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WC-62/631-1/2-ton Truck
Vehicle: WWII Dodge WC-62/63 G-Number: G-507 Also known as: T-223; The “Big Dodge” Compared to the creation of many of the military’s vehicles, the genesis of the ton and one-half Dodge was simple. The army increased the size of a rifle squad f
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Decoding Condition
Like any collectible vehicle, the price of any historic military vehicle (HMV) is based on a combination of three factors: Condition, rarity, and popularity. A vehicle can be rare but if it isn’t interesting, it won’t be as valuable as an equally unc
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ANZAC Armistice Tribute
Thursday, November 5, 2020, dawned slightly overcast as I drove my 1952 Dodge M37 out of my driveway and north for 350kms (220 miles) up the center of the North Island of New Zealand to Cambridge. Armistice 2020 was being held at the Mighty River Dom
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Military Vehicles
John Adams-Graf Steve Madson 715-318-4018 Lisa Dombrowski 715-257-6029 Heather Glynn Gniazdowski Dave Hauser ■
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Know New Zealand
New Zealand is an island nation of 5.5 million people, 2,583 miles east of Australia in the South Pacific. It is ranked 76th in country area size, slightly larger than Great Britain. New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy and a member of the Britis
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News And Views
Do you like the accessories that go with your vehicle like uniforms, weapons, accouterments, helmets, or medals? If so, you will love Military Trader! Active Interest Media wants to give you a free digital copy of our sister magazine, Military Trader
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Try a Torque Multiplier
They say a normal human being will suffer massive spinal damage, harmful joint trauma, and significant ego deflation when attempting to break loose the lug nuts on a military vehicle like the M35A2 and M37 if they use a standard lug nut wrench. And t
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The Jag File
“JAG,” a recent e-mail began, “You should buy this!” Attached was a link to an online ad for an early slat grille Jeep… or at least there may have been one under the rust and modifications. Being the opportunist I am, I followed the link (keep in min
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Different Available Torque Multipliers
HOMCOM E8-0001 HomCom Heavy Duty Torque Multiplier Wrench ZENY 4800N/M Torque Multiplier Labor Saving Lug Nut Wrench W/8 Cr-v Socket 3540 lb-ft TENIVE Heavy Duty Lug Nut Labor Saving Tool Torque Multiplier Socket Wrench Set with Case, 4 sockets EWK h
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Military Vehicles Magazine welcomes correspondence from readers. Letters and e-mail must include a name and regular mail return address. Published letters reflect the opinions of the writers. Military Vehicles Magazine reserves the right to edit all
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M42 Duster On Display
Recovery of disabled tracked vehicles is a commonly required battlefield skill, but one which can be difficult to realistically train for in peacetime. On October 28, 2020, a team of Virginia Guardsmen from the Mobilization & Training Equipment Site
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Ford 1944 Gpw
In 1946, my dad purchased a 1944 Ford GPW jeep for $300 from a government surplus sale. That started my love affair with the GPW. It was in that Jeep that I taught myself how to drive — at the age of 10. Since that time, Ever since, I had a longing t
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SPECIFICATIONS: G-253 40mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
Mass 24.8 tons (loaded) Length 5.82 m (19 ft 1 in) Width 3.23 m (10 ft 7 in) Height 2.85 m (9 ft 4 in) Crew 4–6 Armor 9–25 mm M2A1 40 mm twin anti-aircraft gun with 336 rounds 1 × M1919A4 7.62 mm machine gun or 7.62mm M60 machine gun Engine 6-cylinde
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Servicing Parking Brakes
I began working for a living around the age of eight. My dad owned a small scrap metal yard in Oakland, Calif., Prior to the age at which some boys join the Cub Scouts, I helped him run our business, prowling among mountains of junk, searching for ti
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Rough Terrain Fork Lift
Some vehicle sightings along Vietnamese highways during the period of 1968-70 were neither weapons platforms nor transport vehicles. In fact, a common vehicle seen in many US Army convoys in Vietnam was the RTFL (Rough Terrain Fork Lift). Moving alon
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Code BLUE: USAF Jeep
My Jeep adventures began with the purchase of a Korean War M1 Garand rifle. Because of my interest in the rifle, I started watching every war movie that featured M1s. In those movies, I saw a lot of jeeps, as well. About the same time, I joined a loc
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Tech Tips
While you should use distilled water whenever possible to top off battery cells, the use of ordinary tap water won’t significantly shorten a battery’s life. Any water is better than letting the cells get low. If wet cell battery plates are allowed to
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Facebook Friends
We love to see and share photos of our readers’ HMVs. Here are few that appeared on our Facebook page. To see more, share your own photos or to simply “join the conversation,” log onto your own Facebook page and type “Military Vehicles Magazine” in t
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Look for more information in the advertisements in this issue of any show listings in bold and italics. Support our advertisers, they support the hobby! Confirm all information with show promoter before traveling. The time, dates, and/or location
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Wwii Us Vehicles In Original Color
Ivan Dmitri (or Dmitre; 1900 – 1968), an American photographic artist, was born Levon West in Centerville, South Dakota. His father was a Congregational minister who immigrated from Armenia. The family changed their name to “West” when Levon and his
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Master Sergeant Edward Mordush of Painesville, Ohio, was in this M26 Pershing tank when it flipped off of a bridge during night driving near Regensburg, Germany, ca. 1952. He is the fellow in the white shirt. The Company Commander is standing on the
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New Products
Peter DeBella Jeep Parts is proud to announce a *NEW* Line of Reproduction Jeep Bodies. The old bodies available on the market did not come with the holes drilled and often have issues with poor fit of windshields, fenders, and hoods. Many details we
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The Clarktor 6
Even before America entered WWII as a belligerent nation, the country’s vast industrial capacity was gearing itself to supplying weapons and vehicles to the armed forces in the re-armament program. One of the companies producing specialist vehicles f
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Clarktor 6 [light Duty] Specs
Length: 8 feet 4 inches Width: 5 feet 5 inches Height: 4 feet 8 inches Wheelbase: 59 inches Engine: Chrysler water-cooled inline 6 cylinder Displacement: 230 ci Fuel: Gasoline Fuel Capacity: 6.26 Gallons Horsepower: 62 Height: 4 feet 8 inches Crew: 1
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Basic Specs
Engine: 6 cyl, in-line, 3772 cc (3.7L), 92 hp. Gearbox: 4-speed, single speed transfer case Length: 17 ft 11 in Height (with canvas cover): 7 ft 3 in Height (with top down): 5 ft 2 in Width: 6 ft 11 in Weight: 6,925 lb Payload: 3,300 lb WInch: Braden
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Take An Extra Spare
The wheels will not interchange between M37s and M715s. As far as I know, there weren’t any trailers that used the M715-style wheel, so an M715 towing a trailer needs an extra spare appropriate for the trailer. ■
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Tech Tips
If you use your historic military vehicle (HMV) out in the bush for camping or exploring, you should get into the habit of parking it on a hill whenever possible. If the starter fails or the battery gets weak, you can roll it down to start it. Also c
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M59 Personnel Carrier
I have an M59 armored personnel carrier (APC). These were made from 1953 until 1960 before it was completely replaced by the M113 APC. It has a pair of GMC 302-cu. in, straight-6 engines, one installed on each side. With maximum armor about 1” thick,
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New Products
Peter DeBella Jeep Parts is proud to announce a new solution to the long- running poor quality 24- volt ignition coil problem. The old 24-volt coils available up until now have had issues with overheating. Peter DeBella Jeep Parts was lucky enough to
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Soviet Bullets David Ley Stopped It... Restored It!
In 1984, a customer brought a WWII German Zündapp KS750 into David A. Ley’s Wexford Penn., shop, Exoticars. The bike’s owner wanted it restored. He had come to the right place. In addition to being an expert vehicle restorer and motorcycle enthusiast
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