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Kidtime Adventures - The Stingray and Me
It was a long drive to the North Shore. I was invited to tag along by classmate Doug and his friend Ed to go spearing on the reefs near Mokule‘ia. Doug was a strong swimmer, a member of the high school swim team and an experienced diver. His friend w
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Hilo Seawatch
The Hilo Trollers have begun to organize for the 2021 tournament season with the first event possibly to be held on the first Sunday of May, COVID-19 permitting. Social distancing will likely be required. There is an unwritten and unenforced Hilo Tro
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Go Hunt Hawaii
The opening of the 2021 Spring Bearded Turkey Hunting Season begins on Monday, March 1, 2021. The spring season will run for 46 consecutive days through Thursday, April 15, 2021, and will be for bearded turkeys only. The season length, bag limits and
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Fishermen Keep Eye on Future by Helping Scientists Now
Have you ever caught a fish and wondered how old it was or how much longer it would have to grow before it could spawn? Thanks to Poseidon Fisheries Research (PFR) and the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (the Council), you may soo
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The Marlin Challenge - Living the Dream
Kona fishermen have a special challenge every time they head offshore. The seafloor falls away from the coast so fast that giant pelagic hunters can be hooked close to shore. A few minutes from Honokohau Harbor, the water is more than a mile deep and
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Brian’s Fishing Supply, A Brief History
Over the years, Brian’s Fishing Supply has grown to become one of the most trusted fishing supply and tackle stores in the Hawaiian Islands. The store carries everything for a beginner to a seasoned pro, and the staff members have the expertise and e
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HFN Info
A Guide to Saltwater Angling - This is a must have for Hawaii’s fishers. This collection of techniques and tips has proven to be invaluable to all saltwater anglers around the world. With over 400 illustrations, Volume I includes both the basics and
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Kauai Captain Looks Towards the Future
It seems that whenever the Hawaiian Islands are hit with a natural disaster, be it hurricane or heavy rain, Kaua‘i seems to get hit the hardest. After the arrival of COVID-19, it appeared that the same might be true for the fishing industry on the be
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Jeremy and Jen Van Arkel and their son Kian of Ocean View were having a beach day at Kawa on Hawai‘i island. Kian stumbled upon a rare struggle for survival. Endangered olive ridley turtle hatchlings were trapped among rocks and driftwood and unable
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Fundamentals of Three-Prong Spearfishing
Three-prong spears are available in all-graphite, half-and-half, all-aluminum and all-carbon. There are also different sizes of three-prongs, ranging from 6 feet to possibly 10 feet. Which one should a beginner choose? I’ve helped many young kids and
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Uku Science & Fishing App
Uku (Aprion virescens, gray snapper or jobfish) is accessible by many of our Hawai‘i fishermen due to its wide range of habitat. It is a hardfighting fish caught by shoreline, spear, kayak, jet-ski, shallow bottom and deep bottom fishermen. It is sou
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Cover Story: 120-lb Marlin from a ‘Yak!
Wind and swell direction are crucial factors when kayak fishing for marlin in Hawai‘i. Having the right gear and physical conditioning are obviously important, too. And, as my friend Andy Cho on the Big Island likes to say, you gotta get lucky someti
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100+ Club News
For many fishermen in Hawai‘i, catching a 100-plus pound ulua is the ultimate dream. Fishing for ulua is one of the most difficult forms of fishing we have here in Hawai‘i. Fishing for this apex predator is no easy task; the size and power of these b
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Ready To Roll In 2021
For my first trip of the year, I wanted to ensure that I had everything that I needed. The night before, I made a checklist so I didn’t forget anything. Within a few hours, it was time to get up and get ready. At 4 a.m., I packed up the truck and che
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The Blue Marlin Capital
Catch and Consume Report Tag and Release Report ■
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Hawaii Fishing News
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Missing The Angler’s Voice: We Are One Ocean’s 30 x 30 Petition
AFTCO applauds the spirit behind We Are One Ocean. We believe the World Surf League is trying to do what they feel is best for surfers. We also believe that the We Are One Ocean campaign has left out the voice of the largest ocean stakeholder - the f
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Fresh Catch - Soups, Stews and Cowders
Fish soups, stews and chowders are delicious ways to use fish, and the dishes can be as simple or as imaginary as you wish. Most receipes are hearty, so all that is needed to complete the meal is crusty bread and a fresh green salad (although in Hawa
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Kona Charter Desk Has Reopened
After the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caused the Kona Charter Desk to be shut down for eight months, the business has reopened and is returning strong with its social media and brick-and-mortar presence. The Kona Charter Desk is actively
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Hawaii Legislative Session 2021 – Testify Now!
If you boat, fish, hunt and/or gather, this is the season when you need to be on your game. It’s the 2021 Hawai‘i Legislative Session. You must testify for and against bills that affect your ability to gather food. To be heard, you must testify. Your
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Boat Insurance Basics
More first-time boat buyers are getting on the water this season than in summers past. Along with the boat, many new owners also find themselves shopping for boat insurance for the first time. What are the most basic things new boat owners should kno
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Update to the Main Hawaiian Islands Deep Seven Bottomfish Annual Catch Limits
The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (the Council) will host its 185th meeting March 23 to 25, 2021, by web conference. To join, go to . The Council will consider and may take action on several issues includ
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Fishcake Tempura
HAWAII FISHING NEWS has always been a great place to share stories about fishing experiences. This is a story about some young fisherwomen and a blending of East and West in Colorado. It has always been a challenge to bring East and West together. We
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Tale of the West Loch Tri-Tail Ulua
For almost my entire life, I’ve been an avid fisherman at one particular location–the infamous waters of West Loch. I grew up in ‘Ewa and ‘Ewa Beach, and I’ve been fishing the waters and surrounding areas of West Loch for 30-plus years. Most people h
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Grannie Gets Your Gun
It was 1955 and one of those times when everything just fell together. I was back home in Ohio on school break. Grandma had mentioned that she wanted to talk to me, so I knocked on her door. She said she hardly saw me anymore and wanted to get me som
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The Last Time I Went Fishing With Eric
November 2018 was the last time I went fishing with Eric Maiefski out of Hilo Bay, and it was definitely a trip to remember! Eric was the love of my life. He passed away on December 5, 2020, in a work accident on the Big Island. He was 39. The memori
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Fishing Headlamp Review
Fishermen are always looking for new gear to give them the “angler’s edge.” When it comes to headlamps, though, it seems that some fishermen are in the dark. Some fishers don’t know which brands are good, which models are best, and how much to spend
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New State Records: All from Oahu!
We were swimming back to shore during a late afternoon dive off the North Shore of O‘ahu on June 1, 2020. I saw this Palenose parrotfish in the shallows about 100 yards or so from the shoreline. It ducked underneath a small arch, and we played peekab
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Pending State Records
Jeff Tobias and I caught this 26.58-lb Black Ulua (Black Trevally) this past January. We caught it while deep dropping outside of Kane‘ohe Bay, in 80 fathoms of water. The fish bit a dead opelu on a mono leader, attached to 80-lb braid spooled on a T
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Lure Identification
Lure addiction affects many fishermen. Almost all serious anglers have two sets of lures. They have an arsenal that they fish with and a special box (or display) with collectable lures they will never, ever part with. Often within that box or display
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