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Savio Jon
Savio Jon. In his own quiet way, the designer has led the movement for long-lasting design and small, sustainable production cycles with a focus on dressing for comfort. With his new store 280 Siolim, he’s looking to bring his vision board to life. “
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Master Of None
In a recent viral video series titled ‘What Do You Do For A Living?’, Paris Hilton, standing near her BMW i8 Roadster, lists what she does: “CEO-entrepreneur-artist-DJ-modelactress-singer-humanitarian-activist-artist-investor-boss babe.” This is an e
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Pure Perfection
This summer, personalise your jewels with colourful beads and charms reminiscent of your high-school days. Labels like Studio Love Letter are using recycled beads and pearls to create charming vacation baubles, while London-based Jasmine Muller of Ju
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Love Thy Body
This year, promise yourself that you will focus more on the skin below your chin. That means going beyond lathering up with soap and slapping on body lotion. Dr Sheila Farhang, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Avant Dermatology & Aestheti
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There is an ethereal lightness to Ravichandran’s imagery. The 32-year-old Puducherry-based photographer on the rise creates images that are nuanced, real and introspective. Her strong and bold feminist gaze steadily explores and questions the relatio
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Summer Essentials
A new take on legs for days. Nothing adds polish to perfectly fitted pants like a pair of mules Your two best basics come together for a whole new look We spun the colour wheel and it pointed to lush shades from leafy to ivy Spread the joy of t
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Take A Bite
Find yourself skipping the gym more often than you’d like because a meeting ran late and you have to make it to dinner after? We’ve all been there, done that. That’s exactly why the concept of getting fit by exercise snacking—working out for a few mi
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Cool Down With Jicama
It’s not that Mona Sharma doesn’t love quintessential summer foods like coconut, cucumber and kokum—the kind we’ve cross-sectioned and incorporated into hot-weather dishes, in cookbooks, and on Instagram. She loves “everything that takes us back to t
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Delicate Darlings
Delicate necklaces, with either one or multiple circular discs, are perfect for daily use. Worn singularly or layered, these won’t fail you Styling your ears with small hoops gives your look an effortless upgrade While the bracelet has always had o
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Using Their Influence
Influencer and entrepreneur Afshan Nasseri straddles varied worlds: she was born in Montreal to an Indian mother and an Irani father, raised in suburban Massachusetts, and is now a master’s student in London. Her Instagram followers know her as @life
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Natural World
Balloon sleeves and splashes of colour are the poetic armour we need right now Swirling patterns meet on hats with veils Retro patterns for a bit of whimsy Neutrals and pop colours come out to play Deep dive into marine life with aquatic b
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Do Or Dye
Jeremy Tardo, a Los Angeles- and NYCbased colourist, has worked with Miley Cyrus, Miranda Kerr and Florence Welch. His advice for the ultimate summer switch-up? Creative colour placement. “This summer is going to see a lot of fun colour accents strat
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A Beautiful Summer
There’s something for all with the arrival of summer’s best accessory: blush that makes skin sing EDITED BY SNEHA MANKANI PHOTO: EDWARD URRUTIA. ART DIRECTION: DIJANA MADDISON. WORDS: REMY RIPPON ■
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Fortune’s Child
Want to build a snowman?” asks a voice. Ananya Birla and I are having our own Frozen moment in downtown Manhattan. A winter storm has just passed and the roads are lined with snow. As the 26-year-old navigates a slushy sidewalk, her honey blond waves
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Vogue India
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Peek Into The Future
Last year, somewhere between distancing ourselves from the rest of the world and switching up our daily habits, we came closer to our core—figuratively and literally. We made self-care a priority and our beauty routines became a lot more intimate—the
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Founded in 2011, Annu’s Creation is the brainchild of Annu Patel, who launched her label while she was studying at the International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), Vadodara. Hailing from a small town in Gujarat, Patel stayed true to her roots w
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Summer Specials
“Seaweed is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals. Nori, kelp, spirulina and chlorella are among the popular varieties of edible seaweed and are known for their detoxifying properties.”  “Always have coriander, cumin and cardamom on hand to inco
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Ingredient Improvement
“This summer, use soothing and antioxidant-packed hanbang ingredients like ginseng and mugwort to protect your skin barrier from sun damage and help skin cool down after a long day exposed to UV rays,” says Cho. Try: 1. Good (Skin) Days A New Leaf Cr
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Play With Neons
If there is ever a time and place to wear neon, it’s now and it’s on your lids. “Subtle pops of colour on the eyes will continue to be popular this summer. It’s an easy way to freshen up any neutral look while keeping your face looking youthful,” con
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Disobey, Disrupt, Disagree
What makes Anish Kapoor one of the greats? It isn’t his list of accolades, which includes being awarded a knighthood (2013), winning the Turner Prize (1991) and becoming the first living artist to be given a solo at the Royal Academy of Arts in Londo
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Up Next
Amita Suman is on the cusp of stardom. She’s part of the young ensemble cast of relative newcomers handpicked to helm the next big fantasy series Shadow And Bone, scheduled to drop on Netflix later this month. There’s little doubt that this productio
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Eternal Sunshine
Last winter, most of Mumbai’s iconic store Mélange was converted into Sava Goodness, a retail space that offered all things naturally grown, ethically sourced and available in sustainable packaging. To this end, Mélange’s Sangita Kathiwada partnered
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Code Blue
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The Brides Of Summer
When it comes to glamour, both on- and off-screen, Manish Malhotra leads the way THE VISION BOARD: “Veils will be big, whether with a sari or with trailing lehengas. Double dupattas with most looks and colourblocked lehengas are another update.” CO
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Sea Change
Gold jewellery, to recreate a ’90s moment à la Cindy Crawford Well-cut trousers, to give logo-laden swimsuits a daytime treatment A co-ord set, and cover up your Marilyn Monroe-style maillot A crisp white shirt— an underwire bikini top can do
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The Multi Hyphenates
No two days in the life of 25-year-old Chandigarh-based Anya Gupta are the same. Mornings may see her at her family-owned Aura Organic Farm on the outskirts of the city, involved in maintenance and supervising ongoing landscaping and plantation proje
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Like A Local
One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that it’s taught us how to think closer to home for all our lifestyle needs, whether for work or otherwise. Travel too has been redefined by this new normal and has instilled a newfound sens
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• Ananya Birla talks privilege and purpose • Demystifying the modern multi-hyphenate with Emma Gannon • The under-35 cross-disciplinary artistes you need to know • Nature-inspired looks to help you escape ■
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On The Road
Winter coat? Yes. Wool trousers? Yes. Sneakers to trek in the snow? Definitely! We’re taking blending in with a safari backdrop seriously with a khaki co-ord set Taking off to a seaside city deserves a jet-setter’s trusted wardrobe Soak up t
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