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Take Ahike!
Have you cherished more time outdoors recently? In a study, 82 per cent of people said they hoped to spend more time in nature during their daily lives, and 77 per cent said they craved a simpler, slower lifestyle. The research* was commissioned by o
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Bear Grief And Move Forward
Losing a loved one can catapult us into feelings of despair  are put . We all know that one day will be our last, but none of us likes to think about it. It’s therefore no surprise that, after a bereavement, we don’t know how much to share. Loss is c
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Grieving Mindfully
• Stay open to all thoughts and feelings that arise. Be mindful: notice and welcome whatever occurs. Grief is a natural process that unfolds in its own time. As Rumi said: ‘The cure for the pain is in the pain.’ • Expression is not depression. Sharin
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‘It takes water, energy and fuel to produce our food, so does it really belong in the bin?’ asks the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign. Half the food we throw away is edible, and keeping it out of landfill is good for our pockets and the planet. Leftove
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Healing The Heart
This month, we’re talking about grief and healing. Over the last few months, many of us have been left heartbroken. Whether it’s losing people we love or horrific world events that crack our heart in two, how do we process our sorrow, grief and despa
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Be An Eco Champion!
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How I Became A Therapist
THIRTY YEARS AGO, I got depressed at university for no apparent reason. A therapist asked me to describe my feelings, which helped us identify what was going on. I realised I had been suffering psychologically since childhood, despite having loving p
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How Are You Affected By Loss?
1 At the moment, you struggle with feeling: ♥ A bit let down ◆ Like you can’t cope • That nothing will ever be the same again ■ A little lost 2 When things go wrong, you think it’s: ■ Meant to be ♥ Not fair ◆ Your fault • Just your luck 3 You can
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Blogger Spotlight
Karon Grieve is an author, photographer and regular on BBC Radio Scotland. She shares her passion for making supplies for the well-stocked pantry on her blog, Larder Love. Karon wants us to be ‘captain of our kitchen’ – getting organised and wastin
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I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your June issue. I’d been a little slack about reading the magazine, but decided to make a point of devouring it cover to cover in one go – something I’d usually not have time to do. I’m so pleased I did. Being away
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In Her Hands
SET IN PARIS, this French language film follows the story of young Mathieu Malinski (Jules Benchetrit). Music is his secret and playing the piano is his outlet. In the banlieue, money is tight and his friends and family disregard his passion. After a
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Ways To Offer Grief Support
1 It can take months or years for a person to come to terms with losing someone they loved. Acknowledging that can really help. 2 When someone is mourning, they are going through a unique process of dealing with loss. There is no timescale to an in
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Goodbye Chemicals, Hello Happy Skin
A year ago, we launched our Real Eco awards to celebrate the kind companies going above and beyond to care for the planet. This month, I’ve collated our top five winners for the deodorant category, plus a round-up of five others that also deserve pra
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The Words
Ugly thoughts, an unruly body and the sad awareness that she’s ‘wrong, strange and different’ is how the narrator of this wonderful debut novel describes herself. A coming-of-age story, Dickey scorchingly captures the awkward, aching longing of a mis
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Share With Us…
@KatieThistleton: A few months ago, I was hosting a  mental health panel, and afterwards the editor of @PsychologiesMag approached me and said they’d love to feature me. I had to pinch myself because it’s my fave mag and has been for years! I’m in th
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Are You Jelly?
STRUGGLING TO FIGURE out what you want in life? Fast-track the process by tuning into your envy. What comes to mind when I ask, ‘Who do you envy?’ Grab a journal and list all the people, lifestyles and relationships that spark jealousy in you. We’re
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Penny Wise
The world is slowly restarting after coronavirus, and our economic landscape looks vastly different. When the going gets tough, it pays to have a robust relationship with money but, as I learned while going bankrupt last year, this is not as simple a
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Planet-friendly Deodorants
Our winning deodorant is created by green sisters Eve Carnall and Suzanne Loudwill. Handmade in small batches in the UK, it’s free from aluminium salts, parabens, BPAs, palm oil and petrochemicals. It is organic, vegan, plastic-free and even delivere
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Dream Catcher
Sometimes, especially when our wings are clipped or we feel as if we’re just going through the motions, we stop imagining and planning the future. Remember that fallow periods in life can be agents of change when we reframe them. Write a colourful de
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Inbox Inspiration…
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If You Change Your Mind…
RESILIENCE IS SOMETHING I’ve been deeply aware of for many years, and I’ve been building and rebuilding mine for a while now. In the face of testing times, we may doubt our resilience – but I want you to know the good news: When we endure change, cha
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Japanese Money
• Write your kakebo savings plan and expenses log by hand and in ink. Writing in your book brings deeper engagement, plus an indelible record of what you hope to achieve, plus successes and mistakes. • Be realistic about your aims for the month and h
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Our Criteria:
THAT’S WHYEACH product is carefully scrutinised by our Eco Living Editor Ellen Tout to ensure it meets our standards. The chosen products are then tested by our panel of 25 discerning readers to be rated and reviewed. We will only ever include brands
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Cultural Commentators
A novel shimmering with rage, desire and devilish observations of female friendship,as narrator Olivia heads off to a ‘Buddhist boot camp for bad girls’, hoping to discover the fate of her father, who visited the meditation centre and never returned.
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A Problem Shared
Thank you for publishing the letter ‘I worry that my daughter will start self-harming’ on Mary Fenwick’s pages (May). Her advice about communicating with someone you’re concerned about is spot on. I wish I had felt comfortable enough with someone sup
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Worth Its Weight
A year or so ago, I decided to become an intuitive eater. Rather than counting calories and working off my meals, I’d trust my body to let me know when it was hungry and what it was hungry for – how hard could it be? The first thing I did was throw
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“Help Me Stop Being A Pushover In My Love Life”
Wendy* contacted me to book some coaching sessions. I remembered that I had worked with her a couple of years ago when she was offered some workplace coaching by her company. I reread my notes from those sessions. She had been stressed, overworked an
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Why Not Try?…
• IF YOU DISLIKE BALMS, then try this natural and plastic-free deodorant stick. It is vegan-friendly and packaged in cork. BIORK potassium crystal deo stick, £12.20, • WITH ORANGE AND grapefruit scents, this balm is one of our Eco
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Live Wild
Plants don’t just look wonderful, they make us feel good. Studies show that houseplants help to boost mood, reduce stress, improve focus and provide oxygen. They also assist in speeding up recovery from illness. In fact, an indoor garden not only pro
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