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Brows That wow
Everyone remembers the moment they went too far with their brows. For me, it was when I let my aunt pluck mine for the first time at the age of 12. She transformed my naturally caterpillar-thick arches into two thin lines that were trendy at the time
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Jess In 60 Seconds
WHEN DO YOU RELAX? “I let loose when I’m with my family and I can be myself, completely unguarded.” WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LOVE? “I’m a lover of hip hop and RnB and rap. But I love heavy metal, too. On the shoot, I danced to a lot of Rihanna and Beyoncé,
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Fermented Friends
Cultured dairy products have been shown to contain more live microbes than other fermented foods. Made from fermented soy beans, tempeh is rich in protein and fibre, plus it’s a source of calcium and iron. Win! Consider fermented veg a good gateway –
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Jessica Gomes is full of energy. Even after a full five hours of non-stop posing, jumping and juggling heavy fitness props at our Sydney shoot, she’s still buzzing: chatting to the crew, offering to take more shots. It’s clear she’s totally at home i
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Force of Nature
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The Food Pharmacy
Churning stomachs, tired eyes, dull headaches – there are some ailments that are bad, but not quite bad enough to warrant (a) a day off binge-watching Real Housewives or (b) sympathy from your loved ones. There’s an idea that you’re supposed to just
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Hit Your Goals Like a Pro
If you screw up, your goal is kaput MYTH BUSTER: Failure has undergone a rebrand. And if the anecdotal evidence of everyone from Alain de Botton to Jane Garvey via Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail podcast hasn’t convinced you that failure is the blueprint
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“I train almost every day. I love the physical aspect, but it’s also so important mentally. It’s a good release. On Monday, I run 5 to 6km; Tuesday is gym work; Wednesday is 30km on the bike; Thursday is gym and conditioning; then Friday is another 5
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Driving Change
15 MOLLY HAS RACED IN THIS MANY COUNTRIES The car hurtled down the dirt road. Molly Taylor knew there was a hairpin bend at the bottom of the hill and, with her hands gripping the steering wheel, she was ready to swerve around it, already picturing t
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Avoid Dishing Out Toxic Positivity
When it comes to showing support, language matters. Life and relationship coach Megan Luscombe offers alt approaches to “motivational” phrases. Keep these in mind when it comes to self-talk, too. INSTEAD OF Look on the bright side TRY... Sometimes th
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Liar Liar
As Grace* sat in the armchair, her heart began to pound. The bishop gazed across the table and into what felt like her soul. She was 12 years old. “Do you have faith in and a testimony of God the eternal father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Gho
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Could Intermittent Resting Help Ace Your Health Goals?
Nahid de Belgeonne is sitting on a park bench. Her eyes are closed and her hands are folded in her lap. Despite being dressed top to toe in activewear, to anyone walking by, it looks like the 53-year-old is doing, well, nothing. And that’s the point,
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Your New Toolkit
1. Devil’s Ivy plant This indoor gem sits pretty on your desk, and is known for its air-detoxifying properties. Fresh. 2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, $479.95, bose.com. au Housemates? What housemates? 3. ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic keyboar
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Diet Vs Exercise
THE GOAL THE SCIENCE It’s a debate that’s as old as time itself. The facts? Weight loss happens when your body requires more energy and kilojoules than you’re putting in, and so is forced to break down the molecules in your fat cells for fuel. “Start
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Resist Like The A List
It’s fitness trivia time. What do Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jennifer Aniston have in common? Answer: all three of them use resistance bands to sculpt and strengthen their famous bods. In fact, Aniston’s trainer Leyon Azubuike swears by ’e
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Sleep Tight, Every Night
Scroll Instagram and you’ll likely spot a meme about sleep. There’s the one about early nights: once a childhood punishment, now an adult goal (#truestory). Or the one about alarms being redundant because your problems will wake you up right on time.
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Welcome To The No-waste Vegan Kitchen
As far as trends go, it doesn’t get much bigger than the zero waste movement. Around the world, planet-loving foodies are looking for recipes that don’t just taste great, but that make the most of every ingredient. Combine that with the meteoric rise
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What may be the internet’s most boring video is playing on my laptop. A blonde woman in immaculate make-up and black-rimmed glasses is tapping her fingers on a table. Hang on, now she’s scratching them over a towel before folding it. In a moment, she
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QUICK CHECK: Rub the spot where your jaw meets your ears while opening and closing your mouth a few times. Do you feel stiff back there or hear a clicking sound? That might be due to bruxism – the clenching or grinding of teeth, causing pain there an
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Turns out, while it’s cool to be kind, it’s also hot. New research has found that “givers” – aka people who are generous – are likelier to be rated as more physically attractive by others. Nice! SOURCE: INDIANA UNIVERSITY We’re all for dreamy make-up
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How’s this for an easy win? New research in the journal Food Science & Nutrition has found that adding a serve of mushrooms (84g) to your daily diet can increase your intake of common “shortfall” nutrients, such as vitamin D and fibre, with a negligi
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The Power Of Vulnerability
As the old saying goes, anything worth having in life lies just outside your comfort zone. And on a recent bucket-list trip to the Northern Territory, I yet again found one of Instagram’s most popular mantras to be utterly true. For any endurance lov
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The Fibre Swap Shop
Your fibre gain: 4g per 125g Tasty, loaded with antioxidants and excellent in smoothies. Sure, it’s not the sexiest nutrient. But fibre’s rep (all gas, no glam) isn’t fair. Not only is it dynamite when it comes to keeping your digestive system runnin
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Upgrade Your New Work World
Last year’s scramble to set up remote working in our banana bread-stained trackies has now stretched to more than a year. In that time, many companies have evolved to permanent WFA (work from anywhere) or a combination of on-site and remote working w
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Exaggeration Station
Embellishment efforts rival a Real Housewife’s wardrobe? Exaggeration is an easy trap to fall into, but if you find yourself going OTT on the regs, ask why. “What are you worried will or won’t happen if you don’t exaggerate something?” says Lysn psyc
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The Dark Side Of Positivity
Right, so it’s been a rough day. Rougher than most. And although you’ve been trying to spend less time on your phone, you reach for it and start scrolling, scrolling, scrolling on social media. It’s a welcome escape at first, but your feed soon start
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Are Fermented Foods REALLY WORTH The Hype?
If you thought the wellness world would swiftly get over ’kraut and kombucha, you’re very much mistaken. In fact, global sales of fermented foods are expected to reach a whopping $57.8 billion by 2023, according to Persistence Market Research. Ready
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Ask Women’s Health
Answer The I-woke-up-like-this power of perma-falsies is pretty irresistible. But, despite opening your eyes to a life without sticky mascara and an extra five minutes in bed, lash extensions have not received exclusively positive PR. Overloading you
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Make It Right
“The first step is to admit you lied, closely followed by an apology. This shows that you feel remorse over the dishonesty, while the apology is an acknowledgement that your actions or statements have negatively affected the other person.” “Next, pro
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