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Let’s Talk About Fascia
BECOME YOUR OWN MASSAGE THERAPIST Understanding fascia is important for a healthy, tension-free body. Here are some facts and practical myofascial release techniques that can help you tune up your body to move and feel better. Fascia is a fibrous con
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Life Hacks & Facts
This gentle, nourishing and all-natural hair rinse is made from just three ingredients–¼ cup raw honey, ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and 1 cup filtered water. Combine ingredients in a bottle and shake well to dissolve the honey, then use about a quarter
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THE Thoughtful Gift Guide
What if the presents you buy this Christmas could give a gift twice–that would be pretty good value right? Fair&good, a new ethical brand directory, has partnered with Good magazine to bring you the Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide. It presents an ama
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At-home Myofascial Relief Practices
FOR THE NECK · Benefits This technique helps to relieve pressure at the top of the neck, lengthening the muscles and connective tissue where they tend to get tight as a result of long periods sitting in front of the computer, commuting or driving. Th
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Book Shelf
Scotty Morrison, Penguin Random House NZ, $45 Now an audiobook voiced by Morrison, Māori Made Easy contains 28 step-by-step, user-friendly lessons that make learning te reo Māori fun, simple and relevant to anyone wanting to learn the basics. David A
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DIY Gift Hamper
Founded in 1982, Ceres Organics emerged out of an idea and passion to make organics widely available to Kiwis. Step up your snack action with their Hemp & Cacao Peanut Butter, $8.99, and Coconut Wafer Rolls in Espresso or Original, $4.99 each. Bennet
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Health Support From The Pros
Our bodies are home to 100 trillion microorganisms with our microbiota comprising around 50 per cent of our composition. Within that, we host 500 species of beneficial bacteria–with 95 per cent residing in our gastrointestinal tract–which determine o
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Tech For The Mind, Body & Soul
By now, you’ve probably watched or heard about The Social Dilemma on Netflix, which sees tech experts sound the alarm on the dangerous impact of social media. But what about good tech, the tech that enhances the mind, cares for the body and fulfils t
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B.BOLD’s Everyday Hero face oil is a high performance super food for your skin. A potent blend of 90% organic and 97% cold pressed botanical oils. Alpha bisabolol soothes inflammation and COQ10 stimulates collagen production, delivering a deeply nutr
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We all have many unconscious scripts choreographing our dance through life. They trip us up, putting us out of rhythm, demanding more from us. Often, we also place these invisible demands on others, expecting them to act or speak in a certain way. Ha
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Designer Denim With Purpose Frankie Meaden and Jody Stewart are artists and mums who customise pre-loved denim jackets and have teamed up with charity Eden Reforestation, who plant a tree for every sale they make. Where are you based? Mangere Bridge, Auckla
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Thunderpants is a small, ethical, family-owned and operated company, based in the Wairarapa, producing New Zealand made cheeky goodness for your bum (and other areas) from certified fair trade organic cotton. Their focus has always been on producing
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Although many people would like to improve their money habits, there are some psychological reasons that this is hard. When you understand these, you can set yourself up for more success. Confronting debt evokes pain For example, you can’t address yo
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Bring A Plate
This is my favourite dish for summer. It will impress your guests no end and you will make it time and time again just to have in the fridge because it is so delicious and versatile. It is perfect as a tapas dish as people can pick at it as they enjo
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New Zealand jewellery designer Cathy Pope’s latest collection, Lucent, is a dramatic and vibrant ensemble of jewels elevating her already distinctive designs into a new stratosphere. Celebrating the legacy of 20thcentury costume jewellery, Lucent is
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Hormones are chemical messengers that form incredibly complex systems throughout our body. These systems control us physiologically and psychologically, facilitating everything from reproduction to falling asleep at night. While males and females hav
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Cheers To That
Paired with Bruschetta Mussels Bring out the best of these Bruschetta Mussels with Kono’s vibrant and crisp 2019 Sauvignon Blanc. Its pure and intense flavours of a variety of Marlborough’s distinct sub-regions come to the fore when paired with shell
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Over 120 billion packaging units are produced by the beauty industry annually, and only 50% get recycled. Enter Tailor’s skincare packaging innovation: the Compostable Carton. Crafted from bagasse (buh-gas), repurposed sugarcane byproduct, the Compos
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@sage.journal @makaylawallacetidd A full-time mum, writer and creative, Hawke’s Bay-based Emma spends most of her time chasing around after two little people, while exercising her brain as a freelance writer. A passionate g
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Nanoparticles The Pros & Cons
It’s likely the moisturiser, foundation or eyeliner that you are currently using contains nanoparticles. And, given these are such tiny things you have probably given them nano thought. Nanoparticles are nothing new, though their increased use and ap
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‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly–& Eat Cake
This festive tiered cake is bound to leave an impression. Its exquisite combination of cream and fruit hits all the right notes. Makes an 18cm cake For the cake 250g butter, softened, plus a little extra for the tin200g raw sugar1 pinch sea salt6 egg
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Brain Teaser
1 Composed of two chambers, such as legislative bodies like the U.S. Congress (9) 6 Mother-of-pearl (5) 9 Declare invalid (5) 10 Things spoken, or nowadays often typed, to verify identity (9) 11 See 21 12 A man, companion, or member of a learned soci
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Homemade Skin Treats
I love doing this mask last thing at night, but you can do it any time of the day. The honey has antibacterial properties and the spirulina is not only full of anti-ageing antioxidants but it also contains about 57 per cent protein, so the face will
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Sweet Treats With A Twist
These are our two favourite things combined into one: caramel slice and peanut butter. A base of vanilla shortbread, followed by a thick pour of salty caramel. Finish it off with a slab of peanut butter chocolate, chunky roasted peanuts and extra cho
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Leafy Letters
Words can appear forwards, backwards, vertical, horizontal, on the diagonal and overlap. Two words appear twice. ACACIA ASH BAOBAB BANYAN CEDAR CHERRY CHRISTMAS CORK OAK ELM ENT EUCALYPTUS FIG FIR FLOWERING GUM HOROEKA (lancewood) JOSHUA KAHIKATEA (w
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Christmas Cheer & Compromise
Hands up if you love Christmas? I’ll join you in that! It’s one of my favourite times of year because it evokes cherished childhood memories, such as dressing the tree, spending time with family and the beginning of the summer holidays. Hands up if C
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Beauty Buzz
Aleph Beauty’s Translucent Prep/Finish Powder, $69, is a pore-refining invisible second skin that protects against blue light and environmental pollutants while extending make-up longevity. B.Bold’s new Bicarbonate-free Deodorant, $21
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A World With Sunshine For All
The Dole Promise, a global company initiative, draws on the spirit of Sampo Yoshi, an 18th century Japanese philosophy that views the wellbeing of society and business as interdependent, and ensures the business is beneficial to the seller, to the bu
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Your Feedback
@krystlef @calyx_health @ghazalehgol Your article in issue 70 on owning your superpowers absolutely resonated with me. As a mum working full time I often dwell on my weaknesses. I am only just discovering that being kind to my mind, body and soul and
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