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The Great Letting Go
We’ve finally come to a major cross-road, the fork in the road where we have to choose the pathway forward. There is no going back. As normalcy and consensus reality break down, the way forward is unknown. Yet two paths at the fork are becoming clear
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Boutique Drawings To Stir The Consciousness And Swaddle The Soul
When not consistently losing a staring contest with the existential void and searching for loopholes in duality, Michael Raftos is compelled to draw arresting images. Fascinated with the beauty and horror of the world, he spends a lot of time thinkin
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Immune-Supporting Tips From Traditional Chinese Medicine
For those times you can't run out to see your favourite doctor or practitioner there are still plenty of ways to reap the immune-supporting benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is a 5,000-year-old system that uses tools like acupunc
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Foraging for Food Medicine
As more people become interested in reclaiming their food knowledge, they also want to know where their food comes from. In Australia alone there has been a huge surge of interest from people wanting to know what they can do to become more self-suffi
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Treatment Of Pain Is A Challenge In Alzheimer’s Disease
The treatment and management of pain in people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can be a challenge due to problems in communication and uncommon symptoms of pain. Opioid painkillers are widely prescribed, but not without adverse effects. Finding the be
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MAKES 4 SERVINGS From the culinary traditions of Israel and North Africa, this thick, quick, spicy tomato sauce makes a perfect braise for eggs. It’s an aromatic feast, and good to eat at any time of day. The feta cheese provides enough fat to keep
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Pets Help Stop Elderly Suicide
South Australian researchers have found that the presence of a dog, cat or even budgerigar can help prevent suicide among people over 60 years. The unexpected finding in research overseen by lecturer Dr Janette Young from the University of South Aust
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Book Reviews
Mixing a nutritionally balanced diet, with a precise ratio of protein to fats and carbohydrate, seems daunting, but animals, from apes to cockroaches, manage it instinctively. It all comes down to the essential role of appetite to communicate the bod
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How To Discover Your Unique Breathing Pattern + The 4 Common Types
There are around 7.6 billion people in the world and, remarkably, even though we share the same air, we each breathe in a completely unique way - the pace, rhythm, and flow of our breath are as distinctive as our thumbprint. Sometimes we need the ey
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On Consideration
Dreams are the guiding words of the soul. Why should I henceforth not love my dreams and not make their riddling images into objects of my daily consideration? Carl Jung Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration
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Australian Poo Lab Targets Global Gut Market
Adelaide’s first purpose-built poo laboratory will help take South Australia’s pioneering fight against debilitating gut conditions global. The poo bank, called Biomebank, will store donated healthy stools using a procedure called faecal microbiota t
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Consideration Of Others
Being considerate of others is an integral part of what it means to be human. Charles Darwin argued that our instinct to be considerate is even stronger than our instinct to be self-serving. As obvious as that may seem, it’s only recently that neuros
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IODINE and It’s Effect on Viral Infections
Iodine is a key component to health, however since your body can’t produce it, you must get it from your diet. Dr Mercola explains. There are two molecules that sound similar — iodine and iodide — but they are different. Iodine is naturally occurri
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Ancient Plant Foods Discovered in Arnhem Land
SOURCE: University of Queensland Australia’s first plant foods eaten by early populations 65,000 years ago have been discovered in Arnhem Land. Preserved as pieces of charcoal, the morsels were recovered from the debris of ancient cooking hearths at
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Deep-Sea Coral Gardens and Graveyards Discovered Off South West Australia
Stunning ‘gardens’ of deep-sea corals have been discovered in the Bremer Canyon Marine Park by Australian and international scientists during an oceanographic expedition. Bremer Canyon Marine Park is already known as a biodiversity hotspot for marin
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How Can Psychedelics Change The Relationship We Have With Our Environment?
SOURCE: The Conversation In recent years there has been a resurgent scientific interest in the psychological effects of psychedelic drugs. Consider the example of recent trials in which psilocybin was administered to people diagnosed with treatment-
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Strength In Stillness
How does transcendental meditation™ help to neutralise stress in everyday life? Believe it or not, stress has not always been the enemy. For much of our two-hundred-thousand-year human history, our stress response system was one of the body’s most im
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Meditative Moment
I first met the incredibly talented Hugh Jackman, and his equally extraordinary wife, Deborra-lee Furness, when I taught TM to their son Oscar, who showed an interest in meditation at a young age. I actually started calling him Oscar Yogi because he
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David Bronner is a fifth generation soapmaker and environmental and social activist. He is also CEO of the Dr Bronner soap brand (he refers to his role as Cosmic Engagement Officer) which is North America’s number one natural soap brand founded by Em
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FRONT COVER IMAGE: Between Two Darknesses ARTIST: Debra Bernier WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: Thank you to all the writers, organisations, and people we interviewed for their time and contributions to thi
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Therapeutic Walking along the Yangtse River, China
The Yangtse is the third longest river in the world and the longest river in Asia. Its 700 tributaries cover one fifth of China. Rising in the northern parts of Tibet, the river flows for 6,300 km (3,900 miles) until it enters the East China Sea nort
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The Art of Healing
Cate Mercer Shikha Aggarwal ■
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WELLNESS TRAVEL One Solution to Overtourism
According to a study conducted by Euromonitor, by 2020, twenty countries will see an additional 121 million tourist arrivals, while the remaining fifty-nine countries will receive around 72 million. Gloria Guevara, the CEO of the World Travel and To
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Editor’s Note
I have been wondering for a while, what on earth I could say here that might be relevant, that might make a difference, and have some meaning .. with not knowing where we will all be when you are reading this post-June (I am writing this mid-April).
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YOGA ASANA ADJUSTMENT for your Postural Type
Asanas, or poses, are an excellent medium for both discovering and correcting imbalances. Generally speaking, body imbalances would be diagnosed by specialists; however, instead of being overly dependent on posture assessment tests, many yoga practit
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Search For Small Moments Of Joy
Joy is a big-sounding word, and so we tend to look for classic expressions of ‘big’ joy—huge smiles, exclamations of delight, hugs and cheers … the kind of joy associated with winning the lottery and marriage proposals. Yet other forms of joy exist a
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On Community
This world of ours must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect. Dwight D. Eisenhower We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity
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In functional medicine we know that health is a complex and dynamic force. Someone who appears to eat a junk diet may have glowing health because of the positive influences of a low-stress lifestyle, a supportive social group, and lots of exercise. S
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How To Connect With Community
Isn't it amazing that in an age when we are connected to each other digitally 24 hours a day, we seem to have grown increasingly disconnected from the people we see on a daily basis? We forget about our co-workers and neighbours ... even our friends
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How Diet Can Cause—Or Cure DEPRESSION
Foods have an immense impact on your body and your brain, and eating whole foods is a good way to simultaneously support your mental and physical health. Avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners is a crucial aspect of preventing and/or treating depre
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