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Outsourcing PR Post-pandemic
NZ MARKETING magazine readers are well aware of the benefits of using an agency whether it’s to bring in some new creative thinking for a big project, take advantage of varied and strong media relationships or to simply extend the horsepower of the i
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A Taste For Chicken
Kiwis love good fried chicken! Testament to this is that New Zealand has the second highest number of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlets per capita in the world. Given these salivating stats, for years, many have tried and failed, Tegel included, t
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Emotion Drives Change
Smoking is one of the leading preventable causes of early death in New Zealand, and the Health Promotion Agency (Te Hiringa Hauora) is one of the many organisations aiming to achieve a smoking rate of less than five percent of the population in five
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Outlook 2021:the Future Of Media
From the reliability of radio and the doubling down on digital to the decline in magazine advertising spend, David Nothling-Demmer and Graham Medcalf investigate how media owners are responding to the latest market trends and digital technologies in
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Democratising Investing
Sharesies’ purpose is to give someone with $5 the same investment opportunities as someone with $500,000. With Sharesies, anyone (kids included) can start investing, from as little as one cent. With huge customer acquisition goals – looking to get 15
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Securing The Gap
For 60 years Marley has been a market leader when it comes to supplying New Zealand with high-quality electrical products. Yet, marketing partner, Tendfold Creative, could see the gap between Marley and its competitors was closing. With the implement
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NZ Marketing
Editor David Nothling-Demmer Staff writers Monique McKenzie Mollie Edwards Commercial Manager Vernene Medcalf 09 966 0998 or 021 628 200 Des
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Making Media Work For You
Some forward-thinking marketers have taken the initiative during a very difficult 2020 and are creating cross-platform ad content strategies to tastefully reach larger and highly engaged audiences. With clarity into which channels and tactics influen
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A Taste Of Success
Liv Glazebrook has always had a combined passion for food and marketing. Her impressive career working with iconic Kiwi brands like Heinz Watties, Lewis Road Creamery and Whittaker’s has seen her produce incredible campaigns. It is her current role a
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A Hard Sell
Carpet Court have long been associated with plush, high-end carpeting following their 2009 TVC featuring a real-life Rhino living on their carpets which then cleaned up like new. Given the success of this campaign and customer perception that the bra
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On Winning
Let’s face it, if you’ve made it this far through 2020 (relatively) unscathed, then you’re winning. 2020 has been a challenging year for many individuals, businesses and brands. From muted media (Bauer comes to mind) to bumbling brands (and there hav
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Digital Dominance
The way we consume media has changed a lot over the past decade. As Internet accessibility and advancement in mobile technologies have increased, social media and streaming services have become go-to channels of choice for the majority of Kiwis. Domi
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Snow Worries
To celebrate Cardrona’s 40th anniversary, the in-house marketing team were tasked with creating a unique campaign while driving brand preference and increasing pre-season sales after five consecutive years of growth. All of this needed to be achieved
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Perception Versus Reality
In telco, credibility is built around network performance and reliability. People don’t want to worry about coverage issues, slow speeds or losing connection. A concerningly low percentage of people thought Skinny had a credible network versus compet
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StopPress SHORTS
163 percent How much OOHMAA’s Q3 2020 revenue was up from Q2 3Awards dish scooped up at the 2020 Webstar Magazine Media Awards 2,402,200Listeners MediaWorks radio reaches every week 1.4 millionPeople tuned into TVNZ 1 to see the General Election unfo
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Step Up Social!
According to a white paper released by social media monitoring company, Zavy, the medium is the fastest growing channel for marketers. But, as marketing budgets come under increasing pressure as companies look to maximise ROI with minimal spend, and
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Lest We Forget
For over 100 years, Anzac Day has been of huge significance to New Zealand. In 2020 however, due to Covid-19 and for the first time in history, Anzac Day services were cancelled. With only one month until Anzac Day and while under lockdown, a small t
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Agile Insights In An Uncertain World
2020 will most certainly go down in history as one of the most volatile years for businesses for so many unexpected reasons. With businesses blindsided by such unprecedented and immediate change – how do marketers get the real-time information they n
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Leading Live Content Creation
Auckland-based The Stream Shop are experts in live streaming and content creation, delivering an affordable, quality viewing experience optimised to share with anyone, anywhere on any platform. NZ Marketing caught up with Executive Producer, Helen Wr
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Trusty TV
“The times they are a changin’,” Bob Dylan sang in 1964, and that sentiment certainly holds true 56 years later. Every year is fascinating in the media industry, but 2020 has been off the charts. During a time when Kiwis have valued local news and st
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Staying On Top
Despite being one of New Zealand’s most loved and trusted brands, as the lens of society changes the demand for ethical products has risen. Meaning, Whittaker’s needed a long-term plan to retain its increasingly consumer conscious consumer base. Good
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Breaking borders: DIGITAL B2B SALES
How do you support B2B sales in international markets without tradeshows and international travel? This is one of the big challenges we’ve had to solve in our new Covid-19 reality, because many of our clients are exporters of high value product. Unti
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A Stand-out On The Page
A marketer who knows how to get the most out of her magazine advertising is Karen Warman, Marketing Manager at Resene. Taking home the Supreme Advertiser of the Year at the Webstar Magazine Media Awards 2020 – recognising those advertising partners w
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Insights Are Helping Drive Action, Build Partnerships And Make Strategic Decisions
Satellite Optus Renewal - Assessing importance of Satellite delivery Sky Next Gen Box - Assessment of Opportunity - Acquisition and retention benefits Sky Broadband - Go to Market Insights - Key Opportunities across Sky segments Major Content Renewal
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Dynamic Duo
FCB and Foodstuffs joined forces in 1995 and since then have gone through numerous CEOs, CMOs, brand managers, strategists, writers and art directors. In 2007, FCB presented Stickman which has been PAK’nSAVE’s running campaign for the past 12 years w
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5 Myths About Loyalty Marketing Busted!
We love the concept of driving customer loyalty, but we’re not miracle workers. If you’re in a highly competitive, ‘me-too’ market then you need to make sure the basics are right. That starts with finding your point of difference. It could be in your
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Make Minority Markets Matter
Beyond marketing to mainstream New Zealanders, Marketing Minds is well-positioned to reach emerging and hard-to-reach ethnic markets, namely the Chinese, who have high home ownership and makes up 10.6 percent of Auckland’s population and 5.3 percent
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Engagement Had Lifted Customer Advocacy, With NPS Increasing 1 0 Points Amongst Sky Na Tion Members Since April 2020
“I really like that you have this space for us to be able to give feedback on your products and services” “I’m quite impressed that all these options are being discussed and I’m asked for my opinion” “I appreciate the opportunity to participate in sh
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Smarter Data
After witnessing low conversion rates for online campaigns, it became clear to Equifax and Kiwibank that there was wasted media spend going towards showing ads to people who did not meet the approval criteria for lending products. At the same time, t
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Sustainable Across All Fields
Meridian knew it needed to better align itself with the values of its agriculture customers. The challenge was finding a way to become one with farming and share their story in a meaningful relevant way so they could grow market share. They knew the
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