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Hooch Without The Hit
As the ban on alcohol sales dragged on, we noticed increasingly more people sipping The Duchess Alcohol-free Gin & Tonic. Now, this brand has launched the refreshing Spritz, an alcohol-free wine spritzer in the flavours Berry Rosé and Elderflower Whi
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The Art Of Living
Just 14 km west of White River, on the Brondal Road, a 4 ha property lies snugly among farms where macadamias, avocados, lemons and tilapia fish are cultivated. After entering the gate at The Artists’ Press, there’s a studio on your left. A few metre
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These Are NOT Recycled!
On-the-go food containers, sandwich clamshells and various fruit and vegetable packaging PET bottles and tubs with edible oil contents, like cooking oil and peanut butter
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The Marrow Of Life
What’s in a name? In South Africa we use the term baby marrow for what the French call courgette and the Italians zucchini. A fully mature “baby” marrow with its fibrous and watery flesh is referred to as a marrow. However, there are some slight hort
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Down Tools On Garden Day
It is hard to predict what level of freedom we will have by October to celebrate Garden Day properly with friends and loved ones. But the most important rule to remember is not to toil and tinker in the garden on this particular day, but simply to si
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Fertile Soil
Mark explains that there is an abundance of archeological evidence pointing to the existence of man-made soils, called terra preta, or black earth, in the Amazon. “In some places it is metres thick and incredibly fertile. Pieces of pottery, bone and
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The SA Plastics Pact
The SA Plastics Pact is a collaborative initiative that brings together key stakeholders in the local plastics value chain. It aims to tackle plastic waste and pollution at the source – and to create a more resilient circular economy for plastic pack
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A Squash By Any Other Name…
Our sincere thanks to Johan Smit from Subtropico International in Klapmuts for supplying the baby-marrow flowers. To make sure all my flapjacks were perfectly round and the same size, I used rings similar to the ones restaurants use to poach eggs. Bu
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The Healing Power Of CBD
The history of cannabis as a medicine can be traced back to around 2 900 BC, and its use has since evolved to where the beneficial oils of the plant are being extracted for more targeted treatments. Many people claim that CBD oil can help to improve
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Sustainability Pays Off
Besides the obvious reasons for following a sustainable lifestyle and being kind to the environment, Tamar and Mark have noticed other positive results. They save money by generating their own power, growing their own food and not eating meat. With t
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The New Instructions
Separate plastic window Gift boxes with a plastic window; such packaging needs to state that the box is recycled and the window not Empty contents and reattach closure Oil-based contents are currently sent to landfill, so there’s no need to wash cook
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Brunch? Bravo!
Creamy coconut Bircher muesli with blueberry compote Apple and rye brunch muffins Harissa lentil shakshuka with foaming sesame butter Labneh breakfast cheesecake Labneh Tahini and cranberry granola Farmhouse seed bread Healthy “Nutella” Rosemary and
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Oh, Romantic, Rundown Platteland?
“Depopulation of the platteland is a reality; people are suffering. Poor municipal management, a lack of employment opportunities and a crippling drought are all contributing to the rapid decline of numerous platteland towns. How can we reverse this
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Worms At Work
Mark and Tamar use a purpose-built worm farm. Three plastic worm bins are connected and stacked on top of one another. Kitchen and garden scraps are placed in the top level of the wormery, where they are consumed, while worm castings, or vermicompost
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Find Out More
saplasticspact.org.za info@saplasticspact.org.za SAPRO represents the country’s plastics recyclers or reprocessors that procure sorted, baled end-of-life plastics and reprocess them into raw material that can be used to manufacture new plastic produc
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A Dog’s Life
Dogs as household pets were a strange concept in the Eastern Cape platteland where the late Afrikaans author Hennie Aucamp was raised in the ’30s and ’40s. Household dogs belonged in the city, and farm dogs were working dogs, he told me one day while
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Spring Is Here, So Treat Yourself To A 35%discount
• That is R55,25 per issue – you save R119• Free delivery included FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS 087 353 1300 (WhatsApp 087 353 1333) subs@media24.com SMS “plattelandint” to 32361 and we’ll contact you (SMSs cost R1,50 each; free minutes do not apply) FOR RENE
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Step By Step To Good Health
It’s 10 January and time for our first full-moon walk of 2020. As usual, we have accepted the regular invitation extended by Koringberg farmer’s wife Bregda Mostert to join her on the path that leads up the mountain from her “back yard”. From the top
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Cannabis: Evil Weed Or Miracle Drug?
In 2012, a jubilant Kelly McQue announced on Facebook that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer eight months before and had healed herself – without any conventional Western medical interventions or having a health qualification of any kind – us
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Snowdrops And Shelter
Newlands Forest, Cape Town We live in a small forest in Newlands, Cape Town. I cannot think of a better place to be locked down and out of work. Wherever I stand and whichever window I look out of, trees cover me or look back at me. Way back then, in
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Let’s Go To Town
Crochet bulb flowers Short R570, tall R590 and poppy R660 Projekt projektonline.co.za @petabeckerprojekt Salomonmen’s hiking shoes R2699 garden and dining table. K-Way Strata women’s hiking boots R1 399 Both pairs are lightweight and waterproof. Cape
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How Fast Should I Walk?
Most people walk for health reasons – some want to become fit(ter), others want to lose weight, and some simply want to clear their head and raise their spirits. Whatever the reason, if you want to reap the benefits, you should walk quite briskly. Bu
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Cannabis For Medical Purposes
At Home with Cannabis concludes with a cannabis treatment guide for a wide range of medicinal applications: Acne, ADD/ADHD, motor neuron diseases such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia, anxiety, arthritis, asthma,
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The Valley Of Faith, Hope & Love
Gravel. In modern times, this is something we don’t experience often enough. You are compelled to slow down, feel the ridges in the road. You want to wind down the window, turn off the radio, take deeper breaths, inhale the fragrances around you, loo
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And How Far?
Most experts recommend starting realistically and walking for 30 minutes five days a week. In this time frame you should complete 2,5 km – 3,3 km, or 3 000 – 4 500 steps, and burn 100 kcal – 300 kcal (420 kJ – 1 260 kJ). The further you walk, the mor
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Full-extract Cannabis Oil
Makes 5 ml concentrated oil Preparation time 15 minutes plus 1 day for soaking Cooking time Several hours • 50 g dried cannabis flowers• 2 cups (500 ml) food-grade ethanol(90% or higher alcohol by volume), available from ethanolsa.co.za • a sieve, a
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Who was Tesselaar?
The history of Tesselaarsdal is broadly outlined in Annalize Mouton’s fascinating book Tesselaarsdal: A Bend in the Road. The story begins with Johannes Jacobus (Jan) Tesselaar, the son of a German immigrant who, as a reward for having been a soldier
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Motivate Yourself
The secret to walking is to do it often. Keep dangling a carrot in front of yourself so that walking remains interesting and enjoyable. • Buy a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit Charge 2. It is relatively inexpensive and gives you basic information su
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Cannabis-infused Honey
Makes 200 ml Preparation time 5 minutes Infusing time 6–8 hours • 10 g dried cannabis flowers• 200 ml locally sourced raw honey • cheesecloth or pantyhose• kitchen twine• a glass jar with a lid• a large pot or slow cooker Arrange the cannabis flowers
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The Price Of Property
This vacant 1 182 m2 property is in the centre of the planned business zone for Tesselaarsdal, next to J&S Store and the liquor store. It is zoned for agricultural use, but the municipality may give approval for use it as a business without rezoning.
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