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New Platform Connects Kiwis To Experts
Voluntarily is a new volunteer-built web platform connecting Kiwis to experts for any service needed – and for free. The goal is to unite the country with kindness through technology in the face of Covid-19. The concept was imagined by Vend founder V
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Managing ‘The Books’ 2020-style
It’s 2020. A new decade has dawned. What better time to reflect on how far business accounting and bookkeeping has come since the turn of the century? Who can remember a world without cloud accounting platforms? Imagine a world of printed bank statem
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How To Choose The Right Clients And Why It’s Important
It isn’t always easy saying no to projects and clients, especially with a looming recession and total uncertainty of Covid-19. Many companies will be scrambling for clients and taking on all the work they can. I don’t blame them. On one hand, the cas
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The Evolution of Human Resource Management
Many years ago, back in the 1940s and ‘50s in fact – my aunt was the personnel officer at Barker and Dobson’s, one of the UK’s biggest confectionery producers. Her job there included such things as administration and record keeping, but a lot of it w
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App Tracks Employee Mental Well-being
Chnnl (pron. channel) is an app which anonymously tracks employee mental wellbeing and is helping healthcare providers provide psychological support for the mental wellbeing of their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. Chnnl’s founder, Dr Elizabeth B
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Beating Covid-19
Around the country business owners have been reeling from the effects of the global coronavirus outbreak. Almost overnight they’ve had to deal with total business lockdown and uncertainty. For many, a full recovery is a distant prospect and will requ
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Shifting Employees To Remote Work Permanently
Gartner's survey of 317 CFOs and finance leaders on March 30, 2020 found that 74 percent intend to move at least five percent of their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions post the pandemic crisis. “This data is an example of
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Innovation Is Being Forced Upon Us
The great business savant Richard Branson famously said: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” In our business, we are witnessing the truth of the Virgin Group found
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Free Tool Boosts Digital Knowhow
Auckland’s economic development agency ATEED, in partnership with social enterprise Digital Journey, has launched a free online tool to help local businesses boost their digital know-how, including guidance on remote working, e-commerce, and increasi
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Flying Above And Beyond
NZB Who have been the biggest influencers in your life? And what people and experiences have contributed the most towards shaping the direction you’ve travelled? KATHERINE: As a youngster, it was my parents, friends and some really special teachers,
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Building Trustworthy AI
The AI Forum of New Zealand has recently published a set of guiding principles to help build public trust in the development and use of artificial intelligence across New Zealand. Forum executive director Emma Naji says the principles provide overarc
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Good Leadership In Uncertain Times
feeling energised by the challenge of adapting their teaching practices to deliver effective online learning, to concern about the medium-long-term implications of the virus, and even angry – at the timing of restrictions being put in place to mitiga
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Experts There To Help
The Business Survival Support Volunteers organisation (BSSV) has been formed to help medium-sized businesses struggling with the impact of Covid-19. Founder Debra Chantry says they are a diverse group of experienced professional executives with a wid
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How You Undermine Yourself Daily, And How To Change It
On the eve of the 2016 Bledisloe Cup match Australian rugby coach Michael Cheika woke up to an uncomfortable surprise. There splashed on the front page of a national newspaper he saw himself dressed as a circus clown complete with a bright red nose.
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Sharing Information With Complainants
Arecent case note from the Privacy Commissioner has highlighted the difficult balancing act that employers must face when dealing with requests from complainants for information about employment investigations. In this case, a former employee request
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The Forgotten Part Of Health And Safety
When businesses and boards think about health and safety, often the health part gets conveniently ignored, unless they are in an industry where there are potential ongoing health risks due, to say, chemical exposure or continuous process risk. The Co
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Successful Businesses Know How And When To Pivot – Do You?
As we settle into 2020, it’s fair to say that responsiveness will be the thing that makes or breaks your business. We’ve seen several years of predominantly good news and buoyant growth for businesses; however, as we’ve seen in the early months of t
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Happy Customers, Happy Staff
It shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, but the results of a monthly survey by Perceptive, associated with its year-long Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Insights series, have revealed a clear link between the fostering of customer satis
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The Truth About Why Leadership Fails (and What’s Needed Instead)
When it comes to building leaders, there is an inundating stampede of advice out there encouraging aspiring professionals to act on their impulses. Every Silicon Valley entrepreneur, autobiographing politician, and overnight success story inspires le
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What Will Your Post-lockdown Outfit Look Like?
As I write this column, New Zealand is fully settled into lockdown due to Covid-19. My husband is next door in his office on one of his many client-facing Zoom calls for the day. He’s wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and although the person on the oth
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When Business Is A Trailblazing Adventure
In 1999 26-year old Nick White resigned from his Dunedin job, rented his house, and spent the next year travelling the length of South America and learning Spanish. A Canadian company employed him to guide small tour groups throughout the continent,
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Creating Stories To Grow Strong Brands
With their home on the North Shore, and their business based over the harbour bridge in Ponsonby, Nik Payne and Sarah Delany, co-directors of Mount Deluxe, regard Auckland’s iconic ‘coathanger’ as a tangible divide separating business from family. No
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This, Too, Will Pass How Can We Prepare For A New Normal?
Nothing is certain anymore as the coronavirus continues to impact around the world. As well as the terrible human tragedy, the impact it’s having on our lives, our work, organisations’ finances and the global economy continues to change seemingly by
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Helping Business Owners Transition To Retirement
As manager of a lifestyle village in Hawke’s Bay, James Rosenberg had observed how quickly some people can deteriorate mentally and physically after they end their working careers and take up retirement. His father, Barry Rosenberg, a chartered accou
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How To Deal With Bullying In Your Workplace
NZB What are the tell-tale signs that there is a bullying or harassment problem within your business? JENNY: It is very common for bullying to occur without business owners or managers realising. Bullying is often the combination of a lot of small b
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Five Ways To Lead Workforce Principles For The Pandemic
As organisations address the longer-term implications of coronavirus, the World Economic Forum has launched a new roadmap with five principles and four management imperatives for leaders. The actions to help include empowering local managers, priorit
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Better Sooner Than Later
Exiting his chartered accounting practice proved more challenging than predicted for Barry Rosenberg. “About three years ago I outlined my future plans which recorded my exit from our firm at Christmas 2019. Having identified my successor and implem
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Friday On His Mind
It’s well documented that most workers are only truly productive for a few hours each day. The much-publicised move by Perpetual Guardian to a four-day-week, with its 230 staff being paid for five, actually saw productivity rise. But if you think a s
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How To Ensure You Rebound It’s Time For Leaders To Excel
Tony Smale wrote in an excellent commentary noting that how well our businesses get through the next few months of crisis and recovery – whether it’s a slow uphill drudge – or a powered-up rebound is going to hinge on leadership and attitude. “It’s t
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Business Options: Which Structure For You?
Should you trade as a company, partnership or sole trader? Your choice depends on the number of business owners, whether you require investors, or want to sell the business in the future. The level of expenditure and financing required are other con
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