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PIGEON POST Letter Of The Month
The article ‘Subscribe to outside’ (August 2020), resonated strongly with me – and provided some really helpful advice. I get many comments, particularly when photo sharing on social media, from people envious or admiring of our family tramping trips
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Glimpse into THE PAST
THE STORY OF ANNIE FOX and Henry Chaffey captured me when I first read of it in Gerald Hindmarsh’s Kahurangi Calling. The runaway lovers lived in remote Asbestos Cottage for nearly 40 years and I was delighted to discover it’s possible to visit their
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A Tribute To The Mataura River
Let’s start with the obvious: why walk the Mataura River? For some time, I've wished that someone had written about the river way back and left a record of it so that somebody like me, living now, could read about what it meant to people and what th
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Your Trips, YOUR PIX
Get your photo published here to receive a Light My Fire ‘Re-kit’ Cup/Straw/Spork made from environmentally-friendly bioplastic and worth $20. Learn more about LMF at e.ampro.co.nz. Last Weekend submission criteria can be found at wildernessmag.co.nz
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Exposed Ridge Route To POUAKA
THE DOVER ROUTE climbs 1000m through bush and tussock along a narrow, rocky ridge to reach the highest point on the Pouakai Range – 1400m Pouakai. The Pouakai Range, an extinct volcano, is Mt Taranaki’s older brother. Some 250,000 years ago, Pouakai
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Walk Shorts
TE ARAROA TRUST and New Zealand Walking Access Commission have joined forces to improve Aotearoa’s 3000km thru-hike. The partnership will give the trust access to the commission’s resources and staff, including its digital mapping team and regional f
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LEADING TO A SECLUDED beach on a headland with incredible coastal views, the Motutara Track is an excellent outing from the holiday hotspot of Whananaki. The start of the track is signposted at the end of Whananaki township, just as the road starts t
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AT THE SUMMIT of Mt Ruapehu, seven Kiwis started their journey to the coast. It was early 2017, and the adventure would see the friends spend a month kayaking the Waikato River on its slow voyage to the west coast. Though the 425km river can be kayak
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An Ella’va TRAMP
“I THINK YOU BETTER GIVE ME THE TENT”, suggests Margaret. “You resent carrying it.” Oh no, had I made it that obvious? I suppose I did mention more than once that in my current state of fitness my pack was too heavy for me. It doesn’t help that we’d
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The time I wish I HAD A PLB
By Mary Mitchell Our trip to Earnslaw Burn started out like any other overnight hike but ended at the Glenorchy pub with a fractured ankle. My friend Luci and I packed up camp as the sun rose over Earnslaw Burn, ready to set out on the five hour for
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Back On Brewster
As the gradient levelled out, I stated the obvious: “It’s not the true summit!” Regrettably, the false summit on which we stood was a tantalising 30 horizontal metres away and a mere 10m lower than Mt Brewster’s true summit, but between us and it lay
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After 23 hours on our feet and building a bivvy in the snow, I gladly took off my boots to get into my sleeping bag. When I saw my right foot, I understood why I felt so miserable. It looked grey and I had no feeling from the ball to my toes. My frie
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THE DUSKY TRAIL was named after the Dusky run block, and half of it travels through Pukaki Downs, Rhoboro and Ben Ohau stations on public easements. The rest of the trail passes through Ruataniwha Conservation Park. This 37,000ha park takes in large
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Through Fear And Toward Freedom On TE ARAROA
THERE IT WAS AGAIN: that unbridled sense of fear. It had followed me, a constant companion through every single one of the 1600km I’d hiked so far. It was ever at my back, a shadowy presence that chased me down the trail and often caught me. I could
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At 33, John Davies’ life changed forever. After a run of 60 hour work weeks, he was enjoying a hard-earned holiday in Sydney’s Blue Mountains with his wife and two children. The plan was to do very little, to relax and recover from work. However, Dav
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Growing Up Under Canvas
IN THE LATE 90S, MY DAD – an aircraft engineer – was invited to work at Boeing Seattle for several months. He came home brimming with the exciting news – the family could fly over free to visit, and what’s more, we could go to Disneyland. It sounds l
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Long, human-powered journeys have been romanticised throughout history. Wilfred Thesiger’s Arabian desert journeys through the Empty Quarter in the 1940s have long captured our collective imagination. More recently, in 2012, Turkish-American Erden Er
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DOC’s Best Campgrounds
Located right on the water’s edge, campers can enjoy the secluded beach by day and fall asleep surrounded by kiwi calls at night. “It’s a picture-perfect calm beach with very limited camping numbers, surrounded by some of the best coastline in the wo
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Almost Instant Mac ‘N’ Cheese
IT’S NOT QUITE instant as you do have to cook pasta, but this mac ‘n’ cheese recipe is a great option for anyone who can’t have dairy or wants a lightweight easy option on multi-day trips. The spinach in this recipe is optional and would probably onl
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Gear For Camping Perfection
Single room four-person tent with two entrances and an extendable vestibule, two windows with ‘no-see-um’ mesh and storm flaps, air ventilation ports, vestibule groundsheet, bug screened fold-away doors, power cord entry, 5000mm aqua rating and 3-yea
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Stretching Your Sustenance
SOMETIMES A SIMPLE pasta isn’t enough to satisfy after a hard day’s slog, and there is little worse than a grumbling tummy for company in a cold hut. Before you rethink your entire meal plan, however, it’s worth considering how you can add sustenance
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The Full Monty
Beloved for its chill surfer vibe, clean facilities and proximity to one of Aotearoa’s best surf breaks, Ahipara Holiday Park is a launching pad to 90 Mile Beach, Shipwreck Bay and beyond. Stay in summer, and you’re bound to cross paths with sandy Te
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Broken In
Specs: $99.90, 88g Used by: Features and trips writer Hazel ‘Masterchef’ Phillips Used for: Eight years EIGHT YEARS AGO, I shopped around for a lightweight stove and found the Camp 3 Kovea Titanium at an outdoor shop in Te Anau. My criteria were:
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See more… BALDIES
AGEING MEN often suffer from thinning thatch. For the mature tramper, this might require judicious use of sun hats in summer and beanies in winter. Many hilltops in the backcountry are called ‘Baldy’ or various other references to a lack of forest on
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WHAT’S IN MY PACK Crystal Brindle
During my first winter in NZ, I got a RAB Women’s Microlight Alpine jacket and took it out for its maiden voyage in Paparoa National Park. While traversing a ridgeline, an unexpected blizzard developed and I had to wear this jacket as my outer layer.
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An Easy Gateway To The RUAHINE TOPS
SINCE THE 1930S, there have been several different versions of Rangiwahia Hut along the tops of the Whanahuia Range, which underscores just what a superb and accessible location it is. The Whanahuia is an outlier of the main Ruahine Range, rising ste
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Ultralight Packs
Features: This is an ultralight alpine pack and its hallmark features are more what it doesn’t have than what it does. Simply put, it’s a pack-shaped drybag, with alpine tool attachment points, daisy chains, two 2D pockets, a simple rolltop closure a
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Above The Sandfly Line
HARMAN PASS is the first pass on the classic Three Passes route. It can be reached in a long day from the Klondyke Corner road end and makes a splendid campsite for those who want a taste of the route, but don’t have the time or experience to complet
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Three-layer Rain Jackets
Features: Made from Patagonia’s three-layer waterproof/breathable H2No fabric, of which the face fabric is recycled nylon. There’s a roll-down two-way-adjustable hood with a laminated visor. A microfleecelined neck adds comfort. The large centre zipp
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The Green Prescription
I THINK ONE thing that all the lockdowns and disruption Covid-19 has brought is a greater appreciation among people of the benefits of getting outside – in particular, the space and freedom, and the sense of peace and wellbeing we can find from a nig
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