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Art Of Alliance
Tell us about the concept and collaboration behind your latest mural. The collaboration explores the traditional elements and belief systems that inform Bhajju’s world, in conjunction to my contemporary one. The mural embodies the idea that respect
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All In Good Time
PEERING THROUGH my camera lens, a finger on the shutter release, I held my breath as the sun ignited a turquoise sheen on a wall of ice. My husband, children, and I had taken a high-speed catamaran to the face of Johns Hopkins Glacier, which towers 7
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River Of Dreams
IT’S A LITTLE PAST 8 AM. I sit cross-legged on a yoga mat, with my eyes closed and hands in gyan mudra. I try to focus on the rhythm of my breath but it’s almost impossible. The sound of the river running beside me is distinct, and it doesn’t help th
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A Homecoming To Remember
“WHEN WILL YOU REACH Madurai, akka?” asked my cousin, Kavipriya, from Chennai. “I shall plan to arrive the same day,” she added over the phone. This trip was special because I was visiting my hometown after four long years. I was born in the temple t
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Mean Feast
KNOWN AS THE ‘rice bowl of India’, Chhattisgarh has a unique food legacy. Its capital city, Raipur, is adapting to modern cuisine trends, while also preserving local culinary heritage. One of the few luxurious venues in the city, Hyatt Raipur offers
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Made For Healing
Spread over 30 acres of an organic farm, SOUKYA is a residential medical institute that offers curative and customised treatments for over 100 medical conditions. Every room comes with a private garden to soothe the senses. The institute also has an
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Vibrant Vacations
1. PERFUME Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette, ₹5,801 (50 ml); 2. WATCH Manero, Carl F. Bucherer, ₹4,95,000; ——— 3. CARD HOLDER Medium Brown Card Holder, Brooks Brothers, ₹10,000; ——— 4. HAIRCARE Bai
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Buon Appetito
Chef Adriano Baldassarre, the Italian restaurant at The Lodhi, New Delhi now has an all-new menu. Among the five-star hotel’s stellar dining venues, which include Élan and Indian Accent, Perbacco is a vibrant space that comes with a private dining ar
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Working On The Go
Your daily business calls will be smooth with this business headset. It’s ultralight (125g), comes with Microsoft Teams certification, utilises dual mics and 28mm speakers for clearer audio, and has a robust steel construction, which means you can ch
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Luxury Travel goes Domestic
ASK ANY STAKEHOLDER about the current state of the travel market, and they will tell you that the Indian luxury traveller is ruling the roost. Luxury hotels have seen a surge in travellers over the past couple of months, and people are willing to spe
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Sitar With A Voice
What prompted you to make your latest single, Sister Susannah? I wrote this song along with Alev Lenz and the poet Nikita Gill, who has written for music the first time. Over the past year, there have been many stories of women’s experiences that ha
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Weaving Innovation
When you decided to join your family business, what were your goals? Seematti ( was started in 1910 by my grandfather, S Veeriah Reddiar. I joined it in 1980 after my graduation. I was interested in Indian ethnic wear, bridal wear, and
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A New Day For New York
WE LOVE NEW YORK. There, we said it. So when it became the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in the US last spring, we watched with heavy hearts as the subway cleared out, restaurants and other small businesses closed, and long-time residents fle
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Exploring the Canyon
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (372 km) is the closest major international airport to the South Rim. The nearly 38-kilometre rim-to-rim hike is open from May to October, and can be completed in either direction. Permits, which are required,
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Abode Of The Goddess
IT BEGAN A DECADE AGO, our family’s love affair with Madurai. It was January 2011. My brother, Samir, and I had relocated to Chennai from the UK and wanted to discover Tamil Nadu. Madurai was foremost recommended to us. Taking mum along, we embarked.
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Let It Snow
GENEVA WAS GETTING smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror. We, on the other hand, were inching closer and closer to Megève, blanketed away in the French Alps. That was my eureka moment, when it dawned on me that Mont Blanc was more than just my
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Sunny Soirée
Spring/Summer 2021, Elie Saab, price on request; Long-Stay Matte Lipstick, Bombshell, ₹699; Rachel Pink Croco-Embossed Leather Bag, By Far, ₹34,300; White Gold and Diamond You and Me Ring, Djula, ₹42,835; harrods
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You Learn Quickly,
on the trails, not to ask questions of passing hikers. They’re on the way up, working hard to summit before the heat of the day. You also end up with conflicting information. My brother Johnny, who planned our rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon, had
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LETTER From The Editor
AS WE GEAR UP FOR what will hopefully be a travel-filled season, we’ve compiled some endearing, exciting, and amusing family-travel narratives. Explore Madurai’s most famous temples and markets with a motley bunch of people who have starkly contrasti
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A Sunshine State of Mind
PART OF THE Sri Lanka-based Aitken Spence Hotels, the five-star Heritance Aarah offers all that you may seek from a Maldivian holiday. With an isle to itself, the resort feels no less than a private paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A total
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Au Naturel
THERE’S A CERTAIN charm about Rajasthan that I can never quite pin down. Besides the fact that I’m married to a Rajput and Jaipur is my second home, the state itself has a charisma—in its history, culture, landscape, and simply its people—that draws
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Caravan Travel
YouTuber Amit Singh (Desi Tourist) travelled through 10 Indian states in a caravan with his pug, Popu. Read this joyful travel story to plan a road trip with your pet. people-and-personalities-in-the-know/amit-singh-caravan
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Return Of The Suits
To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Chopard Manufacture has launched its first jumping-hour timepiece, crafted from 18K rose gold and featuring the L.U.C collection’s sleek lines. Housed in a 40mm case, the L.U.C 98.06-L movement is equipped with four
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On Cloud Nine
“I LIKE WALKING BAREFOOT,” says 11-year-old Tejas, frolicking around her grandparents’ coffee plantation. Her white frock and pony tail dance in the breeze. I am at Souland Estates Luxury Homestay in Coorg, finding it hard to divide my attention betw
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A Slice of Luxury
IT’S BEEN A HECTIC DAY. After the cancellation of my first flight and a strenuous six-hour wait at the Kolkata airport, I arrive at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport post 6 pm. I am in the city to shoot with this issue’s cove
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The Depth Of Life
Eventually, I got married and moved across the country with my husband and our four children, while Johnny stayed in Tucson with his wife and their three kids. Now, in middle age, we’d found another opportunity to travel together: we were two native
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Sky Is The Limit
A PLAYGROUND OF TROPICAL adventures, Kandima Maldives is a destination unto itself. Located on Dhaalu Atoll, a 30-minute flight from Male, it is spread over three kilometres. The stay options here range from studios perched among the trees or by the
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Perfect for professionals and business persons alike, this travel planner and expense tracker will minimise all that stressful paperwork of business travel. Features include receipt scanning, itinerary planning, easy booking, easy tagging, and travel
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Your Best Shot
LATE LAST YEAR, I was in my hometown of Gulbarga in the state of Karnataka, working from home due to the pandemic. Just after the monsoon abated, I drove to the outskirts and couldn’t believe all the greenery that covered the area. That’s when I deci
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Cold Comfort
I HAVE A MEMORY of going to Mohonk Mountain House in the Catskills with my grandmother and her boyfriend, Sid, when I was four or five years old. In this memory, I’m jumping on my bed while my grandmother begs me to go to sleep because we have so muc
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