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Salad BAR
PREP + COOK TIME 55 MINUTES (+ COOLING) SERVES 6 Preheat oven to 220°C. Oil a large oven tray. Trim stalks and tails from 8 baby beetroot. Halve any large beetroot. Wrap in foil. Place beetroot on a second oven tray. Bake for 10 minutes. Place 8 tr
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It’s In The STARS
Sometimes we stand back and let others through the door first, and metaphorically that is what you’re doing over the next few days. It is all about seeing what other people are going to do first, then you can be different! The key to getting what you
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Not So Naughty TREATS
PREP + COOK TIME 30 MINS (+ COOLING & REFRIGERATION) SERVES 4 2 medium limes½ cup (125ml) light agave syrup (see tip)¼ cup (60ml) white rum2 tbsp finely chopped fresh mint leaves, plus fresh small leaves extra2 cups (300g) fresh cherries, halved400
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Falling on DEAF EARS
We are all, each of us, filled with echoes, carrying within us bits and pieces of family past and present, some of these things half-forgotten till a piece of them pops up in one of your kids. Loudness, for instance. It’s something that’s popped up i
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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and plays a fundamental role in your overall health. As we age, our collagen production naturally slows, so Dose & Co. offers a solution. Made with high-quality ingredients, its collagen range helps
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FITNESS Is The Focus
Right then. Time to take stock and begin 2021 as I mean to go on. Last year, I let myself go completely. My wonderful trainer, who was my one link with the planet fitness-wise, left to pursue another career and instead of finding another trainer, I t
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ADORE YOU Wilde about Harry!
New year, new love! Attending the intimate wedding of his manager, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde made no attempt to hide their fledgling romance as they held hands arriving at the venue. The revelation comes mere months after the shocking news that O
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Swimsuits with ruching across the tummy are very flattering if you’re conscious of this area. This one also has a control insert to flatten out any bumps and an underwire for great support. A costume that features a print on top and a solid lower ha
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BE PART OF The Art...
Following the hugely popular outdoor show on Wellington’s waterfront in 2020, Van Gogh Alive returns with an all-new indoor experience that’s fun for the whole family. Forget the old tradition of wandering through silent art galleries – with this imm
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From The Editor
The new year certainly began with a hiss and a r oar with massive clusters of lightning strikes, thunderstorms and flooding thr oughout pockets of the country , while other ar eas enjoyed endless sunshine. I hope that wher ever you were, you stayed
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“Cracked skin is a result of dry, undernourished skin and most commonly occurs on rough or sensitive areas of the body like heels, lips and knuckles,” says Nivea skincare expert Robyn Hutch. Sadly, cracked skin doesn’t just disappear overnight, makin
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5 with minutes ... EVE PALMER
AGE: 31 ROLE: WRITER/ACTOR – GOOD GRIEF THE SONG I LISTEN TO WHEN I NEED A PICK-ME-UP IS… I used to lose sleep over trying to make everybody happy. Now, if I get into a people-pleasing spiral, I recite words from Salt-N-Pepa’s None of Your Busin
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Summer With The Stars WE’RE HAVING A BLAST!
Last summer, Melissa Chan-Green was adjusting to being a new mum. This year, the Newshub presenter is looking forward to enjoying lots of new adventures with her son Busby Green, 13 months. “Busby is becoming a real little chatterbox with lots of new
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Picture this: you’re lying by the pool, a cocktail within arm’s reach and a tropical breeze gently washing over you. Bliss! It’s so tranquil, and you’ve waited so long for this trip, yet… you can’t help wondering what’s happening in the office. How d
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There have been a few famous people who have tried their hands at producing novels and generally the results are just okay. Graham Norton, though, is really great. He is sensitive, thoughtful and truly can write. All of his stories so far are poignan
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DATES With Destiny
For many members of the royal family, 2021 is destined to be a milestone year. There are babies due, a special wedding anniversary and several noteworthy birthdays. But it will also be a year of challenges for some members of the family, with upcomin
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Perhaps it could be one or two paragraphs about what transpired during your break. “That stops you checking hundreds of emails to try to work out what’s happened while you’ve been away,” says Fiona. “And list the day after you’re back [as your retur
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Wellington’s Lauren Keenan realised her life wasn’t working and she needed to change. So she made a resolution to try 52 new things in 52 weeks – not only fun things but challenges to take her out of her comfort zone. From having a beauty counter mak
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Bidding farewell as her eldest child, 18-year-old Charlie, jetted to remote Kure Atoll to do conservation work in March, Jeanette Thomas knew it was going to be an “odd year”, adjusting to her firstborn flying the nest. However, the 48-year-old radio
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HOW WILL I cope?
Setbacks are inevitable; sometimes things don’t go how we envisioned and unexpected obstacles appear, often at the moment when we want things to be progressing smoothly. To expect the worst all the time is not a fun way to live, but constantly expect
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About The Author... Graham Norton
Not content with being a fabulously successful chat-show host, the Irish TV star has turned bestselling novelist. This is his third book and, he says, it is his most personal story so far. On wanting to be a novelist: “In the back of my head, when I
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A Cup Of Tea With... MIKE VAN DE ELZEN
At the end of 2019, celebrity cook Michael Van de Elzen announced he’d had the worst year of his life. He’d been diagnosed with cancer, badly injured in a motocross bike accident, and both his best friend and stepfather-in-law had passed away. But th
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Look After Yourself
Putting some thought into building resilience will help you to be better prepared should things turn to custard. Prime your mind and body to deal with tough situations by looking after yourself. Set aside time to exercise, plan a healthy diet and mak
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Book Club
Want to make Home Stretch your next book club read. Here are some talking points to kick off the discussion: • What did you like best - and least - about this novel? • Connor hides so much from his family. Can you understand why he doesn’t explain ev
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What’s in YOUR STARS
Work and finances will be successful. There are opportunities throughout the year, but May/June/July are key months in making career and/or business changes. There will be some intense competition, but you will be successful because you know your job
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Check out the social media channels of any interiors fanatic and you’ll find shelfies – photos taken to show off carefully arranged displays of books and objects. Shelfies show us that bookshelves don’t have to only display books – with a little bit
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Emma Stone is the latest star to debut a lockdown baby bump! The 32-year-old was spotted with a growing tummy on a walk with a friend near her home in Los Angeles. The news comes after Emma and her beau Dave McCary, 35, secretly tied the knot last ye
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It’s Time For FELINE FINE!
The title for these two pages is “Watercooler Chat” because I hope that, now and then, you will find something here to talk about in whatever your version of a break-room is. But right now, I hope you are a long way from the usual run of things, enjo
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min gelesenArchitecture
Whether it’s a stable platform for outdoor living, an area for lounging by the pool or an all-weather route to the compost bin, hard surfaces are essential in the modern garden. The options are numerous, so how do you decide what’s right for your pla
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min gelesenMedical
Could You Be A Silent Sufferer? I’M HELPING WOMEN HEAL
At 65 years old, Dr Sharon Walt still feels like she’s 39. The Auckland-based health coach regularly takes part in half-marathons and spends time in nature as often as she can. But while she is happy with her life now, it was very different 10 years
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