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Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art
“Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art” was not the retrospective one might expect from an institution designed to house 19th-century European art. Nigel Borell (Pirirākau, Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Te Whakatōhea), ex-curator of Māori art at Au
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Lu Yang
From 3D simulations of neurosurgical procedures to video-game avatars for gods of pain, Lu Yang’s eye-searing, pop-culture-inflected multimedia projects are products of the artist’s longstanding research into the nexus of the material and the metaphy
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Lindy Lee Moon in a Dew Drop
At 1,200-degrees Celsius, a drop of molten bronze can burn through flesh in seconds. For Lindy Lee, however, working with this dangerous medium holds a meditative power. This sumptuous materiality permeated Lee’s survey at the Museum of Contemporary
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Taipei Biennial 2020: You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet
In December 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 snapped a picture of home as they rocketed toward the moon. The Blue Marble has since become the most reproduced image of Earth, the view of our small and distant planet forever etched into our self-imagination
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Familiar Hunting, Unfamiliar Gathering
Unguided by any exhibition text, visitors to Art-informal Gallery in Greenhills may have been confounded by “Familiar Hunting, Unfamiliar Gathering” at first. However, this did not indicate the absence of any curatorial framing. The gallery, repurpos
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JUL 18, 2020–MAR 21 Museum of the people, by the people, for the people 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa SEP 7, 2020–APR 5 Kim Lim: Carving and Printing Tate Britain London SEP 12, 2020–FEB 26, 2022 Takashi Murakami: Michel Majerus Su
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Covid-19 Continues to Impact Art-World Calendar
Despite the rollout of vaccines, cases are still on the rise in various parts of the globe, impeding travel and causing further cancellations and delays for art events. Most art fairs have gone virtual while physical events are limited. Art Basel’s i
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Celebrating Ingenuity
Edited by Ezgi Arıduru and Merve Elveren Published by SALT/Garanti Kültür, Istanbul, 2020 After learning that Joseph Beuys had died in January 1986, the 41-year-old Turkish artist Cengiz Çekil sent flowers to the German Cultural Center in İzmir and t
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Land, Landlessness, Mobility
In his essay for the 2008 Gwangju Biennale, curator Okwui Enwezor describes our time as the “Asian Century”: “Judging from the shape and turn of events, the clockwork convergence of Asia’s polyglot cultures, the large and still-growing consumer socie
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Player of Beings
“Player of Beings,” at the Ming Contemporary Art Museum, took as its subject the history of the video game, artists who use the aesthetics of video games, or gaming as a platform for social commentary. It was an exhibition which, in lieu of examining
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Chen Zhen Short-circuits
The late conceptual artist Chen Zhen described the moment of artistic creation as a “short-circuit” generated by presenting commonplace objects in unexpected combinations and contexts. Named for this idea, the artist’s recent retrospective, curated b
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Wong Kit Yi on Michael Findlay
March 1, 2021 Dear ______________, Let’s get something straight: Michael Findlay is a dealer. Not a gallerist. He loathes that term. No, he’s a dealer. He makes deals on masterpieces, he’s been doing so for decades, and he feels there’s no need to br
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Art Directory New York University Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi T +971 2 628 8000 Mon–Sat 12am–8pm An academic museum-gallery presenting exhibitions by internationally-established artists, curators, and sch
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My Work Contains The Culture I Come From
In his photographs and texts, Paul Hutchinson addresses issues of equality, urban life, and social mobility. In doing so, he gives his generation a unique voice, and at the same time draws a bittersweet portrait of our time. Sylvia Metz spoke with th
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Post-Covid-19 Art and Urbanism
In 2021, the Point asks writers about the deep-seated issues that Covid-19 has brought into view, and how they might tackle these problems to create better post-pandemic futures. Below, Eunseon Park, director of the collective Listen to the City, out
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Hiwa K
After almost two decades of living in Germany, the Iraqi-Kurdish artist Hiwa K moved back to his birthplace in Kurdistan in early 2020. When we connected over Skype, he had just returned to the mountainous territory from Dubai, where his exhibition “
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Mind’s eye
WANG TUO “Madness fascinates because it is knowledge,” observes Michel Foucault in Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason (1961). In his taxonomy of European sociocultural, juridical, and medical attitudes to lunacy, Fou
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Speaking In stones
HERA BÜYÜKTAŞÇIYAN A marble hand appears on screen and then floats above a grainy, colorless photograph of a city’s rooftops. A woman’s voice speaks, explaining she is trapped inside this marble body, her “pale, petrified fingers exhausted from their
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The Futures Market
Not even the short sellers expected Covid-19 to rage on past 2020. Much of the art world was ecstatic last November when big pharma announced the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines. Gallerists, curators, and artists alike began anticipating the re
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Takis My Body Holds Its Shape
Nineteenth-century breakthroughs in the study of electromagnetism pointed to a vast realm of unseen forces that, with the right technologies, could be manipulated in perceivable ways. It was hardly a leap, then, to infer that science could demystify
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38 On The Work Of The Artist Paul Hutchinson
INSIDE BURGER COLLECTION Looking at my to-do list, I see three things: “send out Stadt fur Alle, prepare Russi show, check on parents.” I’m in Berlin, and the “lockdown light” that we’ve been going through for the past weeks has proven not to be the
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Au Sow Yee
For Au Sow Yee, what happens in the space of a cinema is just as enthralling as a film itself. She recalls the “magical” childhood experience of seeing a light beam penetrate a projection room’s outer glass pane, illuminate the dust dancing above the
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Chitra Ganesh
Sitting atop a mattress on the floor of her studio apartment in New York City’s Ditmas Park district, Chitra Ganesh lamented being unable to properly host guests. “It’s so weird,” she said, her voice slightly muffled through her face mask. “I keep wa
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Amir H. Fallah Better a Cruel Truth Than a Comfortable Delusion
Best known for his unique approach to portraiture, Amir H. Fallah has made a name for himself not by painting incredible likenesses of people but by revealing who they are through the objects that they possess. Exploring issues of family, identity, a
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Through Another Lens
MAR 12–JUN 6 UCCA CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, BEIJING Cao Fei’s first midcareer survey in her birth country will bring together videos, photographs, and installations probing China’s mind-bending modernization and social transformations. Seminal pro
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Yang Fudong
Yang Fudong is known for his atmospheric painting-like films, which reinterpret classical Chinese art. His latest series, Endless Peaks (2020)—comprising cinematic acrylic canvases, photographs, and videos—marks a shift in media for the artist. Shans
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Slow Start
With most of the world still contending with Covid-19, the new year feels very much like the previous one. As in 2020, auction houses are relying on digital offerings while remaining cautious about releasing details of their live presentations too fa
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Gu Xiong The Remains of a Journey
At Centre A, Vancouver-based artist Gu Xiong’s exhibition, “The Remains of a Journey,” told a history of Chinese migrants, predominantly from Guangdong, who traveled to the west coast of Canada over a century ago to prosper from “Golden Mountain.” Wo
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On January 18, the Tokyo government and Tokyo Arts and Space announced photographer Shiga Lieko and multidisciplinary artist Takeuchi Kota as the winners of the 2021–23 Tokyo Contemporary Art Award. Each recipient gets JPY 3 million (USD 28,970) for
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