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Network 10
Last year was big for Network 10. We had new hit shows, strong audience growth in the second half and into the summer, the return of our sales team in-house, the merger of our owner CBS with Viacom, the return of the Melbourne Cup Carnival and plenty
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• ThinkTV calculates the total television market in Australia fell 4.8% to $3.86 billion. • Metropolitan free-to-air was down 6.1% to $2.61 billion. • BVOD grew almost 40% to $154.46 million. • Free-to-air market to remain week. • A drop of around 5%
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Since James Warburton has returned as CEO in August last year, he’s been single-minded about the direction of our organisation. We want to transform our business and return to ratings leadership. In 2020, we’ll continue the journey we’ve already star
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The power of television has been its ability to influence and engage a mass audience, its unique ability to deliver scale at a moment in time with the power to emotionally engage. It’s what created the water cooler effect. It’s what has made househol
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All Aboard The Train Of TV Change
Online video has been around for a while now, but the shift from linear to a buffet of consumption habits including linear, subscription TV, BVOD, connected TV and more has recently hit a cracking pace. Our broadcasters are looking to keep pace with
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The Agency Sweet Spot
Public relations, increasingly being called to the marketing table first, is shining in a broader advertising industry where margins are squeezed and pitches are getting tighter. The future is earned, socially-enabled content, often built for specifi
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What Type Of Content Is In Demand?
Tabitha Fairbairn, managing director of Mango Communications, part of DDB: Content that benefits the consumer. Just because a brand says it’s interesting doesn’t mean it is. You have to start with the consumer and the conversation. What’s interesting
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Is There Blurring Of Lines Between Content And Editorial?
Richard Brett, CEO of opr agency: Definitely. There is still the need for campaigns that sit purely as digital content, or purely as editorial, but where you are able to develop an idea or a campaign that has one central concept with multiple assets,
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Is The Traditional Press Release Dead Or Just Evolving?
Skye Lambley, group managing director, Herd MSL: A press release has its place, but there are many other ways for organisations and brands to tell their story, both to the media and directly to their audiences. Gone are the days of sending out a pres
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Inside the Social Network
Much like its purpose as a business, Facebook’s Australian offices are centred around building a community. From a sustainable set-up to an endless list of perks, the business has made sure culture and connection remains at the heart of everything th
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Love In The Time Of Total Television
Data to the left of me, measurements to the right. The complex craft of judging the size of television audiences in Australia is reportedly getting simpler. The VOZ system, available from April, is billed as the start of a clearer picture of total au
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Facebook’s Five Values
Facebook exists to make the world more open and connected, and not just to build a company. We expect everyone at Facebook to focus every day on how to build real value for the world in everything they do. Moving fast enables us to build more things
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What were your initial thoughts on the PR brief at hand? It was like being back at AWARD School! It was a challenge to distil our thinking down to a single page. We had a lot of fun with it. Advertising and PR go hand in hand, but we found it intere
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Michael Miller On Soggy Newspapers And Selling Ads
The media Michael Miller grew up with in regional Australia has vastly changed. From the slow daily news filled with community updates, to the fast-paced nature of online global news. But unlike most, Miller, as executive chair for News Corp Australa
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Carsales’ Pawfect CFO
Time at the company: 28 years (four human years). How would you describe what the company does? Ltd (ASX: CAR) is the largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business in Australia. What do you do day-to-day? When n
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Social, After Conquering Reach, Chases Premium Engagement
Media sales executives gathered at a roundtable late last year to launch Advertise or Die, a campiagn created after a tough year for the advertising market. With Ten, Seven, Nine and Foxtel all onboard, they argued they deserved a bigger share of bra
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The Deceptive Art Of Child’s Play
Despite decades of brain-imaging studies, neuroscientists have been unable to define the circuitry involved in creative brilliance. To be fair, it often confounds the gifted themselves. Take the award-winning whiteGREY creative director, Ronojoy Ghos
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Game, Set, Ad!
Using sports stars is much like using any other celebrity/influencer in a campaign — the real value is not their fame, it’s in their relevance. More important, it’s in their relevance to the idea. Too often brands just chuck a “name” at a project bec
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What Advertisers Need To Know In The Age Of Advanced TV
Advanced TV services are on the rise, shifting consumer viewing habits and ad spend. Streaming services like Apple TV+ and Disney+ have launched globally, and we’ve seen more local content in Australia from the likes of Foxtel’s Kayo Sports and Nine’
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Stirring The Television Cauldron
Television, long a static piece of furniture, is off the couch and following the consumer, changing the whole game as consumption habits evolve and audiences migrate to mobile devices, watch streaming media using catchup apps and binge watching their
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A Bigger, More Professional Team
A decade after We Are Social opened its Australian office, managing director Suzie Shaw says the agency is still riding the wave of growth in social media. The UK-founded business recently moved into new offices on Sydney’s Cleveland Street, complete
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Edu Pou • Executive Creative Director
What brought you to Australia? Moving to Australia needs little convincing. Creatively, I’ve always been a fan of the work coming out of here, and some of my favourite colleagues in Amsterdam and the US were Australian — I consider Eric Quennoy, ECD
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Gerry Cyron • Head Of Strategy
What’s the biggest challenge in your role? I think in any strategy role, finding a fresh and differentiated way of solving your client’s business problem can be challenging. However, proving and isolating the impact of social within the marketing com
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Suz Tucker • Editorial Director
What’s the main focus of your role? At the start of 2019, I visited my 90-year-old grandmother in Texas and in describing my job to her I said something to the effect of: I use the same principles and creative disciplines from the world of journalism
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A Sunburnt Country
Last year, we were delighted to create a tourism campaign for the Eurobodalla Shire, one of the most stunning places I’d ever seen. This year, we were devastated as we watched half of it burn to the ground. I reached out to the local councillor to se
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Koalas Of NYC
CC: A mate of mine recently got back from a holiday in New York. Apparently everywhere he went the locals greeted him with handshakes and hugs, showing their deep sympathy for the fire victims, especially the billion-odd “critters” lost in the disast
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Once More, Dear Friends, Into The Sewer
Should we shore up the breach in online etiquette with the carcass of journalistic ethics? Words written to hurt for all to see online can do significant damage. In advertising, all can be targets but early career people are most vulnerable to trolli
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Changing The Face Of Advertising
During the last couple of years, adland has recognised it has a problem: diversity. This is a problem that two young creatives, Ava Frawley and Jasmine Subrata, are hoping to tackle with their Changing the Face initiative. For the AdNews March editio
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Seven’s Star Pooch
Time in current role: I’ve been part of the Pooch Perfect dream team for about six months, but it feels like I’ve worked here my whole life. How would you describe what the company does? Much like Disneyland, we make dreams come true. We give pet st
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The Suit Who Writes Crime Fiction
Writing is an exercise in maybe. Maybe someone will read it. Maybe they won’t. Maybe they will like it. Maybe they won’t. You won’t know until words appear on paper (or pixels). And that’s the thing — getting the words down, and in the right order. S
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