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Why We're Better Together
How can being part of a marketplace or platform like Jamii boost a small business? It’s a relatively low-cost way to reach a wider audience and build sales. But, it’s important to choose ones that align with your values and brand, as they can easily
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Meet The Maker Saphia Barros
Saphia studied Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts, where she discovered her passion for crochet and machine knitting. She now runs a small part-time biz focusing on all things textiles, including knitting, crochet and needle punch – find her l
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Tea And A Chat
After my first day working for Wendy Cushing, who trained me in the art of passementerie weaving, I wrote: “This is my job.” That was over 25 years ago and I’m still weaving trims with as much passion and enthusiasm as I felt that day. I love the act
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Colour Therapy
■ Lang Yarns Merino 120 DK, 100% superwash Merino wool, 50g/120m per ball, one ball each in Grape (446) (Yarn A), Dark Teal (272) (Yarn B), Sunflower (149) (Yarn C), Pumpkin (159) (Yarn D) and Grey Teal (123) (Yarn E) ■ 3.75mm (UK 9, US 5) knitting
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Staying Positive
Having an active social media presence can feel so rewarding, both for yourself and your business. When friends and strangers share positive comments, a post gets an amazing response, or you’re tagged into a customer’s pic of your product, it’s strai
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Be A Part Of Something Much Bigger
Community and collaborations are what support a business and help it grow. Being part of something, whether that’s an established selling platform, indie online shop, partnership, co-working space or directory might be just what you need to take your
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Vicky created her brand vickyknits to keep her sane during the 2020 lockdown, and uses her Instagram to share her work and inspire others. When Vicky’s not designing or knitting, you’ll find her exploring London’s top coffee spots or taking pics of h
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Signs Of Spring
■ Wool felt in dark pink, pale pink, yellow, purple, coral and green ■ Green floral wire ■ Glue gun ■ Yellow felt balls, 1cm (3/8") diameter ■ Wooden hoop, 15cm (6") diameter ■ Brooch clasp ■ Alligator hair clip Give floristry a whole new meaning wi
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Exclusive Papers!
Gee Fan Eng, AKA Minifanfan, is a Malaysian-based illustrator. She loves creating happy drawings for happy people, specialising in children’s books. ■
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Meet The Maker Sophia Palmer
Sophia is a designer, dressmaker and sewing teacher from Dorset and runs her own sewing school. It’s a fun space for kids and adults to learn in, and she and her tutors teach a huge variety of crafty skills. Keep up with them on Insta @sew__jessalli.
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Kristina Dam Studio
Architectural design is Kristina Dam’s bag, and it shows in every carefully thought-out clean line of her furniture and accessories. Each piece created by Kristina Dam Studio originates from Kristina’s passion for merging art and interior design. Fro
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Salt Studios
Started as a part-time side hustle to support founder Francesca Pappacoda’s painting practise, this slick biz didn’t take long to grow. Salt Studios craft jesmonite homewares and jewellery in a range of finishes, from marbled trays to terrazzo plant
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Mollie Makes
Editor Yvette Streeter Art Editor Sarah Malone Commissioning Editor Becca Parker Picture Editor Emma Georgiou SEO and Community Manager Phoebe Burt Senior Advertising Manager Penny Stokes Client Partnership Manager Be
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Why Product Photography Matters
If I were starting a lovely new business tomorrow, brand photography is the very first thing I’d be investing in. Creative, quality photography improves the effectiveness of all marketing activity, and opens up opportunities like getting featured in
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Meet The Maker Xanthe Grundy
Xanthe designs quilt and sewing patterns inspired by mid-century modern design and the nostalgia of hand-crafts. She lives on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia with her husband and kids, and you can follow her on Instagram @wifemade. www.wife-m
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Crochet Stitch Guide
Hold the hook in your dominant hand like a pencil, roughly 3-5cm (1¼-2") from the hooked end. If the hook has a flat area, hold it here between your index finger and your thumb. Hold the hook between your thumb and your index finger, about 3-5cm (1¼
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Curves And Swerves
01 Better days are on the horizon, so remind yourself of that with this window into a peachy dream world. Helina Bassey’s Boho Desert Landscape feels warm and peaceful – the only kind of art we need in our lives right now. www.helina illustration.ets
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Winter Hottie
■ Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Aran, 50% wool/50% acrylic, 100g/180m per ball, one ball each in Mustard Yellow (823) (Yarn A), Sailor Blue (839) (Yarn B), Candy Floss Pink (849) (Yarn C) and Seafoam Blue (831) (Yarn D) (we got ours from
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Mollie Loves
WE’VE GOT A CRUSH, AND WE DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. Our unadulterated love for Hello DODO’s cute and comfy Flower Power jumper is real, because pink and red are for life, not just for February. Although in all fairness, we’re obsessed with pretty much
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Establishing Your Brand
So, you’ve decided to start selling your makes – yay you! Before you get stuck in though, let’s take some time to get you properly set up. Establishing a brand doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money or doing anything fancy, it’s more about separ
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Spread The Word
Hopefully you’re feeling confident about what you want your brand to look like now, and the audience you’ll pitch it to – a great place to start. Having a strong sense of who you are as a business makes it easier to stay focused, and it means you’ll
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Hello makers! I can’t wait for you to get stuck into our first ever small business guide, in association with Cricut. Here at Mollie , we’re all about chasing dreams and making that creative lifestyle a reality. So, hopefully this handy workbook will
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What’s Your Usp?
Ah, your Unique Selling Point. This doesn’t have to be all Dragon’s Den, where you’ve come up with a genius invention – it just needs to be a point of difference between you and other brands offering similar services or products. Maybe all your raw m
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Know Your Audience
Once you’ve got a good idea of who you are as a brand and how to put that across, the next step is understanding your target market – who your potential buyers are. While it’s nice to think that anyone could shop your products or services, the realit
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■ 1m (39 /8") patterned cotton canvas fabric (we used Art Gallery Fabrics Here Comes The Fun in Block Stencils Pop) ■ 50cm (19¾") plain cotton canvas in pink (ours was from www. ) ■ Plastic snaps ■ Plastic snap fastener tool If you pract
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The Legal Side
Just like Legally Blonde icon Elle Woods, we want you to feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life. On page 40 we’ll be chatting to Ingrid Fernandez, lawyer and founder of Dec + Dash Legal Consulting, about website wording, copyright and t
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Space To Create
Perhaps the vision is one of light streaming in through huge windows, clambering spider plants on a pastel floor, fresh coffee from your personal pot and a soundtrack of illuminating music and podcasts. A wardrobe of Fair Isle knitwear, dungarees and
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Pricing For Profit
They’re not just numbers – correct pricing can strike the difference between a successful biz and a struggle. It’s all down to what it represents: the prices you put out in the world communicate the value of your work. While it’s primarily about mone
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All The Admin
If you want your business to support you in the long term, it’s not just about producing and promoting an amazing product – you’ll need to keep track of the pennies to have a clear idea of profit and loss. Even if you hire an accountant, it’s importa
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