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The Central Bank (BDL) must allow manufacturers to carry out bank transfers abroad of $3 billion per year in order to finance their imports of raw materials, said Fady Gemayel Chairman of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists. Industrialists nee
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Supply Is Limited
Demand in the automobile market has changed. High end automobiles are currently in demand. Clients consider luxury cars as useful products and are willing to spend their money. Supply is limited to the stock that is available at the showrooms and eac
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Planting The Seeds Of Technology
The agri-tech sector is a new introduction to the local market. It is a promising industry as it combines two features that have the potential to create a competitive advantage for Lebanon, namely the culinary arts and technical innovation. Berytech,
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An international support group, led by France and the United Nations, said that Lebanon cannot receive economic assistance until a new government undertakes significant reforms. The group is made up of international financial institutions and represe
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Better Go With Preferred Shares And Solidere
Few local options are open to investors amid the de facto capital controls, the currency depreciation, and the risks looming over the banking sector and government bonds. Many investors are looking for physical assets to preserve the value of their w
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A Rich Harvest
It is an online marketplace for Lebanese wines. It allows online purchases of almost every Lebanese wine on the market and provides a delivery service. Entrepreneurs Selim Yasmine, Paul Eid, Katia Yasmine Mothers Cooking is an online platform that al
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The Central Bank (BDL) has issued a circular that allows real-time online transfers between customers in two different banks. The banks’ customers can use their payment cards or bank accounts to perform the transfer operations. Each customer can send
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How Safe Is The Safe?
Demand for safes, used to secure cash and valuables, has increased dramatically in both residential and commercial settings. Buyers need to consider a number of alternatives, depending on the type of valuables the safe is intended to protect. Accordi
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Matters Of Fact
The fiscal deficit for 2019 will be much larger than expected due to the decline in revenues and the contraction in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), said the Ministry of Finance. Revenues in the fourth quarter of this year will be 40 percent below the L
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End-of-year Rising Demand
At the end of 2019, the number of new apartments available for sale within Beirut, and the four surrounding cazas, fell, according to studies undertaken by InfoPro Research. Metn registered the highest number of sales, with Administrative Beirut reco
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People On The Move
Minister of Energy and Water Throughout his 30 year career the new minister was active in academia and business. He has worked in several companies in the energy sector in Canada, the United States, Jordan, and Lebanon. Prior to his new appointment,
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Banks Facing Storms
Deposits in a free fall mainly in fourth quarter Lending rate cuts follow Central Bank’s interest cap Three banks downgraded on rising sovereign risk The banking sector continues to reel under the current challenges. Deposits plunged by $12 billion d
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How To Revive The Economy
• Lift capital controls (It won’t break the banks)• No haircut• Unify exchange rate• Balance the budget (it is possible!)• Restructure debt• 250 measures to grow the economy• Support fund for the poor• Privatize everything In the Nov-Dec issue of Leb
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What Did Riad Salameh Say?
Governor of the Central Bank (BDL) Riad Salameh addressed a large number of financial and economic issues during a talk show on MTV hosted by Marcel Ghanem. Salameh said that no economic collapse is imminent. He said that BDL is keen to prevent its d
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On Superficial Proposals
An economic paper has been prepared by 21 researchers. They include economists and non-economists as well as business-people. The team has put forward a plan and issued several recommendations. These proposals didn’t include any new recommendation be
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Value Chain Analysis
Increasing competition in the agricultural sector has forced a number of non-profit organizations and enterprises to closely examine the way they do business and bring goods to market. By undertaking value chain analysis through several non-profit or
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Mixed Prospects
Will foreign bondholders be repaid? Public finance could be made sustainable Recession has set in since 2018 At a time when negative developments and the general mood exacerbate already tough economic and financial conditions, veteran research houses
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The World Bank, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Trade, has analyzed the value chain of potato cultivation and processing to assess its potential for inclusive job creation in the North. The World Bank looked at the constraints and o
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Recession Started In 2018 Inflation Rose To 5.5 Percent
The economy registered negative growth of almost two percent in 2018 according to newly released figures by the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS). The National Accounts report for that year shows that it was the first time ever, since the en
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Expertise France and Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) analyzed the value chain of local tomatoes. The goal of the EU-funded project was to increase the competitiveness of local vegetables from farm to table. It analyzed the weaknesses and strengths of tomato
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The Truth Fills The Streets
As parents of children who have emigrated, like most citizens, we have gone down to Martyrs’ and Riad Solh squares to see their faces in those of the younger generation currently protesting there. They have revolted and shaken the ground under the fe
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Dairy Products
UNIDO is working on a project, funded by the Italian government, to support the dairy sector and beekeepers across the country. UNIDO assessed the products’ market and the current challenges faced by dairy farmers and processors, and beekeepers worki
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Resident Population At 4.8 Million
The population residing in Lebanon is estimated to have grown 29 percent, over the period 2004-2018, to 4.8 million, according to a recent survey by the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS). Household size continues to shrink, which means that
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Zaatar And Freekeh
UNDP, in partnership with MoSA and the Ministry of Agriculture, analyzed zaatar’s value chain. In surveying 55 organizations, they saw that the cultivation and harvest of zaatar is concentrated in the South, North, and, to a lesser extent, in Mount L
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Money Heisted
Businesses, as well as ordinary citizens, are resorting to ingenious and often intricate ways to bypass the de facto capital controls preventing them from using their own funds deposited in bank accounts. Deals are performed at a premium, currently r
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The USAID-funded LIVCD project worked with the private sector at different levels of the honey value chain to make honey processing more efficient and innovative. The project improved the technology and beekeeping practices of over 1,700 beekeepers i
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Parking Funds In Real Estate
The de facto capital controls present a challenge for those seeking to convert cash into real estate. Real estate is largely selling at full value and deals are hard to find. Payment in dollars is preferred, though some developers are accepting lira.
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Animal Farm
Several new examples of companies raising live animals have emerged as feasible models to be adopted by farmers. Researchers and investors have opted to develop the techniques used in rearing certain types of animals, such as aquaculture, beekeeping,
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Buying Fine Art
Fine art is a true-and-tried alternative for asset preservation and ease of transport. Throughout the ages it has been used by collectors to preserve value and transfer wealth to their heirs. But it is an alternative only to those who know what they
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Reaping The Benefits
Several crops have recently been trialed by research centers and farmers, and have proved their ability to adapt and succeed. There is significant potential in these crops, mainly because most of them are rain fed. “Scarcity of water is increasingly
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