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Top Five Launches
£1799 The world’s first personal music player to use a multi-DAC set-up. Digital players these days often have dual or even quad DAC configurations, but the SE200 actually uses a combination of DAC chips – two Sabre ESS9068AS DACs (in a dual configur
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Zorloo Ztella
View offers whf.cm/Ztella $99 Hong Kong-based Zorloo claims the Ztella is the world’s smallest USB DAC with high-end audio capability, thanks to its 11cm length, 5g weight and ability to render hi-res music files up to PCM 384kHz, DSD 5.6 and in MQA.
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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
View offers whf.cm/FireTVStick4K £50 Amazon has, in the UK at least, streamlined its video streamer selection to just two sticks: the original Fire TV Stick and this, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. The difference is support for 4K video, of course, wit
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Positioning Your Speakers
Read more at… www.whathifi.com/features It’s no good spending hundreds of pounds on your new speakers if you then don’t allow them to perform properly. Take care with positioning to get them to sing. Wall or in the open? Where’s the best place to pos
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Amazon Prime Video Tips, Tricks And Features
Read more at… www.whathifi.com/advice Whether you’re a Prime professional or just thinking of signing up, you’ll want to get the most out of the service. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to do exactly that. Setting up a ‘Household’ account Amazo
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Best Bargain Buys!
The journey to hi-fi heaven has to start with the first step, of course. And often, that initial stride is, rightly, a tentative one; a toe in the water, perhaps, just to see if things turn out as hoped for. In terms of home-entertainment kit, that m
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Cyrus SoundKey
View offers whf.cm/soundKey £79 The prevalence of digital music, and the enormous storage capacity of some portable music players and smartphones, means we can access all our favourite music no matter where we are. But what’s the point if it sounds u
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Google Chromecast (2018)
View offers whf.cm/Chromecast2018 The Google Chromecast 2018 video-streaming dongle is similar to its 2015 predecessor. Slightly faster processing, support for 60fps and support for multi-room music are pretty much the extent of the upgrades, but Goo
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View offers whf.cm/BBHifiSystems Best turntable system, Awards 2019 AWARD WINNER An impressive all-in-one system with a level of functionality that’s difficult to replicate in individual separates for a similar price. Speed 33⅓, 45rpm Inputs Line-in,
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December 2016 Its accessibility, ease of use, huge catalogue and more mature music discovery are reasons why Spotify remains at the top of the pile. Sound quality Up to 320kbps Ogg Vorbis Offline playback Yes Best music streaming service, Awards 2019
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Dali Spektor 2
View offers whf.cm/spektor2 £179 On paper, there’s little to differentiate Dali’s Spektor 2s from any of their main rivals. These speakers stick to the classic budget standmounter formula like Superglue sticks to fingers. There’s everything we would
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iFi Zen DAC
View offers whf.cm/ZenDAC £129 iFi has built itself a solid reputation for well-featured, affordable digital-to-analogue converters. But thanks to a combination of features and sound quality that’s hard to better at the price, the Zen DAC is arguably
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Apple TV 4K
View offers whf.cm/TV4K £199 FOR many, watching Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage at the 2017 launch of the Apple TV 4K, talking about 4K and HDR almost as if they were Apple inventions, was both hilarious and galling. After all, 4K technology was already
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View offers whf.cm/BBTurntables Best turntable under £200, Awards 2019 AWARD WINNER Pro-Ject has revised a budget deck to nail the under £150 market – and has succeeded on every front. Speed 33⅓, 45rpm Size (hwd) 11 x 42 x 33cm Best turntable under £
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View offers whf.cm/BBPortableMusicPlayers Best tablet under £200, Awards 2019 AWARD WINNER A cheap and cheerful tablet that’s good for the money and has a lot of the functionality you’d find in more expensive efforts. OS Android Size (hwd) 114 x 190
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Elac Debut B5.2
View offers whf.cm/DebutB52 £250 The appearance of second-generation versions of respected models should always worry their rivals. And, in the case of the Debut B5.2, those rivals have every reason to feel uneasy; for the money, the Elac Debut 5.2s
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Audiolab M-DAC nano
View offers whf.cm/M-DACnano £149 If you want to improve the sound of your phone or laptop on the go, there aren’t too many options. Until now our recommendation would have been restricted to adding a portable USB DAC such as the Cyrus soundkey (£79)
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Yamaha YAS-207
View offers whf.cm/YAS-207 £350 Let’s give credit where it’s due to Yamaha. While a large slice of its home theatre market is geared towards AV receivers and speaker packages, it has also long sympathised with those people who don’t have room for a f
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Wireless Speakers
View offers whf.cm/BBWirelessSpeakers Best wireless speaker under £100, Awards 2018 “The same sense of fun as the previous model, but there’s a touch of maturity with the Roll 2” The Roll 2 has a sound that’s more open, more dynamic and goes louder t
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Accessories Analogue Interconnects
View offers whf.cm/BBAudioCables Best analogue interconnect under £50, Awards 2019 AWARD WINNER Few entry-level interconnects at the price come close to offering the sonic enjoyment that Chord has produced with this cable. Balanced/Single-ended Singl
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Q Acoustics 3030i
View offers whf.cm/3030I £329 Back in 2018, Q Acoustics launched its excellent 3000i speaker range. It appeared fully formed with multiple standmounter options, a large tower and dedicated home cinema offerings. Now, surprisingly and with little warn
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Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt
View offers whf.cm/DragonflyCobalt £269 The Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt enters the market at a new premium price point for the company’s range of portable digital-to-analogue converters, but has the tidiest, clearest and most dynamic presentation we’
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Sonos Beam
View offers whf.cm/Beam £399 The Sonos Beam is smaller, lighter and cheaper than its two older siblings, the Playbar and Playbase. Available in black and white finishes, the Beam looks stylish but understated – and every bit the Sonos product. It wil
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Home Cinema blu-ray Players
View offers whf.cm/BBBlurayPlayers March 2020 A highly competent machine at an impressively low price, this 4K Blu-ray player represents a big step up from streaming your UHD content. Compatibility 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, CD HDMI out 1 Best 4K Blu-
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View offers whf.cm/BBAVHifiRacks February 2018 “Want to give your system adequate support for a decent price? Atacama has you covered” Another class-leading support from Atacama that’s cheaper than its Award-winning sibling. It lets your kit perform
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All Aboard For Hi-fi Heaven…
Whether you’re just starting out on your hi-fi journey, or you simply want to upgrade a part of your system, there’s one thing everybody should be looking for: getting the very best performance you can for your hard-earned money. And while it’s a bas
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Bowers & Wilkins 607
View offers whf.cm/607 £399 It must be tough being a B&W speaker. Given the brand’s rich heritage and laudable reputation, the pressure to perform must be immense. It seems no-one told the little 607 standmounters this; they breezed into the company’
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Audio Pro multi-room
View offers whf.cm/AudioProMulti-room Audio Pro’s range of wireless speakers, including its instantly recognisable boom-box-style Addon range, has earned the Swedish manufacturer multiple What Hi-Fi? Awards, such is their unrivalled sonic prowess. Th
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25 Of The Greatest Civil Rights Protest Songs
The killing of George Floyd in May 2020, for which policeman Derek Chauvin has since been charged with second-degree murder, sparked protests in the US and worldwide – both in support of African Americans and to highlight the centuries-long and conti
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Home Cinema Amplifiers
View offers whf.cm/BBHomeCinemaAmps Best home cinema amplifier under £500, Awards 2019 AWARD WINNER Sony’s latest AV amp is a return to form, with cutting-edge features (inc. Dolby Atmos) and a compelling sound. It ticks all the right boxes. Power 7
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