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The Wave That Swept Into The Exhibition Hall
Upon entering the dimly-lit exhibition hall, one is met by a wave that exceeds the height of an adult to overwhelm the space with an explosive sound. Visitors chase after these waves in this panoramic azure-coloured sealine and enjoy a fleeting escap
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A Tale Of The City, Gardens, And Walls
A cluster of houses surrounded by walls was once a familiar scene in our urban residential areas. A wall was the simplest architectural element able to separate a private area from a public one, and a garden surrounded by a wall was a common sight in
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Archiving Seoul’s Design Chairs
Exploring the work of 16 furniture designers, ‘Seating Seoul’ was on show at Culture Station Seoul 284 from Aug. 25 to Sep. 26. As a project initiated by Culture Station Seoul 284 to support young designers and to provide exhibiting opportunities to
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Doksan Library Remodeling
Architect Lim Yeonghwan (Hongik University) + D.LIM architects (Kim Sunhyun) Design team Yoon Jisoo, Park Soohyun Location 114, Doksan-ro 54-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea Programme library Site area 2,203.89m2 Building area 792.07m2 Gross floor are
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Announcement of the Collaborative Initiative for the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition
On Aug. 29, the Arts Council Korea released their announcement of the Collaborative Initiative regarding the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in 2021. This was the postponed opening day of the Venice Biennale, which was dela
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A Tight or Loose Fit
Small public architecture projects are difficult. Construction budgets are a defining factor for every aspect of the project, often cutting both design fees and timelines short. In spite of embracing the unprofitable nature of the project from the on
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The Announcement of the 35th Seoul Architecture Awards
On Aug. 21, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced the 2020 Seoul Architecture Awards winners. This year, the submission was opened from May 14 to July 3, and a total of 101 works were submitted. The judging committee conducted a document
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Gongneung Youth Center for Cultural & Information Remodeling
Architect EUS+ Architects (Suh Min W., Ji Jungwoo) Design team Suh Min W., Ji Jungwoo, Koh Keonsoo, Lee Solim, Lee Byungwook, Lee Sungjin Location 10, Nowon-ro 1na-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea Programme youth facility, library Gross floor area 2,030.7
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SMG Announces Three Winners of the Design Competitions
Recently, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced the winners for three consecutive competitions. The winner of the design competition to transform the old Banghwa Garage site at Gangseo-gu into a residential complex for young adults, newlyweds
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Gongteo As An Open Space In A Village
There are a lot of youth centres and youth training centres spead throughout the country. However, do they really support the activities of teenagers and transform their lives? We began this project with this question in mind. The Gongneung Youth Cen
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SPACE Peer Review
SPACE strives to feature works of architecture from individual studies in contemporary Korean architecture to the current innovative shifts in international architecture. In this spirit, all domestic and international works of architecture submitted
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Architecture In A Suit, Furniture As Cufflinks: Jtbc Play
In August, JTBC play, a complex cultural space, opened on the opposite side of the Hongdae Cultural Park. The client, a broadcaster, is operating the building as a goods store, as cafés, open studios, and a gallery where the younger generations, the
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MOLIT and LH Announces Urban Plans for Third Generation New Towns
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) and the Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) announced the results of The International Competition for Urban Design Concept and Multi-Dimensional Urban and Architectural Space Plan for Thir
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Composition And Balance: Studio Jungmo Yang
Yang Jungmo is not the type to blindly follow stylistic trends or to propose extravagant designs. He aims at creating the kind of ‘furniture a grandmother can pass on to her granddaughter’, ‘objects which still look attractive after a long time’, or
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Designing The Transition To The Future: Railway Of Megacity Seoul
Jeon Hyeonwoo’s new book, Railway of Megacity Seoul: How to Transition into the Future in the Era of the Climate Crisis is presently a focus of public attention. The result of seven years’ work, this is a book by an author who majored in analytical p
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The Other Side Of World Imagined Through Here: Elsewhere
After Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19) swept across the entire world, our daily lives entered a new phase. Wearing a mask is compulsory when we go out; carrying hand sanitiser in our bags has become essential; and when we need to meet someone, we me
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Eroding Boundaries To Expand Zones: Erosis
‘One of our friends once told us that he had a chat with a local taxi driver about Alvar Aalto for about 40 minutes when he visited Finland. We were envious. Could it be possible for us to experience something similar here someday, too?’ This is what
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Space Academia
SPACE Academia is the architectural theory research section of SPACE. The section serves to introduce academic papers that enrich and expand the research legacy of SPACE, in its search for future directions in ways of thinking about architecture. Aft
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Narrative Of Unbuilt Things: Sghs
SGHS, the architectural firm established by Kang Hyunseok, Kim Gunho, and Lee Jongcheol, has continued their architectural activities while participating in the various design competitions and exhibitions since its foundation in 2015. They use the ge
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A Residential Space That Evokes A Sense Of Community: A Round Architects
Our lives navigate a seemingly repetitive but rapidly evolving sociocultural stream. However, it can seem as if Korea’s residential spaces and concepts have remained fixed as those of a now long outmoded past. With his focus on multi-household/multi-
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Nagyang-dong Residence
The Various Connections Between Two Family Homes The site, located on the outskirts of a housing development overseen by Korea Land & Housing Corporation, boasts a mountain as its backdrop. This multi-household residence at Nakyang-dong is composed
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Third Place Hongeun 2
As necessary expressions within any community, the planes of each household were designed to emphasize individuality and take on a different aspect. As such, the multi-family residence strongly exudes the image of five separate houses. Each house is
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Third Place Hongeun 1
The town was developed as the Land Compartmentalisation and Rearrangement Project, and was implemented at the end of 1960s with western-style two-story houses, which were popular until the early 1970s. The narrow alleys played their part in creating
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Peter Pan: Mixed Feelings
I cannot make sense of the architect Park Changhyun. The more I know, the more I feel puzzled. I have tried to grasp his meaning, but I have often found it too difficult to discern any clear answers. Even though I have a longstanding familiarity with
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Hwang Yongchul Peter Cook Peter Eisenman Isozaki Arata Robert Ivy Yongwoo Lee Kim Kwanghyun Sunjung Kim Kim Chanjoong Han Eunju Mann-Young Chung Sung Hong Kim Sanghun Lee Kim Jeoungeun ( Lee Youngju (
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Yeoksamdong Sai. 01
Architect Spaceyeon Architects (Lee Sangdae) Design team Yeon Woonghi, Kim Seunghyun, Cha Junyoun Location 51-17, Teheran-ro 5-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Programme neighborhood facility Site area 553.2 m2 Building area 275.16m2 Gross floor area 79
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The Reinterpretation of Original Furniture Using Various Materials
The exhibition hall has been taken over by a range of chairs that all seem to share the same skeleton. An exhibition reinterpreting the Lily Chair by the Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen was on show at MO-NO-HA Seongsu from July 28 to Aug. 8. Co
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Yunjung Teachers’ Houses
Architect Chung Isak (Dongyang University) + architects Design team Sung Sejong, Choi Eunjung Location 3, Yeouidong-ro 3-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea Programme teachers’ room Gross floor area 305.1m2 Structure RC Interior finishi
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Viewpoints On Gangnam And Jongno
A screen has been presented in the middle of this exhibition space, upon which a bus is shown to rumble by in an unspecified direction. It sets out from Apgujeong Hyundai Apartment, travels through Chungdam-dong, Daechi-dong and Guryong Village, and
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Mok-dong Alley End Library
Architect Chung Isak (Dongyang University) + architects Design team Sung Sejong, Lee Eunsong Location 59, Mokdongdong-ro 12-gil, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea Programme community space (library) Site area 7,792.6m2 (area of apartment comple
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