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THE Buzz
The Australian Reptile Park’s male Komodo dragon, Kraken, had his annual weigh-in for his ninth birthday. The world’s largest lizard species, Komodos can reach 100 kilos, but at 38 kilos, Kraken has a way to go. This fierce-looking dragon is a softy
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ASK THE Doctor
Q I’ve been told that I have a frozen shoulder. My doctor has given me some anti-inflammatory pills, but things seem to be getting worse. I can’t dress myself and I’m struggling to use the handbrake in my car. Is there anything else I can do? A Yes
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Heartwarming RESCUES
Lotus had a rough start to life. Originally used as a bait pig to train hunting dogs, she was badly injured when she was bitten on the face and ear. Luckily, Lotus was rescued, and now lives a safe and peaceful life at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. Wit
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Afraid To Ask?
Will my heavy periods stop? Q I have been having a horrid time with very heavy periods. My doctor sent me for a scan, which showed that I have fibroids. He said that as I turn 50 this year, I am likely to hit the menopause soon and they will then s
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Pets Are Pawsome!
Ruffi is sitting back and relaxing on a beanbag. Samantha Turner, McHarg Creek, SA Wilf, the spoodle, loves to nap all day. Kathy L, Bondi, NSW INSTA PET  @CHILLINWITHCHEDDAR My sausage dogs like to do some bedtime reading! Caitlin Bard
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Have You Got A Question For Dr Dawn?
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Spot the difference: PET IN A PUZZLE!
HOW TO WIN... If you look at the two pictures, we’ve made a change to the second picture. When you have found the change, write the number of the quadrant in which the change occurs on the puzzle entry coupon on page 44 for your chance to win. Turn
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ALLERGIC TO anaesthetic
Waking up in hospital after surgery to remove my gall bladder, I was amazed to see my mum, Sue, 68. What’s she doing here? I wondered, confused. Living in London, UK, after suffering painful gall stones, I’d been booked in for the routine day surger
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I’ve had hiccups FOR 12 YEARS!
It happened the moment I opened my eyes. My chest heaved and the squeaky gulp emerged from my throat. Hiccup! Reaching for the glass of water by my bed, I drank it down and assumed the hiccups would disappear. But 10 minutes later, my chest was sti
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Anaesthesia Allergy
• Although rare, allergic responses can range from wheezing and a rash to anaphylactic reactions which can be life-threatening. • Those with a history of face swelling or itching should tell their anaesthetist. • Anaesthetists are trained to recogn
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He’s Lost His Mojo
couple of months ago and spends his days moping. He didn’t really like his job so I thought he’d be happy. I’m still working so we’ve been covering the bills but it’s been a bit of a stretch. I’m worried about his lack of motivation but he won’t talk
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Fragrance-free and soothing, this face cream gives long-lasting protection to hypersensitive or irritable skin. Toners shouldn’t be stripping your skin of moisture – this alcohol-free, gentle mist helps rehydrate and refresh. This exfoliating sc
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Shannon, my eight-year-old daughter, was writing out her birthday wish list. The list was quite long and included Barbies, LEGO and stationery. But at the bottom in small letters it read, ‘I wish my mum would stop asking me to make my bed every mor
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Tweet Success
Three years ago, everything I knew about social media could’ve been written on a pinhead. That changed when my son, Kabe, told me about Twitter. ‘All the celebs tweet, Mum.’ He explained tweets had to be only 140 characters. It sounded a bit complica
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BRAIN Waves With Eunice Oh
To keep your dog cool in summer, add a few ice cubes to their water bowl. Aileen Collins, Willetton, WA Attach a corkboard near your family’s desk or wall calendar. It’s handy for pinning up school activities, birthday invites and the kids’ artw
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Gela To Tassels
✔ Moda Vera Gelato yarn, 50g, in orange, magenta, aqua and yellow (use more balls for longer bunting) ✔ Macramé cord 1 Cut out long strands of your yarn. We used 8 x 35cm lengths for each tassel bunch in each section. 2 You’ll need about 15 bunches
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Try A New Use For... Toothpaste
■ To remove stubborn marks from white sneakers, gently scrub with white toothpaste using an old toothbrush. Wipe with a damp cloth and air dry. ■ For nail polish stains that are hard to remove, apply some whitening toothpaste to your fingernails. The
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Commuters In Spirit
Trudy Vains, 45, Burpengary, Qld Are you okay?’ I said to the little girl of around seven, crying on the footpath. I was just leaving the train station on my way to work when I’d come across her. Head down, her shoulders were shaking from sobbing.
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SERVES 4 PREP AND COOK: 30 MINS 600 baby potatoes, halved2 tblsps olive oil½ cup grated parmesan600g lamb rump steaks, trimmed, cut into pieces1 red capsicum, cut into 4cm pieces100g mixed lettuceleaves 1 cup fresh mint leaves¼ cup chopped fresh
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YOUR Stars
Focus on boosting your own life, Aries, rather than drooling over other people’s seeming successes. Those glammed-up social shots are fake – behind the false frontage are similar battles to your own. Those health routine shifts show on your face. LU
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This Week We’re Loving...
MAKES 16 PREP: 20 MINS 1½ x 250g packets Butternut Snap Cookie1 cup White Choc Melts 250g block cream cheese¼ cup brown sugar, firmly packed2 tsps vanilla essence 1 You’ll need 32 cookies to make sandwiches. Reserve remaining for another use.
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When Erin McManis adopted a chubby beagle, Wolfgang, he weighed 40 kilos. With the average weight of a dog his size about 11 kilos, Erin and Wolfgang had work to do. ‘It’s never too late to start,’ she told Good Morning America. Walks became jogs and
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Reading lovely Mary’s story (Page 58) was quite a trip down memory lane. Mary turned her lifelong love of dolls into a museum in her home town of Gerogery in NSW. With more than 2000 in her collection, it’s now definitely on my list of places to visi
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Karen’s Quick Tip
Cut cucumber and celery into 5cm long, thin sticks. Using small cookie cutters, cut out butterfly and flower shapes from thin slices of capsicum and carrot. Spoon a store-bought dip into a serving dish. Insert vegetable sticks into dip for grass and
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Your LIFE!
Thank you so much that’s life! for my cash prize. What a pleasant surprise to receive in the mail. Cas Hall, Stokers Siding, NSW Nance and me celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. Les Takacs, Mooroolbark,Vic My grandkids – that’s their
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Get Creative With... LAMINGTONS
MAKES 18 PREP: 15 MINS 250g punnet strawberries1 small orange6 pack jam lamingtons900g carton thick French vanilla custard 1 Hull strawberries. Cut into thin slices and place in a medium bowl. 2 Squeeze juice from orange, then strain. You will n
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Nelma Marks, 37, Croydon, Vic Butterflies filled my stomach as I followed my husband, Randall, into our bedroom. I’d just taken a home pregnancy test, and after a year of trying for a baby without success, I couldn’t bear to see another negative re
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MY 2000 DOLLS Hundreds of years OF HAPPINESS
Mary Holden, 86, Gerogery, NSW I couldn’t stop grinning as I carefully loaded the car with my newly acquired goods. ‘You girls are going to look just fantastic in my home,’ I told them. I’d just splurged on a collection of 100 dolls at an antique a
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Scarred For Life By My THONGS
As the sun warmed my skin, the scent of chargrilled burgers wafted through the air. ‘Catch!’ my friend, Daniel*, 30, shouted, tossing me a beer from the esky. Prying it open, I sank back into my camping chair. ‘It’s a gorgeous day, isn’t it?’ I smile
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We’re Twins WHO MARRIED TWINS ... And Had Twins!
How long until they figure it out do you think?’ I said, taking Darlene’s pants and shimmying into them. ‘We’ll get through the whole class,’ she laughed. Walking out into the school corridor, I raised my eyebrows mischievously at Darlene and then sk
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