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Venue Scout
QUINLAN COST from $5,500 GUEST COUNT 275 ABOUT Just as the name suggests, this venue combines the rustic charm of a barn with a brighter, more modern aesthetic designed specifically for clean photography. AUSTIN COST from $30,000 GUEST COUNT 980 ABOU
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Bouquets you’ll Love
For an undone bunch made for a winding vineyard, ask your florist to focus on a loose shape and soft, pastel colors. Here, fluttery pink lisianthus and light purple clematis are paired with roses, white campanulas and sprigs of wispy greenery and vin
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Editor test drive
AS A BEAUTY EDITOR AT THE KNOT, I'll try anything once. Sometimes this is a super perk (hello, fancy facials). Sometimes it’s risky, like the time I went in for trendy highlights and came out a peroxide blonde. For better or for worse, I’ve tested (a
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All About Flowers
Megan Willis, owner and lead designer at Dallas’s Jubilee Flower Co. Megan recommends Texas couples planning to get married in April, May, October and November book their floral designer a year in advance. Why? Those are big dates—blame the heat. Jub
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Personality-packed Eats
It’s no secret that wedding food can sometimes feel a little one-note. But if the two of you are big foodies and looking to create a memorable meal for yourselves and your guests, “good enough” just isn’t going to cut it. While any meal cooked up by
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Dress Codes Decoded
If you’ve been dreaming of a courthouse ceremony, backyard celebration or even an intimate dinner party, this is the dress code for you. While casual dress usually means anything goes, you’ll want to look put together in your photos. To pull this off
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All About Cake
Rebecca Pham, owner and lead designer at Becca Cakes in Houston Becca Cakes centers designs around a mix of modern and romantic—think: wispy buttercream exteriors topped with fresh buds. @beccacakeshtx Our strawberries and creme cak
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Own The Spotlight
Being the focus of attention doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. If the thought of a few hundred of your closest friends and family watching and celebrating you fills you with the bad kind of butterflies, you’re not alone. Instead of letting s
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Alex + Ross
Alexandra (Alex) Cabrera (26 and a landman) and Ross Taylor (29 and a radiology resident) relied heavily on all things green for their wedding décor. “Our color palette was timeless, neutral and earthy,” Alex says. Exhibit A: the pair’s stationery. “
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Get The Look
PHOTOGRAPHY Chris Craymer FASHION STYLING Shelley Brown HAIR Yoichi Tomizawa for Bumble and bumble at Art Department MAKEUP Hector Simancas for Elizabeth Arden at Art Department PROP STYLING Kayleigh Snowden Get a sneak peek of what went on at The Kn
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All About Stationery
Nicolette Selman, owner of Isidore & Augustine, a San Antonio stationery studio Looking ahead, Nicolette predicts couples will incoporate jewel tones, neon and holographics into their suites. @isidore_augustine The most popular
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5 Ways To Keep Your Cool While Planning
With emails from vendors, calls from your wedding party and constant Instagram inspiration, escaping the digital stress of wedding planning can seem impossible. Chill out and reconnect with your spouse-to-be by observing at least one tech-free date n
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Jessica + Tim
Jessica Haralson (32 and a teacher) and Timothy Boots (38 and a retired member of the US Army) share a love of professional wrestling and wanted their wedding to pay tribute to the sport—without being too immature. “It had to be a big, glamorous wedd
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The Knot Regional: Texas
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Madison + Alex
When planning their wedding, Madison Grieco (30 and a culture marketing manager) and Alex Hoffman (31 and a VP of client services) aimed for the moon. “I really wanted to get married under a full moon,” Madison says. “That’s how we picked the date. I
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Hey there! I’m LOUIS BARAGONA, community editor at The Knot and the host of our weekly Wedding Wednesdays on Instagram—yep, you knew you recognized this shiny bald head from somewhere. I’m answering your TOP 10 most common wedding planning questions.
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Kelsey + Matthew
Kelsey Ross (29 and a landscape designer) and Matthew Bostwick (32 and a product developer) couldn’t exactly bring the desert to their hometown of Austin, so they headed to Marfa for their wedding. “Matthew and I have been going to Marfa for years, a
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Though Rachel and Roy said “I do” at Lost Mission, the pair took their wedding celebration as a chance to transport guests far beyond the Lone Star State. Instead, the couple filled the property with Indian jewelry and traditional attire, Mexican cui
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DeAndré + Stuart
When DeAndré Upshaw (31 and a digital video production manager) proposed to Stuart Hausmann (30 and an illustrator and artist) he did so in his signature dramatic fashion: with a dance troupe, flag twirlers and 40 friends and family members present.
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Moving Pictures
You’ve probably budgeted for a photographer, but if you’re not also setting aside funds for a videographer, you could be doing yourself a disservice. The chance to look back on a professional video of your day and easily recall the emotion in your pa
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Brittany + Carla
For their Hill Country wedding, Brittany Clayton-Smith (33 and works in nursing) and Carla Ruiz-Ney (33 and works in finance) kept things personal. They put a boozy spin on the unity ceremony, each taking a shot and pouring a bottle of Maker’s Mark i
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We’re In This Together
As we go to press, an unprecedented pandemic is impacting our country in ways we’ve never experienced before. Schools and stores are closed and working from home has become the new normal. Another reality? Canceled weddings. My deepest hope is that b
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Lindsey + Austin
As a child, Lindsey Skrobarcek (36 and a calligrapher and stationer) and her dad used to talk about her wedding day. They imagined a ceremony on her aunt and uncle’s property and a father-daughter dance to “Always” by Patsy Cline. He died in 2012, to
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At one wedding I attended, the couple created a mini booklet to put in our welcome baskets that included info on every guest in attendance. It had pictures of each person or couple, a bio about them, details on their relationship with the couple and
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VEILS, Unveiled
Veils are an easy way to express yourself. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which one’s right for you? We broke down all the different styles, including the latest trends, with tips on how to wear them so you can uncover (sorr
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Congratulations YOU’RE ENGAGED!
Envision your wedding and decide how much you want to spend (and who else will be contributing). Search for the perfect place to celebrate, keeping budget and guest count in mind. Then set the date. Ask your besties to stand by you the altar and in t
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Anea + Cameron
As the owners of some three dozen plants, Anea Lomax (25 and a recording artist) and Cameron Wilson (29 and an IT professional) are regulars at Succulent Native. “I love how I feel when I’m around a lot of plants,” Anea says. Fittingly, the couple go
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Light The Way
Truth time: Venue lighting is one of the most important—but often overlooked—aspects of your wedding day vision. Something that may feel so straight-forward (um, you just turn the venue’s overhead lights on, right?) can actually be upgraded to take y
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Sposa Mia Couture
Sposa Mia Couture is a luxury bridal boutique in South Texas. Owned by Blanca Gonzales, it carries a variety of designers like Atelier Pronovias, Rosa Clará and Watters. Your veil should complement your gown. For example, if your gown has lace embell
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We’ve Got You
Organizing all those details and a checklist? There’s an app for that. The Knot Wedding Planner pulls together your vision, pros and guests to put planning in the palm of your hand. We know—you’re probably wondering where you should even start (total
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