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Lunar Power
It might look serene, but the moon is actually a total boss. It not only controls tidal forces, but some believe it can affect our emotions, too! And all from 300,000 kilometres away. Impressive! The thing about the moon is that it moves rapidly. Whi
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Let’s Talk About Casual Racism
Racism is an ugly word for an ugly act. And the meaning is clear, right? You’re either a racist or you’re not. You either marginalise minorities or you don’t. You either support white supremacy or an anti-Muslim stand or you don’t. It’s not that hard
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Colour coated!
Channel your inner Clueless in an adorable checked two-piece and bucket hat. Update your basic denim jacket in winter’s trending thread. Get prepped for weather and compliments in this totally rain-worthy look. Faux doesn’t mean fake. Save the an
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Talia Jackson
At just 18 years old, Talia is living our dream life. Not only does she star as Jade McKellan on the Netflix sitcom Family Reunion, but her music has also featured on the soundtrack! Here, we get to know the multi-talented star. What do you have in
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What’s In A Name? well, A Lot, Tbh
Pop on that wolf onesie and howl it out! Yep, Wolf Moon –the first moon of the year – is always an intense one. You’ll probs burst into tears for no reason. It’s totally normal, so ride it out! Life’s challenges? Had those for breakfast, #thankyouver
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Are You Experiencing Racism?
REPORT IT: Feel threatened? Call 000 and talk to the police. Being treated unfairly? Hit up the Australian Human Rights Commission at Also, always report offensive material on social media sites. SPEAK UP: So, if the sitch isn’t
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Big Winter Give Away
Whether you like to study in your bedroom, lounge room, kitchen or in the backyard, we got you covered! ONE lucky GF reader will have the opportunity to stock up on study supplies as well as the chance to decorate their study space with the latest f
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The Lit List
Ever feel like you’re under soooo much pressure to do *all* the things? This cute guide to mindful productivity teaches you how to slow down and still achieve your goals, while being a little kinder to yourself. It’s all about balance! OUT NOW We all
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Welcome To The Hype House
It’s your typical Tuesday morning in the Hype House. Every room of the multimillion-dollar mansion in a secret location in LA is buzzing. Sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio dance to a 50 Cent remix in the kitchen. Addison Rae is lip-syncing in one of
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Fight Like A Girl
One in three. That’s how many of us girls will experience violence in our lifetime. So it’s no surprise we tailor our behaviour to safeguard ourselves. Dark alleys are a no-go and our friends and fam always get a screenshot of our Uber driver. It srs
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Periods: Got questions?
It’s kinda weird when you think about it: periods are experienced by one half of the world’s population. And FYI, that’s just under four billion people. But still, ain’t nobody talking loud and proud about their P-time, right? Like, how long should i
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Winter Movie Guide
Isn’t it just so overwhelming when there are too many movies to choose from, so you just give up and scroll through Insta instead? We know those feels. Well, we’ve curated a selection of some old classics plus some new winter flicks to curl up with d
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Just a week after Hype House launched, Charli posted this cryptic pic on Instagram and no-one really knew what it meant. Friends or lovers?! @TikTokRoom posted a video of the couple at a NY party kissing. Charli tells the world via an Instagram Live
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Single And Lovin’ It
Whether you’ve always been single, have recently been through a break-up or are between relationships, learning how to be with yourself is SO crucial to self-development. You don’t want to rely on one person and freak out when you have to be alone. I
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The Period Survival Kit
Every girl has a preference. Here are your options! TAMPON This cotton finger shape (yep, we’re soz about that description) has a string at one end. It’s inserted into your vagina to soak up the blood. After 4-6 hours, you pull it out using the stri
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The Boy We Lauv
Lauv – it’s the word on everybody’s lips right now. No, not Love, not Lurve. Lauv, the 25-year-old music sensation who’s dominating the charts. Since bursting onto the radar with the catchy “I Like Me Better” in 2017, it’s safe to say this talented s
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Why We Love The Hype Housers
The Hype House are kinda like a box of Cadbury Favourites… and not just because they’re super sweet and can be a bit messy sometimes, too. There are so many different flavours. And while you may have your go-to fave, you may also find yourself cravin
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Break The Comparison Cycle
It’s tempting, right? Within a matter of minutes, we can scroll Insta or TikTok and find someone with fire style, a killer bod and the glossiest hair this side of Hollywood, who even manages to balance it with a side hustle and a hot AF boyfriend. Aa
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Periods By Numbers
1-2 shot glasses worth of blood can be lost during your P-time 400 visits from Aunt Flo in your life 18 tampons in a box, as that’s the average used in a cycle 5000 words for period around the world! 15,000 period products used in your lifetime ■
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Screen Queen
Winter is almost here and that means our Netflix hours are about to double. OK, let’s be real – triple. For many of us, that usually just means binge-watching our favourite show for approximately the 1050th time. But have you ever wondered what your
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Which Hype Girl Are You?
1. ’Fess up! Where do you usually film your TikToks? A: Anywhere and everywhere. You ain’t shy! B: The bathroom is your go-to. That light! C: Erryday in your bedroom. Love the privacy D: At home. Usually with your TikTok-obsessed parents watching! E:
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What Is Sad?
SAD is a type of depression that follows a seasonal pattern. It usually begins and ends about the same time each year, developing in autumn and going away at the end of winter. It’s possible SAD can affect your mood drastically and impact the way you
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Planet-friendly Periods
t really is an inevitable part of being a fabulous femme, isn’t it? Our period arrives like clockwork every month, lasts for about a week – give or take a few days – and then, just like magic, disappears again! But did you know we’re on our period ov
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We’re Also Obsessed With...
It’s been on repeat since it dropped in late February, right? We can’t get enough of Sydney as she tries to come to grips with the weird powers that have popped out of nowhere. This show makes us laugh, cry and everything in between. OK, not quite a
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Tally Up Your Score
You always have a skip in your step – nothing fazes you ever! That’s because you’ve got this life thing down pat. And even if life gives you lemons, you just whip them into lemonade and get on with your #blessed day! You’ve somehow become the popular
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How To Beat The Winter SADS
Ever feel like you want to curl up into a little ball in bed, turn off the lights and hope everyone leaves you alone to cry at sad movies and eat snacks? We’ve all been there! This can happen from time to time with life’s ebbs and flows. But if this
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Ask Gf
Answered by Family Planning NSW associate medical director Dr Clare Boerma. Should I always pee after having sex? My bestie said you can get an infection unless you do it after every time! And she said you should never wee before sex. Why? Lulu* It’
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Would YOU rather?
1 Have One Direction back together forever OR spend a day hanging out with your favourite member? 2 Have the ability to fly OR be invisible? 3 Guest star in Katy Keene OR The Bold Type? 4 Double date with Zayn and Gigi Hadid OR The Weeknd and B
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Oh, Honey!
GF beauty ■
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Changing The ‘Gram Game
These days, it can feel like every man, woman and their dog is an ‘influencer’. And hey, that’s the amazing thing about social media – it allows everyone to have a voice and platform for creative expression. But truly making an impact on Instagram is
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