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Great Escapes
Spanning 300 hectares of virgin territory in Mozambique, Kisawa Sanctuary on Benguerra Island is the first hotel established by entrepreneur and philanthropist Nina Flohr. The stylish royal—her official title is Princess Nina of Greece and Denmark—is
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Chiu’s Tips for Having the Best Summer Ever
Get vaccinated. For your protection and for others, please get vaccinated. Peace of mind is essential to having a great time. Beach workouts. Don’t be the last person holding onto those Covid-19 pounds. Start shedding stat and have fun while doing
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Tatler Report
Chanel’s triumphant Metiers d’Arts collection, which was shown at Château de Chenonceau in France—a castle designed by and lived in by women, including Catherine de’ Medici—finally hits stores this month. The line-up strikes a beautiful balance betwe
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A fashion and commercial photographer based in Singapore, Darren Gabriel Leow frequently contributes to Tatler Singapore and other lifestyle publications, as well as shoots campaigns for various local and international brands. This month, he turned t
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Small Talk YI GUO
Tell us about the Flora & Fauna collection. It’s my latest collection, for which geometric, floral designs are made to feel modern. The shapes are very colourful and unique. What inspires you? Gemstones. Jewellery ideas form when I play with them
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Meet the Head Chefs
After seven years of working with celebrity chef Alain Ducasse at the Aux Lyonnais restaurant in Paris and the now-defunct BBR by Alain Ducasse in Singapore, French chef Louis Pacquelin is carving his own path with the opening of Clos Pasoh, a modern
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Good as Gold
With age, that luminous and youthful lit-from-within glow is hard to achieve as our skin gets ravaged by the effects of time. Its natural cellular turnover slows down, which results in a build-up of dead skin cells that sit on the dermis and dim refl
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Sunny Side Up
Hair and make-up Zhou Aiyi /Makeup Entourage using Lancome and Keune Singapore ■
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A Mother’s Love
Since establishing my own high jewellery brand, Nuò by Cindy Yeung, one request has always stayed with me. As chairwoman and CEO of Emperor Watch and Jewellery, one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious retailers, founded by my grandfather in 1942, I’ve be
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Naomi Osaka
One of the world’s top tennis players, Naomi Osaka has paired up with Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer. “It’s a partnership and friendship that exemplifies our shared mindset and values,” the 23-year-old said about the collaboration. Born in Osaka
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In The Spirit Of Science
Whenever your spiritually inclined friends comment that their energy feels “off”, don’t roll your eyes. While medical professionals and aspiring gurus have debated the significance of spirituality in the realm of wellness for decades, Covid-19 has gi
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On the Nose
Despite the beauty industry’s battering during the pandemic, trend forecasting company WGSN recently reported that the demand for fragrances actually rocketed as people looked to scents to provide a touch of luxury during highly unglamorous times. “F
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Art In Nature
To commemorate the Pure Gold launch, La Prairie commissioned Hong Kong-born artist Carla Chan to create a one of a kind art installation that was first shown at Frieze New York art fair in early May before it was unveiled at Art Basel in Hong Kong la
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Editor’s Pick
There’s more to ultra-thin watches than you might expect, and Piaget’s Polo Skeleton is a perfect example. This 42 mm sports watch has very much revolutionised movement architecture, making it extra slim at just 6.5 mm thick. Thirty per cent thinner
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Smells Like Summer
Master perfumer Alberto Morillas marks 100 years of Gucci with 1921, the latest addition to the maison’s Alchemist’s Garden collection of vintage-inspired perfumes. Created in collaboration with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, it has all
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2021 Vision
“A lot of people may not know that Gucci is a very important brand for eyewear. Even 20 years ago it was one of the best-selling eyewear brands in the world. So I have very high expectations from Gucci compared to other fashion brands; they have the
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Tatler The Scene
Photography Benny Loh/0 Studio (Chan); Image Canchita Peruvian Cuisine (octopus) ■
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The Weight of History
The next time you step into the grand lobby of the Raffles Hotel Singapore, keep your eyes peeled for the solid elm console table tucked between two sofas right under the statement chandelier. The piece of furniture might look deceptively simple, but
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Hélène Poulit-duquesne
What changes did the Covid-19 pandemic bring for Boucheron? We had to rethink pretty much everything. Before, the luxury business used to be highly concentrated on tourism. Suddenly, it was only local consumption. We had to change the format [of con
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Amanda Ho
What does “regenerative travel” mean, and how is it different to sustainable travel? Simply put, being sustainable and eco-friendly means not doing harm, or reaching net-zero carbon emissions, while regeneration is looking to restore and replenish t
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Full Power
When Porsche announced it was going to put the Taycan into series production, some of the fabled sports car manufacturer’s fans were understandably worried. First and foremost, being an all-electric car, it was hitherto uncharted territory for Porsch
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More Than Money
Make no mistake: Christine Chiu lives a life of extravagance. In 2019, she and her husband, plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu, made headlines when they booked out the glitzy Beverly Hills shopping destination Two Rodeo for an over-the-top Chinese New Year
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The next Plunge
Depending on how you look at it, Joseph Schooling is either at the tail end of his career or just getting started. Singapore’s first and only Olympic gold medallist might be on his last lap as a competitive swimmer. The forthcoming Tokyo Olympics wil
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• The Dance Song • Mad Blessings • This Love • Home Vacation • Better Days • @princejoyce • My Little Nightlight • Numb • Stoop So Low • Fresh Feelings • Two Sides • Won’t You Come Around ■
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Out Of The Shadows
For as long as he can remember, Arthur de Villepin has lived with paintings by the Korean artist Myonghi Kang. “Her art was always hanging in my family’s homes,” says Arthur, who last year opened a gallery in Hong Kong with his father, former French
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J Is For: Jurong Bird Park
The Jurong Bird Park was very much a feature of Candice Phang’s childhood. Besides learning about birds, it was from her family’s frequent trips that the illustrator honed her artistic talents: “After every trip, my dad would draw different birds on
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Christoph Grainger-herr
What does the modern collector want from watchmakers? Clients are looking for models that have a long-standing DNA, a clear lineage and a heritage that’s been developed over time. The uncertainly of crisis mode means that clients are looking for rea
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Purpose & Mission
The claim that an average American goes through seven careers in their lifetime might seem slightly dubious to most of us. But the notion might not be too far-fetched, especially if we consider futurist Rohit Talwar’s prediction that in the next 10 t
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A Winning Approach
At the 2020 US Open, Bryson DeChambeau was on track to win his first major title on the West Course of Winged Foot Golf Club in New York. But few got to witness the American golfer sink his 7-foot putt on the 18th and thrust his arms into the air to
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Tatler Report
This year marks the 220th anniversary of the tourbillon, which was first created by master watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet in the summer of 1801. A mechanism that constantly rotates a watch’s balance wheel, balance spring and escapement while the mo
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