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Past Perfect
Cassie Jacobs, the narrator of the titular novella at the heart of Danielle Evans’s astonishing second collection, The Office of Historical Corrections, works as a field agent for the Institute of Public History, a fictional federal agency “devoted t
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Toast to Tradition
WHEN THE HOLLY HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA, native Stephanie Summerson Hall’s grandmother Estelle died, she left each of her granddaughters vintage glassware from her rainbow-hued collection—vessels that inspire Hall’s own holiday tabletop today. “The ones
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Joseph Stinchcomb
When assessing the Drink category, German-born Mississippian Joseph Stinchcomb kept an eye out for a smartly packaged drink that was simple but versatile—suited for a time of staying in. “Most people don’t have a fully stocked bar at home,” points ou
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The Stuff of Legend
“Being with Julian,” i.e., Julian P. Van Winkle III, whose bourbon “Pappy” you might have heard about, “made me think about craft in America,” writes the Mississippi-based journalist Wright Thompson in his new book, Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine
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Rings of Plenty
MANDY O’SHEA’S WREATHS ECHO THE FREE- spirited centerpieces, bouquets, garlands, and boutonnieres she and her husband, Steve, piece together for weddings and parties through their Georgia firm, 3 Porch Farm. Luckily, the floral designer and flower fa
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Bare Necessities
PARTLY INSPIRED BY THE 77,000 MILES OF BIODIVERSE RIVER systems flowing in Alabama, Katherine Tucker conceived Civil Stoneware’s minimalist tableware as an homage to the earth. Tiny decorative dishes, for instance, dubbed Little Cahaba Bowls, incorpo
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Rocking the White House
In 1976, Jimmy Carter stood behind the podium at the Democratic National Convention in New York City and put forth a message of hope to a country still reeling from the effects of Watergate, Richard Nixon’s resignation, and the Vietnam War. “I have n
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Slice of History
COMMERCIALS FULL OF SMILING FAMILIES CELEBRATING generations of traditions have always made me a bit envious during the holidays. My family can’t trace our lineage much past my Delta-born great-grandmother, an unfortunate reality for many folks in th
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Joanna Teplin And Clea Shearer
With two books, a top-rated Netflix series produced by Reese Witherspoon, and a booming Instagram following, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have taken the organization world by color-coded storm. The duo report that the Crafts entries as a whole, and
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Sportsman’s Companion
When it comes to training gundogs, few are aspassionate—ormeticulous—as Zachary Kellerman. The founder of CedarOak Kennels in Southern Illinois,Kellermanhas devoted his career to the art of training, from his beginnings in the obedience world to runn
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Southern Focus
This photograph and the one following appear in William Abranowicz’s forthcoming book, This Far and No Further (University of Texas Press). While listening to young musicians practicing with the Stax Music Academy at the Clayborn Temple in Memphis,
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Tropical Touch
AFTER MANY SEASONS OF DECORATING OTHER people’s homes for the holidays, in addition to orchestrating all manner of soirees, the Charleston, South Carolina, and New York City event designer G. Blake Sams started his own tradition: an orchid tree. “I j
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Austin, Texas $89; Lisa Davis, the founder of the Austin, Texas, handbag company Hampton Road Designs, has an accessories closet that would make a fashion editor envious. “I gravitate toward purses and jewelry and shoes,” Davi
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That’s a Good Dog!
Meet Dylian (top), a Chesapeake Bay retriever from El Paso, Texas, and the overall winner of the 2020 Good Dog Photo Contest as chosen by G&Geditors. “He gets this big, crazy grin on his face when he’s jumping into water,” says his owner Una Daggett,
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Bittersweet Spot
A traditional milk punch—liquor, milk, cream, and sugar, shaken into divine frothiness—is like an angelic visitor who arrives bearing a down pillow for your addled head. It’s often served at brunch, and especially comforts on those mornings when ever
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Into The Heart Of The Glades
I CAST THE FLY toward the red mangroves, as close as I can get, as close as I dare. The stilt-legged shrubs form a curtain of chaotic, braided roots capped with dense green foliage, a towering, vernal wall between the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida p
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Staying Small
Seasoned hoteliers have seen just about everything. But even the most experienced concierge couldn’t have predicted 2020’s pandemic. In a testament to dogged and determined Southern hospitality, these five inns renovated, primped and spruced, or open
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David DiBenedetto Senior Vice President & Editor in Chief Executive Managing EditorPhillip Rhodes / Creative DirectorMarshall McKinney Photography and Visuals DirectorMaggie Brett Kennedy / Deputy EditorsAmanda Heckert, David Mezz Style DirectorHask
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Meyer Education
It’s no accident that the Meyer lemon tree in Jason Stanhope’s backyard is the same age as his son. “When Leo was born, we planted a bunch of fruit trees, started a garden, and bought some chickens,” says the executive chef at FIG in Charleston, Sout
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Julia Reed
It all began,inevitably,with a bang— with the sound of a series of .32-caliber shots fired in a secluded, wooded estate in Purchase, New York. The house belonged to Herman Tarnower, the celebrated “Scarsdale Diet” doctor who made the ultimately fatal
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Private Sanctuaries
Part of the famed Sea Island resort, the Broadfield hunting lodge sits on 5,800 acres of woodlands carved from one of the South’s first hunting clubs. Reserve the antler-laden, cypress-paneled hideout for up to eighteen guests, and enjoy dinner prepa
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Remembering Our Friends
On August 28, the Garden & Gun family lost a legend. Julia Evans Reed passed away from cancer at age fifty-nine. Her writing was a cornerstone of G&G for more than a decade, and her voice in the pages will be irreplaceable. She could frustrate any ed
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Wine Find
We liked that Bordeaux at Helen so much that we went looking for it at Golden Age Wine, a shop and tasting bar open since 2019 in the Birmingham suburb of Mountain Brook. Proprietors Brandon Loper and Trent Stewart hand sell natural wines the way cle
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Made In The South Awards
PRODUCT: Handmade Sneakers MADEIN: Asheville, North Carolina $288–$398 ■
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Pilgrims travel to the Dearing Street Historic District of Athens, Georgia, in sedans, minivans, and limousines. They visit briefly and leave flowers, or they stay for hours and take selfies. And every year around graduation, students departing the U
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G& GLive
I often hear from readers that they feel like they’re part of the G&Gextended family, a wildly entertaining and thoughtful bunch that includes musicians, chefs, artists, and others from our pages. To see many of these talents live, be sure to check u
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Steak À La Helen
Helen Frutiger cooked on a cast-iron grill, tucked into a brick wall in a brick ranch house with a backyard that sloped toward a creek. With a used French’s mustard bottle at her side, filled with water to knock down grease flames, she grilled the fa
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Ashley Vermillion Webb
For Ashley Vermillion Webb, judging the Style category “felt just like Christmas”— and like an extension of her job selecting items for her women’s clothing boutique. The shop is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary with a move to a location twice t
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How Southern Are You?
Endowed with bulbous bodies, large hairy snouts, leathery skin known to sport barnacles, and deep-set eyes, Florida manatees are herbivorous mammals found along Southeastern coasts and especially along the Sunshine State. When the Gulf of Mexico and
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“She Was Truly Her Own Character”
For Michael Witte, drawing Julia Reed was easy; no matter how eccentric he made the scene, it couldn’t be too far off from the writer’s larger-than-life personality. “She was truly her own character,” says Witte, who had illustrated Reed’s column, th
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