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Leading The Charge
One’s a highly qualified makeup artist who’s been painting the faces of models, movie stars and TV presenters for decades. The other could be described euphemistically as ‘self-sufficient’, but ‘control freak’ wouldn’t be overstating things. The stan
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Home Refresh
Add a natural focal point to rooms by creating a vignette of pieces, whether that be ceramics, glassware, fresh flowers or art. Play with scale, mixing and matching different heights while maintaining one cohesive colour or material. Double up on the
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Food & Drink WHAT’S NEW
Lillet, the elegant, wine-based aperitif prepared in the cellars of Podensac, a small village in south-west Bordeaux, has been made since 1872. The Vesper cocktail made famous by James Bond in Casino Royale, is not as some would have it a simple dry
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How To Wear Earth Tones
From burnt orange and toffee to cinnamon and brick, terracotta tones are easier to wear than you might think, and suit most people. A top-to-toe tonal look works well in this colour palette and showcases a laidback elegance that is very on trend. Ru
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Trend Setters
Not a New Zealand brand but by far one of the most interesting international labels to land here in recent times, The Vampire’s Wife was picked up by Workshop late last year and despite its eye-watering price point (more than $2000 for a velvet minid
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With the change of season upon us, it’s the perfect time to create an autumn sanctuary at home. Snuggle up with Wallace Cotton’s new autumn 2020 collection – for the cosiest sleep, flannel is this season’s favourite. The super-soft flannel bedding ra
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Smitten With Seattle
Confession time: I’ve wanted to visit Seattle ever since I first saw Grey’s Anatomy. If this rainy city at the tippy-top of north-west America was filled with men who looked like McDreamy and McSteamy, I figured I would be in heaven (conveniently for
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With endless possibilities and broad versatility, mustard is the hottest colour of the season, especially once you’ve worked out which one suits you. Darker shades work for people with lighter complexions while softer mustard tones will complement ol
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The Wright Direction
Rebecca Wright will put money on Donald Trump being re-elected. Having just wrapped up her gig as the US correspondent for 1 News, she’s been our authority on American politics for the past three years – jumping headfirst into covering Trump’s presid
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Freedom FINDS
Q: I’m after practical and stylish storage for my kids’ toys. Any advice? A: Look for upholstered pieces that double as footstools, sofas with room under the seats or tables with concealed storage. Just don’t forget what you’ve hidden away! Look for
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Street Life
Photographs Getty Images and supplied Styling Benjamin Alexander for The Fashion Department ■
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Mother And Sister
Al-Noor Mosque with its majestic golden dome and the cordon of flowers along Hagley Park was at the heart of the Christchurch terrorist attack. A smaller heart beats in a humbler part of the Garden City. The Linwood Islamic Centre is a simple weather
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Treat Yourself To Some Pampering
As our lives get busier it’s easy to overlook some of the simple things that can help to create a harmonious lifestyle. Taking a cue from beauty and health spas, bathrooms have taken on a new role, morphing into elegant spaces where we can start the
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Village People
Not long ago, Matakana was just a bend in the road between Warkworth and Leigh. Now, it’s known for its gourmet food, top-quality wine, boutique shops and vibrant community. An hour’s drive north of Auckland, the small village’s proximity to the city
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Hold Your Drink
Melissa Spicer remembers the moment she decided to give booze a break. The 47-year-old went to a party more than a year ago with a bad cold, intending not to touch a drop of alcohol. As the night went on, she found herself slugging back martinis, unt
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Step Up
Going beyond the bar of soap and even the foaming cleanser we all know and love, today’s options include oils, gel cleansers and micellar-style makeup removers. Switch formulas according to the season or even your skin’s condition on the day – opt fo
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From October this year, Air New Zealand is making it easier to get that ‘I heart New York’ T-shirt you’ve always wanted. Our national carrier will be commencing a non-stop Auckland to New York service into Newark Liberty International Airport three t
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A Stitch In Time
The thing about interviewing prisoners in such a dinky little country as New Zealand is that despite the efforts of prison personnel to keep their identities and their offending histories off your radar, you’ll likely come away with enough informatio
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Shelf CARE
I discovered MAC makeup in the US in the ’90s and have never looked back. Ruby Woo lipstick is a particular mainstay. A potent treatment for lines and wrinkles. Since 1612, these soaps have been produced by monks and friars in an apothecary in Flore
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Enjoy a Fiji MOMENT
Fiji is the ultimate wellness destination. The world’s friendliest people, stunning landscapes and unique encounters with nature make it the perfect place to rejuvenate mind, body and soul, and reconnect with yourself, your partner, your family and t
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Some people say that fashion is frivolous and I agree that forking out for unwearable trends is a fool’s errand. But I do believe that what we wear can transform us. The confidence that comes with a well-cut blazer, the joy of finding a dress that me
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60, single & HAPPY
When I started my first office job, straight out of school at 17, I sat next to the delightful Hazel Boyd. She was slim, blonde, kind and 32. She had two children and was married to Gordon. She lived in a lovely house, in a smart area (whereas we res
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Had a little too much fun in the sun this summer? Combat parched skin and dry strands with these ultra-hydrating new releases. 1 Joico HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo, $38. This light but powerful thirst quencher delivers just the right amount of moist
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The fine line between seduction and coercion is navigated with all the tension of a tightrope walk over the Grand Canyon in this groundbreaking novel. At 15, boarding school pupil Vanessa Wye falls under the spell of her charismatic 42-year-old Engli
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Shine On
1 R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, $53. 2 Estée Lauder Double Wear Radiant Bronze Cushion Stick, $67. 3 Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara, $60. 4 Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil, $36. 5 Karen Murrell Lipstick in Cordovan Natural, $32.
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My big BREAK
There probably aren’t too many people who can say a supermodel gave them their big break. But that’s what happened to Catherine Young. It was 2006 and the now 46-year-old had returned to Wellington after spending four years working as an analyst for
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The Hidden Keys To Health
Touch is the first sense that we acquire, and it remains a vital part of our lives going forward. It has the ability to communicate multiple positive emotions from love and gratitude to sympathy, but also has the power to positively affect your healt
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We have five copies of My Dark Vanessa to give away. To enter, go to our website and click on the ‘win’ tab, then input your details and your unique code NXT0420. Competition closes April 30, 2020. ■
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