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The Love Boat
Elliot Faber and Tiffany Ung decided that their wedding could not wait any longer. “I had the ring, so I just did it,” says Faber of his decision to propose to Ung on The Peak in April 2020. “It was my way of saying Covid-19 can’t get in the way of t
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The Good Fight
What was it like growing up in Hong Kong? Growing up in Hong Kong was amazing: it’s a safe and cosmopolitan city. When I was ten, I remember walking home from Glenealy Junior School every day. I’d stop off at the corner store for a bottle of Vitaso
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The Mother of Invention
Soon after American artist Loie Hollowell landed in Hong Kong in March 2018, she started feeling ill. “I was nauseous and really, really hungry,” Hollowell recalls during a video interview from her studio in New York City. It was her first trip to As
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Katherine Parr
Tell us about the new Fashioned by Nature collection. It’s inspired by Mother Nature: her motifs and colours, as well as her beauty. The principle motif is the wheat sheaf, which is woven throughout the collection and symbolises abundance and fertil
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The Whole Enchilada
When you receive a party invitation from Laura Cheung, rest assured it’ll be a night to remember—from the theme to the decor, the food and the entertainment, the Lala Curio founder and designer scrimps on no detail. When her husband James Wolf’s birt
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Young, Single, Stoic
It’s mid-afternoon on a Tuesday and Nikhil Kamath is in his study. At 34, Kamath, recently named India’s youngest billionaire by Forbes India, has been working more from home lately, but not because of the pandemic. In fact, Kamath’s home base of Ban
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Be Our Guest
It’s the 15th and final day of Chinese New Year and, as tradition dictates, we are having bowls of warm glutinous rice dumplings—their plump roundness a symbol of togetherness—to signal the close of the holiday. But these are not your typical tong yu
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May I Have This Dance?
Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) kicks off its 40th-anniversary programme with Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature, a brand new production inspired by Chinese ink painting. The troupe’s artistic director Yang Yuntao reveals what led to this new piece. What is
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The Winning Formula
Porsche has teamed up with Tag Heuer for a daredevil timepiece inspired by the former’s ultra-glam 911 Carrera sports car, and while the new Carrera Porsche Chronograph is somewhat subtle when compared to watches spawned by other car-watch partnershi
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Fred Ngan
It was only when Fred Ngan needed heart surgery that he realised the medical insurance provided by his major Hong Kong accounting firm wasn’t enough. “People don’t look at their plans until something happens,” Fred Ngan says. “I had to line up at a b
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Tatler Report
The latest special edition by Franck Muller, Vanguard Line Cut is made entirely from grade five titanium, which is known for its strength and lightness, as well as its resistance to corrosion and erosion. Slim, sleek and pared back, this 41 mm watch
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Hugs for Sale
“I feel like I’ve been pregnant for five years and now I’m in labour for a month and a half, filled with many panic attacks and several epidurals in my back,” Alber Elbaz says, less than a minute into our interview. On a frosty January afternoon in P
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A Tie That Binds
Brad Davis and Janis Provisor were already established artists and in their late 40s when they established their luxury carpets business, Fort Street Studio. Inspired by their passion for Chinese art and a year-long immersion in the silk-making and w
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3 US Presidents and Their Watches
Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States in January, causing a bit of a stir by wearing a Rolex Datejust. To mark the occasion, here are some of the other watches worn by past White House residents The politician was given a
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Getting Her Kicks
You would never know it from her career today, but JuJu Chan Szeto didn’t exactly grow up wanting to be famous for her fighting skills. Born in Hong Kong with no family ties to the film industry, Chan Szeto looked far more likely to go into a career
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Ji Hye Koo
South Korean designer Ji Hye Koo founded her contemporary accessories brand Gu_de (pronounced “good”) in 2016, and is slowly but surely racking up an impressive fanbase. Known for its minimal shapes that have a whiff of Seventies charm, the bags spea
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Break Out
Red carpets, and the fixation with what celebrities wear on them, had pretty much been cancelled by the time Chloé Zhao became the first woman of Asian descent to be awarded best director at the Golden Globes in February. But while other nominees sti
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I Is For: IP Man
The late martial artist Ip Man is a legend in Hong Kong, both for popularising the wing chun style of kung fu and for nurturing one very famous student. “I admire him very much—it is amazing that he cultivated a martial arts master like Bruce Lee,” s
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Clearing the Air
Vegan, cruelty-free ... carbon neutral? According to the non-profit organisation Climate Neutral, brands that reduce their carbon footprint are increasingly important to consumers who want to go green with their beauty routines. Since it was founded
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Tatler The Scene
Photography Mike Pickles (food); Tom Hooops (portrait) ■
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GoWest Photography by Austin Hargrave
The dusty red Badlands of South Dakota form a harsh and unforgiving landscape that supports only the hardiest of lifeforms. But for the director Chloé Zhao, those same windswept plains and dramatic rock formations offer fertile ground for rich storie
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One Step Ahead
Making and designing jewellery can be a solitary occupation, and this has never been truer for Boucheron’s creative director Claire Choisne, who is, at the time of this interview, confined to her apartment in Paris. The designer lives within walking
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The Cool Kids of Couture
Last year, fashion label Area sent a model down the runway wearing a miniature folding chair, bedazzled in crystals and strapped to her body like a purse, and the internet went mad. “It was so polarising,” says Piotrek Panszczyk, co-founder and creat
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Space Invader
Photography and Art Direction Alex Blonde at Artsphere Styling Rosana Lai Hair Yumiko Hikage at Agence Saint Germain Make-up Hugo Villard at Agence Saint Germain Model Olivia Ottosen atPremium Models Set Design Justine Ponthieu Production Nolwen Mont
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Pleased to Seat You
At a moment when people can only dream about travel from the comfort of their own homes, Louis Vuitton’s travel-inspired furniture collection, Objets Nomades, offers just the ticket to imaginary adventures. The collection, which launched in 2012, fea
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Tatler Style
Photography Alex Blonde at Artsphere (model) Image Alexandre Hoyos (Chanel) ■
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A Sick Mind
Last spring, as Covid-19 swept into the UK, painter Ken Currie had a crisis. “I was speaking to a lot of artists and people were saying, ‘What’s the point of art? Why are we doing this?’ It seemed like an indulgence to be painting when people are dyi
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The Simple Life
Photography Williams and Hirakawa at Art Department LA Styling Hayley Atkin at The Wall Group Hair Makiko Nara at Walter Schupfer Management Make-up Jo Strettell at Tracey MattinglyModel Helena Severin at Vision Los Angeles Styling Assistant Jenna Re
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Just Good Business
After spending some time with Raphael P Young at Hong Kong’s The Upper House, where we enjoy a stealthy mid-afternoon cocktail together, it becomes obvious that this watch collector is a true original whose character combines passion, precision and p
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