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Dressing Up Bébé
This story came out of personal necessity. During the months we spent in lock-down, my children, blissfully unaware of the logistical issues, were outgrowing their clothes by the minute. In the past, most of their wardrobe was built through our trave
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Access Hollywood
Nisha Ganatra has blazed a path for South Asian filmmakers in Hollywood, starting with her first indie feature, Chutney Popcorn (1999), to her prolific TV career, where she directed episodes of Transparent (2014) and Better Things (2016). “I’m always
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Get To Know...
Photographer, ‘Heart of the matter’, page 74 The New York-based lensman, who has shot the likes of Winnie Harlow and Isabeli Fontana, flew to Goa to photograph Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma. “The photos in this issue show her just as she is—vibrant
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Rosh Mahtani
When we speak, Rosh Mahtani, the founder of Alighieri, tells me how her show a month before lock-down was eerily prophetic. Titled ‘The Wasteland’, her collection, made of beaten gold medallion necklaces, mismatched earrings and hair accessories, com
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A Life Less Social
There is a land called Introversia and I am its ruler. A few facts for the uninitiated: POPULATION: We don’t know because no one ever visits. LANGUAGE: Long brooding silences and low-energy mumbling. FOOD: Anything you can order on an app without
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Goa Special
The Goa-based illustrator creates two original works celebrating Portuguese architecture in ‘Take a seat’, page 136 and ‘Elements of style’, page 138. From Moira to Arambol and Mapusa to Ashvem, the photographer shoots models, musicians, designers a
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Invested Interest
It’s easy to complain about having to spend every waking moment within the conÿnes of our homes, but this period of forced isolation has also brought clarity. Cut off from the world around us, we’re developing a new-found appreciation for the things
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The Inside Affair
For most extroverts, every day is an adventure. From one engagement to the next, you are scheduled out from morning to night. Pre-lockdown, I’d wake up and head out for the day. My car was my mobile home, with everything from my gym kit to my outfit
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Editor’s Letter
As we emerge from a long period of pause and gradually make our way back into a new socially distanced world, the call of the great outdoors has never been louder. Looking once again beyond the boundaries of our homes is refreshing and invigorating.
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Inside Out
The last time I checked on Instagram, a tangerine bikini-clad Nidhi Sunil posed in what looked like the living room of her bright and colourful New York apartment. Her hair looked like it was ready for the beach breeze and the ease of being in her sk
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It Takes A Village
“Four years ago, when my husband and I decided to have a child, we didn’t want to bring him up in the crazy city. You realise how deafening the noise (in Mumbai) is once you move. Here, I love watching my son run around and swim all day. And my longe
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Lockdown Lessons
Make #careforcrafts your ultimate guideline IKKIS: Gunjan Gupta’s ‘Tantra’ collection updates classic Indian brassware into 21st-century tablescapes. TERRAVIDA: The Goa-based ceramic studio handcrafts tabletop pieces that are nothing short of colle
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My Quarantine Diary
Do: “I cry when I feel like and allow myself to not feel stupid about it. After that, I drink plenty of water. I’m working on constantly staying in a relaxed state of being. So, to that end, I’ve taken to consistently practising myofascial release. F
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Paradise Found
No singular event leads a man away from his home, which in my case had been ÿrmly Mumbai. Rather, a collusion of incidents result in the exodus—the end of friendship, the betrayal of love, an attrition of trust, a dismaying, amplifying awareness that
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Tunes that dropped in quarantine ‘Let Your Love Be Known’ by Bono ‘Coronavirus’ by iMarkkeyz (ft. Cardi B) ‘I Finally Understand’ by Charli XCX ‘Living In A Ghost Town’ by The Rolling Stones ‘Khatam Karona’ by Emiway Bantai ‘Chromatica I’ by Lady Gag
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At Your Fingertips
Convenient and budget-friendly, ÿtness apps have been gaining popularity over the last few years. However, 2020 would have to be their most popular year yet. At home or not, there is no excuse to not place health as your number one priority. I recent
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A Man Called Wendell
Wendell Rodricks had a knack for creating something simplistic and beautiful without garish layers, both in design and his life. At a time when India’s fashion fraternity took pride in being seen at every glamorous party and being papped was a way of
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For Keeps
They’re what you think—but not entirely. Here’s new routes to familiar ends The slinky knit is this year’s sexy cardigan. Go all out in a similar skirt, or wear with pinstripe pants. The versatile one-piece comes in yet another avatar. Worn with a
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Code Red
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Raising Hope
It’s 6am and our family of three is on a lookout. My daughter, Ira, has already spotted an Indian roller and a shrike. We have stockpiled a bunch of purple berries growing by the roadside to use in an art project. It’s probably 30°C, but the day has
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Match Report
A lazy-day outfit needs an easy-going accoutrement COURTESY ALICE NEALE; STEVIE AND MADA; INDIGITAL MEDIA ■
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Meeka Hossain’s Minimal Self-care Routine
• Cleanse the face with Ranavat Luminous Ceremony: Cream Cleanser • Apply Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C and Turmeric Face Oil • Moisturise with Versed Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream • Massage the body with Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion
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View Finder
For far too long, Goa, with its glimmering coastline and sandy beaches, has been pitched as a carefree destination. We are all familiar with those glossy scenes of freedom, studded with beautiful people in beachwear, ready to indulge in the transgres
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To Dye For
...neutral, minimalist add-ons that ground those swirls and swooshes
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Short Story
You’ve changed into your pyjamas, lit a candle and you’re ready for your nightly skincare routine. You start with double cleansing (oil followed by foam), followed by either an exfoliator or toner, or both, and that is only the beginning of the ten o
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Take A Seat
Moonbeams filter through the coconut palms. A young man ardently strums his guitar on a balcony, with his muse perched behind a phalanx of protective chaperones. The elders sit back and listen with glasses of port in their hands, even as the family m
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Shine On
Frosty diamonds and deep green emeralds are always a memorable match Nothing dresses up a look more than a well-stacked hand of bracelets. Get more mileage by creating different combinations Looking for a hassle-free way to go from day to night? Gl
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Heart Of The Matter
The last time Anushka Sharma was at our shoot location, Elsewhere, in Goa, she’d spent a day with her husband, the Indian cricket captain Vi-rat Kohli. A secluded reserve in Mandrem, its exact location remains a well-guarded secret. And it’s this pri
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Elements Of Style
“To protect the walls from the lashing monsoon, Goan homes feature decorative wooden eaves.” “Drive down Fontainhas, and you’re likely to spot homes with unique stucco gateposts. Perched atop is either a lion, a symbol of the Kadamba dynasty; a gun-w
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