world’s highest mountain. Just getting the basic theodolite sights – gi
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Private Lives And Occupations
The next best thing to being out in the field is reading about it, when written well – and Field contributor Adrian Dangar’s book is a heavyweight. These hunting diaries from 1994-98 cover Dangar’s final four seasons as Master and huntsman of the Sin
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The Wonder Of Woodland
WOODLAND walks developed their own rush hour in lockdown and, but for social distancing, the forests would have resembled Piccadilly Circus. It is perhaps too early and too convenient to link a nation’s rekindled love affair with the great outdoors i
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British Sporting Art Trust
GEORGE STUBBS painted A Pointer and A Spaniel for William Wildman, a wealthy meat dealer at Smithfield Market, in 1772. Stubbs painted 19 pictures for him, more than for any other patron. Stubbs became known as ‘The Horse Painter’ but hated that narr
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Skoda Octavia SEL Hatch
FOR dedicated Octavia-lovers like me, the launch of a brand-new model is a moment of high excitement and anticipation. What have they done to it? Will it still be the benchmark in no-nonsense and practical motoring or has it gone all la-di-da? The an
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Country Estate Of The Month
This Cornish sporting estate comes with a period farmhouse, two cottages and 276 acres. The main house, restored extensively over the past 10 years, sits at the centre of the estate, surrounded by grazing land, grassland and young woodland. The farml
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Smells Like A HeroRAT
The Gambian pouched rat (Cricetomys gambianus), despite its name, is more closely related to the hamster. The pouches give it away. Found on both sides of the animal’s face, they are used to transport huge amounts of food to the animal’s home, giving
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The Field From The Archives
IMAGINE a plantation of Scotch firs and stunted ash trees growing on the side of a hill, with a small loch or pond at its foot. The ash trees are on the edge of the wood and the firs in the middle of it; and it is the invariable habit of the pigeon,
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Moving Towards The Light
THE start of February is invariably cold, misty and damp, expressed so succinctly by that splendidly onomatopoeic Scots word ‘dreich’. A dreich situation is one that has become dreary, monotonous, drawn-out and boring, which perfectly describes a win
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Six Of The Best: North-West England
HUNSTERSON, NANTWICH, CHESHIRE This is a former farmhouse together with about six acres of land, with further land available by separate negotiation. The property is Grade II-listed, with the original part of the house dating back to the 16th century
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Drink To Your Heart’s Content
There’s never been a better time to be a curious drinker. The shelves are awash with wines from all corners of the world, craft spirits boasting every botanical under the sun and a frankly bamboozling array of beers. And that’s just the supermarkets.
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The Field
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Defying The Drizzle
As a youngster, 1 February each year meant two things: a rough walked-up day marauding for an eve-of-armistice pheasant; and desolation at the ending of another season. February really isn’t all bad, however, and in an ideal world it actually ranks q
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Best In Class
New London Light (NLL): the team behind Salcombe Gin has hit the mark with this non-alcoholic version of a London Dry Gin. Finely balanced orange and spice notes deliver a spot-on G&T. 0% ABV, £27.50; Fortnum & Mason Sparkling Tea: mo
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Heralding Hen Harrier Recovery
The news that 60 hen harriers fledged in the UK in 2020 is cause for celebration. “It was the best breeding year in 20 years,” notes the GWCT’s Andrew Gilruth. DEFRA’s hen-harrier action plan played a key role in this recovery, with the brood-managem
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Bye Bye Baby…
I ONCE looked after a herd of alpacas. It wasn’t particularly pleasurable. I couldn’t catch them, I could barely herd them, they disliked me immensely and spat at me frequently. By far the worst bit about the job was having to hold the stud while it
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Country Queries
Q I am hoping you can help me to find someone who might be able to recover a large lampshade in parchment, around 66cm in diameter, and four small wall light shades that have been damaged over the years. SW, Shropshire A For a repair or recovering se
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Field In Focus
A plant last sighted in Norfolk a century ago has made a surprise comeback by the side of a pond in Heydon. Botanists believe the seeds of the pink-flowered grass-poly (Lythrum hyssopifolium) germinated after conservation work on the pond exposed the
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Elysian Moments
From vast moors cloaked in purple to burnished hues heralding autumn hunting and skeletal silhouettes framing favoured drives on final days, as the landscapes that set our sporting scenes shift with the seasons, quarry and kit does, too. Settling on
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Tile On The Pounds
I’M blaming a virulent mutation of the ‘must buy something’ virus crossed with tedious COVID-19 ‘lockdownitis’ for two recent breaches of the canny antique buyer’s Golden Rules. Last month it was a William Evans 12-bore boxlock ejector (see Anatomy o
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Quagga mussel, an invasive, non-native species that suffocates other mussels, disrupts the aquatic ecosystem and clogs pipes, has been found at Rutland Water and in the River Trent in Lincolnshire. A study revealed that dogs’ brains can’t distinguish
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Sporting Challenges Across The Channel
The keen shot has always looked over the water for the chance to extend their shooting season, and it gives the sporting adventurist an exciting and rich set of alternatives to consider for next season, too. So, if wanderlust strikes, The Field has a
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A Gun By Bartolomeo Cotel
DURING the mid- to late-19th century this gun by Bartolomeo Cotel, originally housed in The Royal Artillery Museum at the Rotunda, was transferred to the Royal Armouries. As my predecessors were not the greatest record keepers, one can only speculate
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