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Lunch Is Served
Being surrounded with family and friends and sharing Christmas lunch or dinner is one of the most anticipated parts of the big day. A beautifully laid table will set the scene and show them how much they mean to you. No pressure, though. Don’t think
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When you’re done decorating the inside of your home, why not extend the Christmas wonder into the garden and the exterior of the house? A few strings of lights woven into a tree, wrapped around a fence, hanging off the roof or trailing down the house
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Pop the champagne and let the festive times roll once you’ve decorated the house with a riot of rather non-traditional colour in our Christmas story on ■
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The Constant Gardener
French orchardists often keep their trees small as it makes them easier to harvest, spray and cover with bird-proof netting, if need be. In the home orchard it also means more varieties can be fitted in, which in turn means fruit production can be ex
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Joy To The World
The traditional green and red or frosted white and gold colours may call forth those Yuletide feelings and prompt the need to break into raucous rounds of carols, yet we can’t help but feel our summery Kiwi Christmas deserves something a little more
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The Accidental Florist
f you had to describe Felicity Jones I in just one word “versatile” comes to mind – followed closely by “creative”. Not only does she run her own floristry business but she also sings in a choir, teaches music, collaborates with other people in art p
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Found Favour
Stylist Erena Te Paa is known for her unforced but incredibly elegant modern style. Her home is her calling card – all natural ease and welcoming spaces. Your Home and Garden asked Erena to create four Christmas projects using everyday found things s
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Meaning of Christmas
Family is everything for Antonia Prebble but where presents are concerned, she’s hoping for some linen and new togs. “I haven’t thought too much about presents for other people yet, to be honest, but there has been a request for a UE Boom so I know t
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Fiesta Time
Some people might baulk at the thought of a three-day Christmas celebration. Not this Brisbane clan, who gather together every year for a mega family event. It involves the five members who live at Jilaine – Angus Craig and Kirsti Simpson and her thr
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This Christmas issue all started on a whim: how about a peacock sitting proudly on top of a pink tree, we wondered? The pink tree was relatively easily sourced from Spotlight but the peacock was a different story. We scoured the country for a bird sh
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Work The Angles
The approach to David Beattie and Cindy Bradley’s bach is unassuming. Passing a mix of modest baches and the more grandiose plaster holiday homes of Bowentown, south of Waihi Beach, and the dramatic proportions of their home suddenly stands out from
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This month I’m…
Hanging the baguette ornament I got from Amazon, even though my kids are trying to ban it. Good luck. Giving Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana panettones from Smith & Caughey’s – the best sort of collab going. Wrapping those panettones in this paper.
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Nature lover Earthy tones and textures coupled with wood, cane and a plant in a terracotta pot create a restful update on a ’70s vibe. More of this house on page 80. ■
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Social Club
The Christmas edition General Collective Lifestyle & Design Market on December 6 is a festive market you won’t want to miss. @generalcollective We were in choux pastry heaven at our cover shoot. You can order your own Christmas profiterole wreath,
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Sunny Days
Emma Collie (a nurse before she had Lexie and has been a full-time mother since), partner Ben Ryan, (content director), Lexie, four, and Evie, two. 1 If there’s one thing about renovating, it’s that – if done right – a little can go a long way to
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Your Home And Garden
Fiona Hawtin Deputy editor Bea Taylor Acting art director Béla Trussell-Cullen Sub-editor Michelle Joe Garden editor Mary Lovell-Smith Designers Archie Blohm, Demelza Callesen Chief executive officer Brendon Hill General manager Stuart Dick Edi
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Problems & solutions
Ben and Emma consulted with interior design company Ash Road who were put in charge of the renovations. The kitchen and dining area was redefined after removing the kitchen island and a large bulkhead. A partition wall was removed and a skylight adde
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Pine Of The Times
As Christmas moments go, decorating the tree is often one of the first significant acts of the festive season. If you go for the real thing, all well and good, but if you prefer to have a faux one that doesn’t constantly drop needles and can be used
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Shop Their Style
Best lessons learned? A house built in the 1920s moves a lot over time, which means nothing is straight and everything takes longer to do than you think. Any renovation or DIY disasters? Not exactly a disaster, but the bath didn’t fit through the ba
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Fresh Finds
If, like most of us, you’re looking forward to leaving 2020 behind, Made of Tomorrow has got just the thing to get you excited for the new year. Their new Twenty Twenty One diaries are made from recycled coffee cups. One diary saves around five recyc
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Flower Power
After trying – and failing – to find a wallpaper that suited both her daughters’ tastes, Kirsty Young took it upon herself to create something unique for their chill-out room in Khandallah, Wellington. “We draw all the time at home and flowers are a
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6 Quirky Trinkets To Add To Your Tree
01 Almond croissant resin ornament, $5.99, from 02 Hot air balloon hanging paper decoration, $14.50, from 03 Fantasy elephant decoration, $25, from 04 Glass balloon dog Christmas decoration, $9.79
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Colour Home Awards 2020
• Clever interior colours• Inventive paint projects • Exciting exterior paint Email photos and a 200-word or more description of your space to with your last name and ‘Resene Colour Home’ in the subject line. Please include your na
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Presents Of Greatness
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Mixed Grills
The mouth-watering scent of sizzling meat floats over the neighbourhood. It’s barbecue season. A big part of our Kiwi culture, barbecues are synonymous with sitting in the sun with friends and family, slowing down and enjoying great food. Due to this
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Saving Sight With Specsavers
Specsavers and The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ have joined forces to launch two limited-edition optical and sunglass frames that will help fundraise for vision projects in Samoa. For each limited-edition frame sold by Specsavers this summer, $25 will
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Have yourself a berry little Christmas Like a Cherry Ripe bar but raspberry flavoured, these little homemade chocolates are thoughtful gifts. Combine ¾ cup dessicated coconut, 2 Tbsp condensed milk, 1 Tbsp crumbled frozen raspberries and ½ tsp salt,
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Earth Angel
Christmas and consumption go hand-in-hand. It’s a time of year where we spend far too much on throwaway decorations and unnecessary gifts, and often end up with rubbish bins overflowing with plastic and food waste. The festive season doesn’t have to
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Well Dressed
Although our hot Kiwi Christmases are devoid of snow flurries, ice-skating rinks and steaming mugs of hot cocoa, a table twinkling in white and gold will transport you to a northern hemisphere Christmas, but without the chill factor. Start the look w
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The Final Countdown
Whether your tree is living or reusable, perfect symmetry is the name of the game and lights should be your first port of call. Conventional wisdom says you’ll need 200 lights, or 10 metres for every 1.2 metres of tree. Start weaving them from the bo
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