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BackRoad Gee: “I’ve Got PTSD From The Police. I’ve Been Pepper Sprayed, Beat Up By Them – It Was Just Wild”
London rapper BackRoad Gee lights up when Jay-Z comes on the playlist in the studio where we’re sitting together. “Not many people can say ‘Yo! I made a tune with Jay-Z’”, beams the only UK rapper to ever feature on a track from the hip hop legend. “
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Elvis: Five Of The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Greatest Performances
The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is back in the building. The spirit of Elvis has been resurrected by Baz Luhrmann for his hugely hyped new biopic, starring Austin Butler as the man himself. Unquestionably one of the most important musicians of the 20th cen
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Elton John On Supporting New Artists, How Charity Begins At Home And Why AR Is The Future Of Live Gigs
Picture it: an Elton John concert. As the lights dim in preparation for the big show, music booms across the auditorium. Almost in tandem, the audience raise their smartphones to record the experience. It’s an image that has become almost ubiquitous
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UK Festival Line-ups 2022: The Best Music Events, From Radio 1’s Big Weekend To Glastonbury
There were times when it didn’t look like it would happen, but the UK’s festival summer finally arrived in 2021 — and what a blast it was. Now, festival-goers’ eyes are fixed firmly on the upcoming summer, which, all being well, should see a return t
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Sun & Sea: The Climate Change Opera That Audiences Adore - And It’s Coming To London For The LIFT Festival
A crowded beach. A day not so much languorous as sweltering. About 20 people cram onto a small square of sand, among them a fidgety workaholic, unable to relax; a wealthy mum with barely half an eye on her kid; a long-distance couple snatching a few
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Our Music Recommendations: What We’re Listening To, From Jamie T To Makaya McCraven
Is your playlist in need of some refreshment? We have some suggestions. Taylor Swift — Evermore Surprise! Again! Taylor Swift’s lockdown adventures continued with the news that she has a recorded second secretly written album. Evermore is the “sister
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Glastonbury 2022 Guide: Portable Chargers, Pints, Ponchos And Beyond
It is one week until Saint Michael (Eavis) opens the doors to his back garden and invites more than 200,000 people to drink, dance and ‘just have a little lie down beside this bin for a minute’. Yes, two years later than planned, Glastonbury is final
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Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: What’s On The Horizon?
Down in value to around £942 from just over £3,000 at the start of the year, Ethereum (ETH) has suffered the same fate as bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies in 2022, putting it at its lowest price since January 2021. Crypto prices are inherently
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Britain Has The Talent And Innovation To Be Digital Leaders, Says ITV Boss Carolyn McCall
Looking back over London Tech Week it is very clear that almost all businesses across the UK economy are deeply affected by technology which throws up significant opportunities as well as challenges. The media and entertainment industry has seen a hu
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London Indian Film Festival: Must-see Films And Events With The Likes Of Aparna Sen And Anurag Kashyap
London Indian Film Festival, the UK and Europe’s largest South Asian film festival, returns this week, with a packed roster of films and conversations taking place across London, Manchester and Birmingham. New films in this year’s programme - which r
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ABBA Voyage – The Director On How He Brought The Swedish Supergroup Back To Its 1970s Pomp
From Oasis to Kylie Minogue, Massive Attack to New Order, director Baillie Walsh has spent his career working with some of the biggest names in music. His latest project is a little different, not least because his musical collaborators are composed
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The First Lady On Paramount+ Review - Gorgeous, But This Tale Of The Presidents’ Women Needs To Dig Deeper
Let’s call it Impersonation Television, in which the famous and rich have their lives filleted for dramatic purposes. It is a thriving business of real history-ish meets well-costumed make believe. The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, and The Crown are
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Glastonbury 2022: 20 Potentially Thrilling Non-headliner Sets You Shouldn’t Miss
One of the buzziest live bands of the moment, Bradford’s Bad Boy Chiller Crew are sure to deliver a memorable set at their first ever Glastonbury. MCs Kane, Clive and GK started out sharing comedy skits online before moving into music and quickly gai
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Fuel And Food Fire Highest Inflation Rate For 40 Years
Steep rises in food and fuel prices drove inflation to a 40-year high on Wednesday, sparking fresh calls for ministers to do more to help ease the cost of living crisis. Official figures from the Office for National Statistics showed inflation hit a
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What’s Coming To Netflix In June? The New TV Series And Films To Watch From Borgen To Peaky Blinders
Summer is upon us, which means it’s time for long, lazy weekends and relaxing holidays. Whatever you have planned, Netflix has you covered. Whether you’re hoping to hone your language skills with some international thrillers or catch up on the sixth
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Rosie Holt On Partygate, Nadine Dorries And How Her Pandemic Political Comedy Side Hustle Made Her A Star
Three years ago, Rosie Holt thought she was on the verge of something big. The comedy play she starred in, The Crown Dual, received rave reviews and was all set to tour America for six months. Then Covid happened and instead Holt ended up holed up wi
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How Clean Break Puts The Plight Of Women In The Criminal Justice System On Stage - ‘There’s So Much Damage’
The scene opens on a living room in winter. Pakistani finger food sits on the dining table below a ‘Welcome home’ banner. Noor and her 15-year-old granddaughter Leila are waiting for Aleena, Leila’s mother, to arrive home from prison, and everything
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12 LGBTQ+ Documentaries You Need To Watch, From Paris Is Burning To Disclosure
Protest and celebration have long been intertwined in LGBTQ+ communities. While queer representation in film remains, let's say, in development, these documentaries provide a window into the extraordinary stories of LGBTQ+ individuals who made huge c
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Orwell Festival: The Books To Help You Understand Politics Chosen By Dominic Cummings, Rebecca Solnit And More
How would you describe politics right now? Bin fire? S***show? Beyond satire and wildly confusing? We can’t help with the first three, but the latter is possible to fix. Great political writing and thinking can, and does, change the world and the bes
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Paramount+ Is Coming To The UK: Everything You Need To Know Before The Launch Of The New Streaming Service
Get ready to head back to the nineties, because Paramount is finally launching its own streaming service. That’s right: the iconic mountain is heading to the small screen and bringing with it a slate of new original TV shows and films and recent hits
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BTS On Hiatus: How The K-pop Superstars Became The Biggest Band In The World - And The Toll Its Taken
“We’re going into a hiatus now,” said BTS’s Suga, 20 minutes into an-hour long YouTube discussion with his fellow band members earlier this week, displaying a matter-of-fact nonchalance that seemed quite at odds with the reaction he was about to gene
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Michael Gove Warns ‘Tough Times’ Ahead As Cost Of Living Crisis Worsens
Britain faces “tough times” ahead as the Government and Bank of England act to “squeeze” inflation out of the economy, Communities Secretary Michael Gove has warned. As the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee raised interest rates to 1.25% on Thursday M
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London Businesses ‘Overwhelmed’ By Soaring Costs And Staff Shortages As Ministers Urged To Cut Taxes
London business leaders said firms in the capital are at risk of being “overwhelmed” as they are hit with higher interest rates, soaring energy bills and workforce shortages. On Thursday the Bank of England raised interest rates to 1.25 per cent - it
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Our Film And TV Recommendations: What To Watch, From The Lazarus Project To Halftime
The  clocks have gone back, the weather’s grim - it’s the perfect season for hibernating in front of the television, or a night at the cinema. Here are the films and TV shows on our cultural radar this week… Wolfwalkers I can’t remember the last time
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Mayfair Art Weekend: Everything There Is To See And Do
The sun is finally out and London is in full swing. And as if things couldn’t get any better, now Mayfair Art Weekend is just around the corner. For art lovers it’s been marked in the diary for weeks: The annual art celebration sees dozens of galleri
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Niamh Algar On Growing Up With Channel 4, Having Stephen Graham As A Mentor And Her New Thriller Suspect
If there’s a word that quickly sums up the roles that Niamh Algar has taken on since her breakout turn in Shane Meadows drama The Virtues, it’s surely ‘intense.’ Whether the Irish actress, 29, is playing an undercover detective under severe psycholog
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What Is Elon Musk’s Net Worth? 30 Facts About The Tech Billionaire (soon-to-be-trillionaire)
Forecasters predicted this week that tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is on course to become a trillionaire by 2024, a feat never achieved by a human being before. A report published this week, called the Trillion Dollar Club used data to predict the fut
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Proms Highlights: The Best Concerts To See At The BBC Proms 2022 In London, From Cynthia Erivo To Yuja Wang
When this year’s BBC Proms open, it will be something to celebrate: for the first time since 2019, there is a full programme of concerts. The BBC remains under many external pressures, not least from a government that, in Jacob Rees-Mogg’s words, see
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The Ultimate Electric Car Jargon Buster - From AC Charging To Zero Emissions
There are two types of ‘fuel’ for electric cars – AC current, or alternating current, is the type of electricity that powers your home from the national grid. Charging at home is AC charging. All batteries, however, store power as DC, or direct curre
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How To Choose The Perfect Electric Car
Buying a new car is tricky enough but for those making the change from petrol to electric, there are a whole new set of considerations and concerns. How far will it go on a charge? Is it better to get a hybrid or jump straight into EV? And what am I
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