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E Is For: Eagle
Considered the largest of the extant eagles in the world in terms of length and wing surface, the Philippine eagle, also known as the monkey-eating eagle or great Philippine eagle, has a wingspan of about two metres and weighs up to 8kg. Among the ra
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A Rare Breed
Almost always, a man of numbers is not a man of letters, or vice-versa. But like in everything, there are exceptions. Jaime C Laya is one of them. The president and director of Philtrust Bank writes a column for the major daily, Manila Bulletin. The
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Editor's Pick
This majestic timepiece by Hermès offers the dazzling sense of escapism we all need right now. The Arceau collection was created by Henri d’Origny in 1978 and is easily recognised by its sloping Arabic numerals and asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs. T
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Tatler Report
De Beers has added four white gold jewellery pieces to its captivating Arpeggia collection, which is inspired by Beethoven’s famous composition Moonlight Sonata. The line’s transformable choker is particularly breathtaking. Mounted with diamonds, whi
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Classic With A Twist
If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that a lot of good can come from going back to basics. For the Hermès spring-summer 2021 women’s collection, the French luxury brand focused on the notion of “freedom” to reinvent, express and connect. Wi
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Into the Wild
“If tomorrow we can go back, we will go,” says Dr Hayden Kho, husband of Dr Vicki Belo and father of social media darling Scarlet Snow, reminiscing how Kenya gave them a breath of fresh air from the challenges and restrictions of the pandemic. “We we
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Timeline Of The First Circumnavigation
September 19, 1519: Magellan and his crew set off from Seville December 13, 1519: The Armada de Maluco enters the bay of Rio de Janeiro March 31, 1520: They winter in Puerto San Julián, Patagonia August 23, 1520: The expedition departs Puerto Sa
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Sail Away
An unusual bright spot in the travel industry last year was an increased interest in yachting. But committing to buying your own vessel not only takes a lot of money but also patience—many yachts take years to build after they are ordered. One boat t
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Gut Feel
Most of us take for granted our digestive system, simply relying on it to process our food and deliver the nutrition and energy our body needs to keep going. However, research has shown that our gut is responsible for far more than a simple breakdown
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Gab Mejia
What other genres of photography would you like to get involved with and why? Underwater photography is a genre I’ve been constantly learning about the past few months. The Philippines is blessed with the most pristine oceans and reefs filled with m
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Breath of Fresh Air
We’ve all heard the line about necessity being the mother of invention, how meeting a basic need pushes the creation of a smart solution. The advent of Covid-19, for example, has the heightened the appreciation for healthier environments both at home
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Visit our Digest section for the latest reviews and tips on where to dine and what to order online. Here’s a brand new online series from the Tatler editorial team as they try fun and exciting trends! From the latest food fads to fashion finds and m
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Living in Harmony
Housing three generations under one roof, this 9,730sqft house is a symbol of familial unity and love. Located in a sleepy residential neighbourhood, its distinctive, fluid shell encloses three interconnected volumes. The owner of this home, who work
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A Stroke of Genius
There is beauty in the rural life and this rings true in Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s paintings. She had always captured Filipino culture in her art by painting women frozen in different stages of work, like in At the Seashore, using egg tempera. Magsaysay-H
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Bon Voyage
I’m a huge fan of the way Node Kyoto has taken the idea of fluid, programmable places such as galleries and museums, and woven their approaches into its core. The hotel feels like a private home, but the team invites the world in through a series of
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The Bright Side
With vaccination programmes continuing apace, the prospect of having a “vaxication”—a term coined to describe the first trip people take after getting their jabs—is closer to becoming reality. The Maldives is perhaps best placed to receive an influx
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Director’s Cut
“I was rewatching The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock maybe for the third or fourth time, and I realised: there’s absolutely no music in the whole movie—only bird song; it’s really trippy,” says Salvatore Ferragamo creative director Paul Andrew. Having exh
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Cucinelli’s Creed
Brunello Cucinelli is as much a philosopher as he is a designer, and cashmere is the only medium through which he imparts his beliefs. It is not unusual to hear the venerated Italian designer, renowned for high-end knitwear, quote everyone from Confu
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Tatler Watches
Images Stefan Heinrichs (Patek Philippe); courtesy of Bulgari ■
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Brunello Cucinelli Shares His Philosophy, Honed Through Years Of Wit And Wisdom
“Last Sunday I was home arranging my archive and my granddaughter, who is ten, took my first cashmere pullover, the first real English cardigan I made, and she put it on. Of course, it was down to her knees it was so big on her, but she spent the who
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The Wish List
An orange purse a day keeps the doctor away—at least that’s what we’re prescribing for dressing up in dreary times Chainmail: a metallic metaphor for confinement? Maybe. A sartorial statement for when we finally break free? Definitely. Not ready to
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The Future of Culture
As institutions around the world grapple with the still unfolding consequences of a year of darkened theatres, dwindling resources and the mental scars of all that has been lost during the pandemic, it is always worth noting that arts and culture wil
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The Ones to Know
As a teacher, director, actress and producer, Jamora is no newcomer to the performing arts. As co-founder of Red Turnip Theater she has a passion for stagecraft but also continues to act on screen. On top of that she spearheads the Talent Development
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3 Famous Watch Nicknames
The 765 AVI isn't just for pilots, even though it was initially designed as an aviator’s watch when it was launched in 1953. In more recent times, quick-witted collectors dubbed the original model with the nickname “Lucy Digital”, referring to a 3.2-
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Ask the Expert FERDIE ONG
How does one spruce up a living room with bold and colourful furniture? Great accessories like throw pillows from Bottega Venetta Home can create a more masculine look. Or some Japanese-inspired vases and jewellery boxes to project a more Asian feel
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Unexpected Journeys
The dynamic nature of art has made it a living chronicle of human history: various creative movements from the Mediaeval Period and the Renaissance to the Impressionists and the denizens of Pop Art have captured the emotions and the events of their r
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What did you want to achieve with your jewellery brand? I wanted all of our pieces at The Alkemistry to mean something to their wearers and started to wonder how and why gold and personal transformation are connected. Describe your jewellery in fiv
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Blissful Pursuits
Acquire a personal art gallery with Samsung’s The Frame. It starts with 1,200 contemporary and classic masterpieces from renowned galleries worldwide and, over time, it will curate a new collection as it learns your style and taste. Its QLED technolo
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Hall Of Fame
A master of contemporary Philippine art, Benedicto Cabrera or BenCab is a National Artist for Visual Arts and a prominent figure in the culture scene. In many ways, his reputation precedes him; yet Cabrera’s own advice is simple and straightforward.
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