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A New Approach
There’s no denying that the pandemic has affected how people interact, says Cheryl Adamson, GM of the Parnell Business Association. “This will have an impact on the way we approach space, work and the workplace. “Covid-19 has accelerated what may hav
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Leaders Confident Of Firms’ Resilience
Despite the challenges of 2020, business leaders’ confidence in the resilience of their organisations has risen, according to BSI’s (Britain’s national standards body) fourth annual Organisational Resilience Index report, which surveyed 500 senior le
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The Social App Helping Small Businesses Thrive
With New Zealand better placed than anywhere else in the world for face-to-face interaction – the founders of Go, a new social app, recently opted for Auckland to begin its global roll-out. The app set its sights on empowering small businesses, parti
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In A Spirit Of Generosity
The leaders who contribute to our magazine are unfailingly generous with sharing their often hard-won knowledge, whether it be through interviews, contributed articles or replying to a myriad of questions we put to them. And this issue we are lucky e
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Construction Workforce
The Construction Sector Accord is partnering with Diversity Works New Zealand, the national body for workplace diversity and inclusion, to build a sustainable workforce for the construction sector. Accord Director Dean Kimpton says, in a statement, t
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Tell Better Stories To Stand Out From The Crowd
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I stand out from the crowd?”, “How do I cut through all the noise and attract customers who want to buy my product or service?”, or “How do I build a personal or business brand?” – telling better stories is the
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Pivot Once, Pivot Again
There is a running joke at Tauranga-based software business Embark Open Homes that the co-founders Mark Murphy and Joshua Terrington are going to buy each other ice skates this Christmas due to all the pivoting their business has performed. In Februa
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Looking at Pay Transparency
Strategic Pay recently asked a range of New Zealand organisations how transparent they were with their employees about pay. Nearly three quarters said their employees have some access to pay related information. However, almost 40% said some of their
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How A Feedback Culture Can Melt The ‘Iceberg Of Ignorance’
In a post-pandemic world, we’ve witnessed an acceleration of cultural change and technology adoption. Traditional workplace operations have been disrupted with fewer people arriving at an office each day and organisations offering some flexibility or
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Mistakes Not To Make When Hiring A Contractor
Contracting has long been a popular solution for both businesses and individuals who seek flexibility. Now in this unpredictable business environment we are seeing the number of contractors on the rise. Many businesses enjoy the flexibility and conve
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Where Art Meets Science
In the middle of another Auckland Level 3 lockdown, and via a somewhat tenuous videoconference link, it was still possible to catch the enthusiasm and passion that Catherine (Cat) Stone exudes for her profession. Dr Cat explained how her career could
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Creating Stronger Communities, Fiji Style
New Zealanders are known for being more conscious and responsible than the average buyer; the importance of buying quality, community-made products is evident in the domestic market. However, many people are unaware of the impact Covid-19 had on inte
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The Return Of The David Awards
They are back in 2021 – the easy-to-enter business awards targeted specifically at New Zealand’s small business community. The David Awards open for entries on May 1st, and after a 12-month Covid-induced hiatus the search is on once again for the bat
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What Now For Flexible Workspaces?
Wind the clock back before Covid-19 arrived on our doorstep when New Zealand’s economy was in overdrive. Businesses of all sizes were embracing workplace flexibility, working from home was still the exception not the rule, and the flexible workspace
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Dedicated Cybersecurity Committees
By 2025, 40 percent of boards will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee overseen by a qualified board member, up from less than 10 percent today, according to Gartner. This is one of several organisational changes Gartner says, in a statement, th
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Best Buds
Ian White rarely gets nervous in his role as general manager of ZX Security, a New Zealand-based cybersecurity consultancy. But when he met his “Little Buddy’’ Ben1 , a 13-year-old kid from Cannons Creek in Wellington, he says he was more nervous tha
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Businesses Continue To Explore Tech Solutions
A recent MYOB survey of more than 500 SMEs looks at the uptake of technology – what digital tools businesses are currently operating with, and what technology they see as having the potential to impact their business the most in the next five years.
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Research Supports The Theory That Pay Transparency Could Increase Motivation.
One US report found that when participants were shown their earnings and where they stood in comparison to others they generally began working harder and showed increased performance levels. (Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, 2015) Other research concurs that tr
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Study: Employee Well-being Is A Major Priority For Many Global Ceos
An IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study has found that a top challenge for many surveyed CEOs over the next few years is managing an “anywhere” workforce. CEOs of outperforming organisations – those who were in the top 20 percent for revenue
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Leaders Of Tomorrow
2020 was the year of disruption. Unlike other crises in recent history, Covid-19 directly or indirectly affected almost every individual in the world. Economies, communities and livelihoods were upended, and the business world witnessed immense chang
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Pandemic Leadership Lessons: A North American Perspective
What has the past Covid year brought for you and your company? Covid has been the longest period of crisis management I can ever remember. As in any crisis, a few fundamentals remain true. 1. Delegate responsibility to the business – it’s all bar
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The Secret Of My Success: Other People
Without a doubt the thing that has had the biggest influence on me as a leader and on my success as an entrepreneur has been the people around me. Whether they were an employee, mentor, or family member, it’s the people in my life that have brought u
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High Performers: The Key To A Great Customer Experience
We all know how high performing teams help a business succeed. Yet for some reason, we often focus our efforts on those who are struggling. But what would happen to your customer experience if you focused on building up your high performers instead o
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Skill Shortages Are Starting To Bite
The horticulture industry has highlighted, in March this year, the true extent of the skill shortages as a result of New Zealand’s continued closed borders. The industry has seen a $100 million drop in apple exports due to a shortage of workers. Whil
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Call Her Bohdacious
It was one of those defining moments Boh Runga will cherish forever. In October 2018 at a reception in Wellington our PM Jacinda Ardern presented a pair of Boh’s ‘Feather Kisses’ Logo gold stud earrings to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. It see
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Toolbox Helps SMBs Take Climate Action
New Zealand’s business owners now have a free, easy-to-use tool to help reduce carbon emissions. The Climate Action Toolbox1 is a collaboration between the Sustainable Business Network,, Waka Kotahi (NZTA), NZTE, EECA, BNZ, Meridian
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What’s Next For Retail?
There’s no doubt that retail took a major body blow from Covid-19. Around the country the most obvious evidence lies in the empty shops and the proliferation of ‘For Lease’ signs. And it’s not over yet. The latest Retail Radar Survey published by Re
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Business Appetite For Trans-Tasman Travel Returns
Recent 2degrees research highlights the positive impact of the Cabinet’s April 6th trans-Tasman bubble announcement on Kiwi businesses. The Shaping Business Study revealed the decision was a relief to Kiwi business decision makers, a third of whom sa
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The Cut Of The Cloth
I recently was a “prize” in an incentive programme for a nationwide sales promotion run by a large nationwide corporate entity. Along with a night in a city hotel, spa treatments and meals, the winners were to enjoy “A Day with a Stylist” including a
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