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The Hut And The Earless Boar
BACK in the not-too-distant past I was 'commissioned', if you like, to take a few photos of a wonderful old property and given free rein to knock over any boar that got in the way of either my trusty Nikon or my 'cheap as chips' Marlin XL7 rifle in W
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Hunter & Shooter Info’
PEOPLE power finally has a win. The NSW Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill has fortunately hit a massive roadblock, with a parliamentary committee recommending against it in its current form. The Bill would have effectively made it illeg
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Fast Facts
UBCO 2x2 Electric Bikes are road registerable, lightweight, powerful and silent in operation, as many commercial and recreational hunters have found in the New Zealand birthplace. Advantages of these great bush mobility platforms include their lack o
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Ask The Gun Editor
Letters containing questions for answering by Nick Harvey must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Mail your letters to: The Technical Editor, 3 Reef Street, Hill End, NSW 2850. Q I recently bought a Howa 1500 in .243 Winchester and
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The 30 Nosler A New .30-Calibre Magnum
FOR several years I hoarded a Zastava M70 Mauser action designed to house the standard length .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge together with a Ram-Line Wood-Tech stock. Although I had no idea of what calibre I was going to have built, I obtained a mi
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Wants A Hawkeye FTW Hunter
Q I know you are a great fan of .25 calibre cartridges especially the .257 Roberts and .25-06. I’ve read about your .257, and your new Kimber Classic Select in .25-06, both of which have been long-throated. But you also said that the Hawkeye was a bi
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Some Fallow Philosophy
TROPHY hunting has never been my main motivation for hunting deer. Hunting deer has always been first and foremost about the main prize–meat! Usually this means that, if I am out deer hunting, I am after meat and if I see a doe or a spiker first, I’m
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Weatherby-Fiocchi Feedback
I was extremely excited to hear that I had won a Weatherby rifle in the Sporting Shooter Fiocchi Hunters Gallery Photo Competition. I was fortunate to be given the option of choosing the rifle I wanted and I picked the Weatherby 22/250. It wasn’t lon
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The .358 Threesome
WE HAD a fair drive to meet up with our mate Alan at Springsure later the following morning to head another few hours past Charters Towers to hunt the lovely chital deer. Arriving at Charters Towers around 5pm a big feed was had before getting some m
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Hunting Tips And Tricks
1. If walking in flat to rolling terrain, before you start, work out the prevailing wind direction and plan your hunt walking into it, taking in likely spots for game on the way.2. In hills in sunny weather, the prevailing wind will eddy around ridge
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Rabbits And Dragons
IT WAS the first weekend in March and, as is tradition, the Rabbitohs play the Dragons in the NRL pre-season Charity Shield. In 2020 the Charity Shield was played at Glen Willow Oval, Mudgee. My brother Benj and I headed west to Mudgee on a Friday, l
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Savage’s 110 Ultralight Gets A Carbon Fibre Facelift
EVIDENTLY the Model 110 UltraLite is a spin-off from Savage Arms original Model 11/111 Lightweight Hunterseries which dates back a decade and was affordable, accurate, and easy to carry in mountain country where the hills are steep and the air is thi
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Jared Matthews
MY name is Jared Matthews. I am 33 years old and I live in the North Eastern Region of Victoria where I work as an Electrical Project Manager and Electrician. As a young fella I grew up on a farm in the Goulburn Valley, here I learnt to hunt rabbits,
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Sporting Shooter
Editor: Marcus O’Dean Email: Technical Editor: Nick Harvey Contributors: Nick Harvey, Marcus O’Dean, Tony Pizzata, Col Allison, Goran Pehar, Paul O’Connor, Pete Briedahl, Leon Wright, Dylan Smith. National Sales Manager: Tony
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Shooter’s Showcase
Back by popular demand, the T3x Lite Veil Wideland is the perfect companion for mountain terrains and snowy landscapes. Cerakote coating on the barrel enhances weather durability. Muzzle brake is included for recoil reduction. Fluted bolt with oversi
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Weatherby/fiocchi Photo Competition
*AVAILABLE CHAMBERINGS TO WINNERS INCLUDE 223REM, 22-250REM, 243WIN, 270WIN, 308WIN, 30-06SPRG, 300WIN.MAG. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. With the basis of a cold hammer-forged 24-inch barrel, 3-position safety and adjustable Match-Quality Two-stage Trigg
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Finding Fallow
AFTER a week of early morning and late afternoon stalks, I managed to bag my first fallow spiker with one textbook shot taken at 250 metres. It’s not a distance I like shooting from, but after a week of hands and knee crawls across the open paddock I
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In Search of Sika
IT was mid-April 2017 and ex-tropical cyclone Cook was pounding the North Island of New Zealand with unseasonably heavy rainfall. I was there to hunt the sika roar, but it seemed like I had spent most of the month sitting around waiting for bad weath
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Razorback Country
MAKE no mistake, Cape York Peninsula in late October is a hot place, and that’s exactly why we were here. Fast-drying waterholes and oppressive heat would hopefully improve the likelihood of getting amongst some top quality pigs and with a bit of luc
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Competition brought To You By garman®
ENTRIES: Please email your high resolution. jpg or png pig hunting image as an attachment to the email addressed to – all images must be at least 1MB in size. For entry to be valid the following contact details must be includ
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Hiding In Plain Sight
FOR most forms of hunting, we can all agree that seeing your game before it sees you will always give you the upper hand in an encounter. A relaxed animal is usually a predictable animal, and you often have the ability to form a plan of attack when y
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30 Nosler Handloading
AFTER noting considerable differences in loading data for the 30 Nosler between its originator and Hodgdon, I decided to enlist the aid of the QuickLOAD program, MagnetoSpeed chronograph and Kolbe P-Max to develop my own load data. The Kolbe P-Max me
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Developing Dependable Reloads
WHENEVER I get a new rifle and set it up with a mount, scope, and sling, the next step is to develop a good load for it. Chances are you don't have pressure-measuring equipment, but the loads in modern loading manuals were likely developed using pres
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Sporting Shooter
Editor: Marcus O’Dean Technical Editor: Nick Harvey Contributors: Nick Harvey, Marcus O’Dean, Tony Pizzata, Col Allison, Goran Pehar, Paul O’Connor, Pete Briedahl, Leon Wright, Dylan Smith. National Sales Manager: Tony Pizzata Advertising Production:
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Hard To Get, Easy To Lose
IT’S the small things in life. This month’s topic might be a little bit touchy for some, however it is one that needs telling. At times in everyone’s life, through no fault of our own, we all experience rough patches. Relationship difficulties, illne
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True-Blue Native Pursuit
AUSTRALIANS are a unique bunch when it comes to outdoor pursuits. On one hand, the native culture of our land is perhaps the oldest in history, and the hunter/gatherer philosophy remained essentially unbroken for many thousands of years. On the other
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You Snooze, You Lose!
I was fortunate enough to be hunting with my two nephews, Dane and Rhys and my son Jackson. We were pig shooting on a property near Westmar in SW Qld. We are just about to walk a favourite patch of heavy timber about 300 metres long by 200metres wide
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Weatherby / Fiocchi Photo Competition
BROUGHT TO YOU BY *AVAILABLE CHAMBERINGS TO WINNERS INCLUDE 223REM, 22-250REM, 243WIN, 270WIN, 308WIN, 30-06SPRG, 300WIN.MAG. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. With the basis of a cold hammer-forged 24-inch barrel, 3-position safety and adjustable Match-Quali
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Why Do We Bother?
When the burden of overregulation becomes too much, criminals are made out of good citizens. It is my firm belief that a great majority of the population of Australia, indeed the World, given half a chance, are basically good and socially responsible
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Hunting For The Table
IT got me thinking, as my hunting calendar usually operates around the stocking of my freezer and by January it is starting to get a bit low. As the summer heat in our neck of the woods is a bit harsh for any really lengthy hunting trips, we usually
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