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The Kids Aren’t Alright
It was early March and Eddie Anderson was in southern France training for his European racing campaign with the Hagens Berman Axeon development team. At 22, Anderson had lofty ambitions for his final season in the under-23 category. A top finish at a
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Thinking Man’s Champ
Ever since Laurent Fignon sported his wire-rimmed glasses back in the early 1980s, certain riders have garnered the ‘intellectual’ label within the peloton. Back in Fignon’s era, when the sport was still largely working-class, such an identity came w
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Thru-axles Open Up Frame Design Possibilities
It wasn’t long ago that disc brakes on road bikes was still something up for debate. Now it’s pretty commonplace, and with disc brakes came other changes to the road bike, like wider hub spacing, wider tires, and of course, thru-axles. That last chan
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Generation Now
The passing of historic eras often takes years or even decades to conclude. In pro cycling, eras come and go in the blink of an eye. We’re living through one of these lightning-quick shifts at the moment. Fresh-faced new stars of the sport like Remco
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Trek Checkpoint Sl7 $6,000
The last few years have brought us a lot of navel-gazing about what a gravel bike should be. We have asked endless questions about clearance, suspension, and geometry, and whether a cyclocross bike or a road bike with wider tires is good enough. Whil
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Depth Of Field
Yara Kastelijn of the Netherlands leads the pack up a super steep run-up during the Jaarmarkcross race in Niel, Belgium, on November 11. Kastelijn finished fourth place, 30 seconds behind winner Lucinda Brand of the Netherlands. Dutch riders swept th
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Specialized S-works Aethos $12,500
Okay, I present this grudgingly because I find the price on Specialized’s S-Works Aethos to be absolutely absurd. But the ride is absurdly good, so here I am, singing its praises despite myself. The road bike conversation in recent years has focused
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Chloé Dygert
Why did you choose Canyon-SRAM? As much as I love the racing aspect of bikes, for me to stay in the sport, to continue it, as annoying as it may sound, I need my special treatment. I want to keep it fun, I want to keep it me, I don't want to change m
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Pumping Iron
The social media post shows Kate Courtney in a gym, surrounded by heavy weights, performing abdominal exercises. “2021 starts for me,” Courtney writes in the caption. While few of us have the luxury of training as a full-time job, we can learn from p
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Generation Z Riders Are Taking Over Pro Cycling.
Contributor I vote Tadej Pogačar for this one. He’s still only 22 years old and having proven himself twice now at grand tours, he seems here to stay. His Tour de France win this summer more than backed up a third place at the Vuelta in 2019. The ace
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Foul Weather Friends
In 2020, my garage was where I went to be social, to race until I was cross-eyed, and to join group rides. While the COVID-19 pandemic shut down normal cycling, ingenuity and technology opened new windows for virtual riding. I’m aware many of you res
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Slip Slidin’ Away
Cycling fans from the 1980s and 1990s came to love Mexican rider Raul Alcala for his otherworldly strength on the long climbs at the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. Alcala’s teammates came to love him for his famous sense of humor. In this image, t
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Cool | Want | Need
At the trailhead or in the parking lot before the race, the Moonshade gives you a spot to escape the elements with a 9x7-foot coverage. It’s only 8 pounds, and it has multiple convenient attachment options, including vehicle magnets. $325 These grave
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Joe Friel’s Hill Climbs
This is a great workout to improve your power at anaerobic threshold. Friel likes it because of the total volume of quality work. “I find it very rewarding when I get done with that session knowing I've put in 20, 30 or 40 minutes of relatively high-
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Le Tour De La Provence
There was a time not long ago when the créme de la créme of professional cycling started their respective cycling seasons along the edges of the Mediterranean, on the roads of Southern France, Spain, and Italy. Many of the early-season races from the
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The Tao Of New
Fiercely loyal, clear-thinking, and mature beyond his years, Tao Geoghegan Hart surprised cycling fans across the globe by winning the 2020 Giro d’Italia in dramatic fashion. To those who know him best, the win was less of a shock. The 25-year-old fr
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Exclusive Company
The crux of the 2020 Giro Rosa came in the waning kilometers of stage eight, just as the peloton sped into the wall-like climb to San Marco la Catola. Anna van der Breggen, one of the strongest women to ever pedal a bicycle, attacked on the steep slo
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Sweet Success
Marc Hirschi blended into the colorful peloton as he stood on the start line in Nice and awaited the start of the 2020 Tour de France. For fans following the race at home, Hirschi was just another thin man in lycra; a baby-faced rider with no star po
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Cobbles Crusher In Training
Elynor Bäckstedt has good cycling genes, and it’s no secret why. The 19-year-old phenom is the prodigy of famed Swedish rider Magnus Bäckstedt, winner of the 2004 Paris-Roubaix, and retired British national road champion Megan Hughes. It takes more t
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(un)expected Outcome
On the surface, Tadej Pogačar appeared to be just as gobsmacked as everyone else. Pogačar looked out at the small collection of fans and fellow competitors atop La Planche des Belles Filles, and perfectly encapsulated the feeling of astonishment that
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A Day In The Life
A day in the life of a professional cyclist normally falls under one of a few specific headlines: train, rest, race, recover. When the COVID-19 pandemic upended professional bike racing early this spring, it took with it the predictability of the rid
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The ‘Bike Boom’ Is Felt Across The Industry
You’ve heard about it by now: How the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions caused a run on bike shops. Needing safe transportation, exercise and family time, Americans began buying up every bike they could find in April. In most states, bike s
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Back From The brink
RICHARD CARAPAZ SQUEEZED a bottle of sanitizer into his hands as he approached a bank of microphones attached to long fishing pole-like booms. Behind him, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos soared into the baking afternoon sunshine, its Gothic spi
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Pro Racing Roars Back — But Will It Stick?
After professional bike racing ground to a halt with so much of the world in mid-March, the pro road peloton again took flight in mid-July. It wasn’t cycling’s perennial celebration of the Tour de France taking place, but instead, a set of smaller ra
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Paris By Bike
I have been a resident of Paris for over 30 years, and I have always championed the City of Lights. I have championed the city’s amazing architecture, and its parks and wide sidewalks. But I rarely championed the city as a cycling town. When I first
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How Did The COVID-19 Pandemic Change Your Everyday Riding?
FD All of my riding is solo now, and I have only ridden with other people three times since March. I’m not going to lie: I miss riding with others! AH I never take any ride for granted! JS For the first two months in lockdown, I discovered the roofto
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How Low Can Your Seatstays Go?
The traditional, two-triangle bicycle silhouette triggers happy thoughts. It’s classic and hasn’t changed much since the birth of the machine itself. But in recent years this old friend of ours has undergone so many changes that it was inevitable to
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Documenting History
It is my sincere hope that the global COVID-19 pandemic will soon become a chapter in our history books, and not a looming danger that threatens our lives each day. It’s my sincere hope that we will someday regale our children with tales of social di
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