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Good Deal!
Here’s some good news if you have achild starting school in 2021. SPAR and the shoe brand Bata have partnered up in a way that helps their customers. Until 10 January 2021, when you spend R500 or more and swipe your SPAR rewards card, you can then al
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Set aside some quiet time to create this cute paper angel. Read all the instructions first, so you know what is coming. If you want to make more than one angel, photocopy the pages first, so you have more sets of the cut-outs with which to work. Apar
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Q I’ve been struggling to fall pregnant. I’m only 30, and we’ve been trying for a year. I read a symptom guide for polycystic ovary syndrome, and I think I might have it. Should I go to the gynae, or can my GP help? How is it diagnosed and treated?
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Gift Registry
• Long-sleeved bodyvests• Short-sleeved bodyvests• Front-buttoning babygros• Vest and legging sets• Bibs• Towelling nappies• Socks and booties• Bath and bedroom thermometer• Disposable nappies• Scented nappy bags• Baby wipes• Baby nail clippers• Cott
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Games For Giggles!
You obviously need to stimulate baby from birth, but what kind of stimulation works for a little one who isn’t talking yet? Here are some ideas – choose those that fit your child’s stage of development. ■ TUMMY TIME FUN It’s very important for your b
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■ Be calm and firm, saying, “No biting,” or, “Biting hurts.” These are simple phrases that a toddler can easily understand. ■ If your toddler gets upset when he realises he has hurt his playmate, or at the tone of your voice, wait for him to be calm,
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Good Buy
Dexpan Baby Bum Cream is effective in protecting, soothing and repairing nappy rash. The combination of three active ingredients promotes healing, regeneration and moisturisation of dry, damaged and irritated skin. Available on and at yo
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Infertility WARRIOR
YOU CAMPAIGN FOR MEDICAL SCHEMES TO PAY FOR INFERTILITY TREATMENT. CAN YOU GIVE US THE BACKGROUND? Medical aid schemes have to fund treatment for a list of 270 prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs). Infertility is on that list. But according to a decis
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Did You Hear The One About...?
If there’s one thing people love to do when you’re pregnant, it’s to tell you what to do. Or, in the case of old wives’ tales, what not to do. “Don’t hang the washing, your baby will strangle itself in its umbilical cord,” your great antie will scree
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Put Pain In Its Place
Labour is painful – even though it is a natural physiological process. While it has never been safer in terms of survival of mother and infant to have a baby, the medicalisation of labour, which is in part responsible for the improved outcome for wom
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He Is Jealous Of Our Baby!
Q Our baby is a few months old, and things are uncomfortable at home. My partner seems to be jealous. He doesn’t do well with all the attention that the baby is getting. I am trying my best to spend time with him, but he is very needy right now. I am
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TAKES 20 MINUTES TO MAKE AND SERVES 4 • 200g all-purpose gluten-free flour• 2eggs• 600ml coconut milk• 1T vegetable oil• 1cup strawberries• 4T maple syrup 1 Add the flour to a bowl, then gradually whisk in the eggs and milk until smooth. This can
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Follow Us
Follow us on Instagram @ypbmagazine We’re planning some cool things over there for the rest of the year and 2021. ■
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Get In! The Water’s Lovely!
The pool is beckoning, but in case you need more convincing that the time is always right for a swim, read on about all the benefits. The buoyancy of the water releases the pull of gravity, and your pregnant body is freed, enabling you to exercise t
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Good Buy
Diego dalla Palma Multi-Tasking All-In-One Oil with organic rosehip is elasticising, repairing, nourishing and moisturising, with a fast-absorbing texture that instantly leaves a feeling of hydration and wellbeing. Suitable for hyper-sensitive skin a
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Some Ways To Handle Pain During Labour Include:
■ Hypnosis ■ Massage or counter pressure or acupressure. The power of touch should never be underestimated. Hard firm pressure on certain parts of your body will change the way you perceive the pain. Acupressure and rubbing the heels of alabouring wo
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Sleep Q&A
1 IS SHE HUNGRY? YES It might be time for a feed. Newborns usually sleep for about three or four hours between feeds, which gradually increases as they get older. By 6 or 8weeks of age many babies are sleeping for as many as eight uninterrupted hou
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Every morning, 2-year-old Jenna insists that her mom, Carol Watson, puts spreads on her toast in exactly the same way. Carol explains, “Jenna has a fit if the peanut butter is under the honey, instead of on top. She also insists on placing all her fa
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We Are Delighted To Announce Our New Cover Star Search Competition For 2021.
Over the years of running our cover competition, it has just become harder to go through thousands and thousands of gorgeous photographs and then only choose one winner. So we went back to the drawing board and decided that every child featured on ou
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More Quick Ways To Keep Cool
Choose your clothes with care. Synthetic, clingy fabrics will leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Opt for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen that allow your skin to breathe. Invest in a couple of cotton summer dresses or trendy kaftans,
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Up Your Iron
Before you conceived, you needed about 15 milligrams (mg) of iron per day. Now you need nearly twice as much, as the volume of blood in your body increases by nearly one half during pregnancy. Your body uses iron to make haemoglobin, a protein in the
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Thyroid On The Blink
Every heard of post-partum thyroiditis? That’s because it doesn’t receive much attention and many pregnant women are unaware that this should be something to look out for too. Dr. Justus Apffelstaedt, specialist surgeon with an interest in breast, th
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Five Fruity Purees
MAKES ABOUT 125ml • 1thick slice of papaya, peeled• ½banana, peeled 1 Really? You don’t need a recipe for this! Just mash it up with a fork. MAKES ABOUT 100ml • 1thick slice of ripe avocado• ½ripe banana 1 Fork mash the avo and banana until
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My Word, My Way
As children grow, they’re exposed to the world outside of themselves and are busy learning about how things work, says Sheryl Cohen, an educational psychologist. She explains: “ To make sense of this world, they tend to apply rigid rules about the ou
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PURITY’s Toiletry Range is consultant Dermatologist and Paediatrician approved and is specially made for your baby’s delicate skin and hair. It’s FREE from parabens, sulphates and colourants, ensuring your little one’s skin and hair are protected and
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Born That Way?
When my first baby was about 7 weeks old, I read an article saying that the first six weeks are the most important ones of your baby’s life. My hormone-addled, sleep-deprived brain gained the impression that these early weeks provide a unique window
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Is My Skin Reflecting My Health?
Q My skin goes crazy when I’m pregnant. First it was acne, and now I’m dealing with pigmentation. Both of these will be temporary, I’ve heard. But now I’m so afraid that stretch marks will be next, as those don’t go away, right? My heritage is Medite
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During his first year, the time your baby spends awake alters drastically. Here’s a quick guide: BIRTH TO SIX WEEKS 40 to 60 minutes at a time SIX TO 12 WEEKS 60 to 80 minutes at a time THREE TO SIX MONTHS 90 minutes at a time SIX TO NINE MONT
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Here I Come, World!
Some time after turning 2, the toddler inside your baby begins to reveal itself. This means a major milestone could be approaching, and you’re sure to be having discussions with your partner and friends about whether the time for play school is ripe.
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Stop The Invasion!
Feeling freaked out by the very idea that your child might have worms? Don’t worry, you’re normal. Even Dr Chantelle van der Bijl from Bloemfontein, who blogs as Bloemmomdoc and is a mother of two, says she feels that way, and as a doctor – she’s see
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