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Chosen by Christian Clarkson from Edinburgh “The reason I love this is because my boyfriend is obsessed with it. In February last year, I had to start commuting weekly for a new job, leaving him to cook for himself (I love cooking and usually hog i
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Eat In Eat Out Tacos Padre
Nestled in among the hustle and bustle of the food stalls at London’s Borough Market is the compact, sunny-looking Tacos Padre. Irish-Spanish chef Nick Fitzgerald worked at Pujol in Mexico City before setting up here to serve tacos, including beef sh
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Sri Lankan cuisine has grown in popularity recently, pioneered by restaurants such as Hoppers (hopperslondon.com) and Kolamba (kolamba.co.uk) in London. It’s vivid, fragrant, complex and hot, balancing an array of herbs and spices that, for the home
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menu decoder: 5 THINGS TO KNOW
This classic Mexico City taco is made with beef slow-cooked in its own fat. The tortillas are crisped in some fat on the edge of the pan, then stuffed with the beef. A Mexican condiment made from dried chillies, garlic, nuts, spices and oil, often us
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Still Hungry?
40 MINUTES | SERVES 4 | EASY | V macaroni 400gunsalted butter 30gplain flour 2 tbspwhole milk 300mlmature cheddar 200g grated, plus 2 tbsp for the top 1 Heat the oven to 220C/fan 200C/gas 7. Cook the macaroni in a large pan of boiling salted water
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Food from England is a new collective that will help the country’s regional food and drink producers combat the impact of Brexit and Covid-19. More than 30 regional groups representing some 43,000 businesses are taking part in the initiative, which w
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Bottles To Transport You
January is traditionally when we plan our holidays, but with uncertainty surrounding Covid restrictions, you may be seeking other ways to be transported. Wine can have this effect, being so rooted in the landscape, climate and culture of where it’s m
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How To Make The Most Of The Best Winter Ingredients
This classic marmalade recipe is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in your warm kitchen and use up a glut of oranges. Adding lemon juice at the end gives a little extra zing to cut through all that sugar. 3 HOURS + COOLING | MAKES 5 x 350G JAR
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Wines To Try This Month
Rioja is Spain’s flagship wine and this is a textbook example of the modern style. Fruity, juicy and gluggable: our roasted beetroots with burrata and pickled walnuts (p89) would be a great match. Here's a great-value malbec from high-altitude viney
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Healthy One-dish Wonders
This slurp-able bowl of comforting noodles was inspired by classic Thai red curry. You can use ready-made red curry paste but the freshness of the paste in the recipe below really sings in the soup, and will help ward off any winter blues. Try prawns
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The Measure
Ex-Artesian bartender Simone Caporale’s Spiced Oak (£27/70cl, feelzeo.com) has rich oak and smoke notes, with a spicy kick and whisky-like warmth. Fans of rum will love Columbian-inspired Caleño’s latest release, Dark & Spicy (£18/50cl, calenodrinks.
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Plate Up Like A Professional
• Use a julienne peeler for perfect strands of carrots and other veg – it makes coleslaws and veg fritters much easier but also helps veg look precision-perfect on soups and salads • Plunge chilli and spring onion slices in a bowl of iced water for
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Elite Bistros At-home Kits
Reacting to the ever-changing operational environment that came with the Covid-19 pandemic, Gary Usher, owner of the Elite Bistros group of restaurants (which includes the beloved Burnt Truffle and Hispi, located in the North West), launched Elite Bi
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Happy new year and welcome to your new-look Olive magazine – a fresh start for 2021. We’ve been busy developing a wider range of content, covering all the things you’ve told us you’re interested in, and you’ll notice that our creative team has made o
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If you’re lucky enough to get hold of fresh truffles, a few thin shavings on top of this risotto would work wonderfully – but because January does tend to be a little more financially reserved after the excesses of Christmas, they’re not included in
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2021 The Great Restaurant RESET
Jimi Famurewa, chief restaurant critic at the Evening Standard and MasterChef regular “Last year’s collaborative food aid work was very heartening. Seeing higher-end restaurants, some in recently gentrified areas, feeding NHS workers or school childr
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Your Brand-new Olive Our Promise To You
Olive is brought to you by the team behind BBC Good Food, Britain’s leading food media brand. As you’ll see from Our Commitment on page 96, we're committed to improving diversity and inclusivity, and work with a wide range of contributors to drive au
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Look Out For The Following
nourish high fibre high protein low cal low fat low salt low sugar Ingredients listed as serving suggestions are not included in the nutritional analysis. Craving something nutritious? Look out for our new Nourish tag on our healthy recipes. We’ll a
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Ways You Can Help
1 Do research Is the restaurant/coffee shop/café backed by a big chain or a family affair? The latter will need your help a lot more in 2021. Check their website, Instagram or just go in and say hello – you might make a new friend! 2 Check the venue’
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January Inspiration
Apples appear to be such simple fruit, but nations vary in their preferences. Apparently in the UK, we like an apple with a bicoloured skin and crisp flesh, like this Braeburn. Originally from New Zealand, Braeburns are now grown here. They are good
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Everyday Healthy
45 MINUTES | SERVES 2 | EASY | LC corn on the cob 1 large, or 198g tin of sweetcorn in water, drainedrapeseed oil 1 tspblack beans 1/2 x 400g tin, drained and rinsedcherry tomatoes 70g, choppedspring onions 2, finely slicedred chilli 1 small, seed
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Over To You
Splashing some of the cash I haven’t spent all year on a really special meal out. @suzanne.lake64 Regular dates with my bf, we get takeaways too often in normal times! Must eat out. @dixonnicole Click and collect. @bakes_by_em Eating out as muc
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is an Italian cured pork product, made from the fatty cheeks or jowls of the pig. Its name derives from the Italian word guancia, meaning ‘cheek’. It is traditionally used in pasta dishes such as carbonara. 1 HOUR | SERVES 2 | EASY | GF Koreans l
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Feelgood Bakes
I love using olive oil in place of butter in this beautifully grown-up take on a classic, zesty lemon cake. The chia seeds work like little sponges when soaked and help to bind the ingredients together in a similar manner to eggs. This guarantees a p
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10 Things I Love About Ashikaga, Japan
I was born in Saitama city, not far from Tokyo, but I spent my childhood in Ashikaga, a city two hours from the capital. It is also known as ‘East-Kyoto’ and ‘North-Kamakura’, as several hundred years ago it was one of Japan’s most important cities.
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The Good Things Craving
Challenging the notion that classic pizza toppings are best is ASAP’s Porco Rosso: mortadella, red pesto, spiky guindilla peppers and stracciatella›buffalo milk cheese on a sourdough base – one of many New York-style pizzas made by the team at Flor o
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Cook's Notes
This recipe uses Indian wholemeal flour (also called atta), which includes the husk. It’s delicious, great for digestion and full of goodness. Buy it at Indian grocers and online – or you can use plain wholemeal flour instead. Ghee gives so much flav
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Cook Like A Local Denmark
Denmark is a small country, made up of the peninsular Jutland and some 1,400 islands. Seventy-two of those have people living on them, and nowhere are you more than an hour away from the sea. Denmark is very flat and dominated by a cycling culture a
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If ever there was a cookbook with which to curl up on the sofa it’s The Bull & Last. The north London pub, famous for its scotch eggs, and lenient approach to well-behaved children and dogs, has published a loving history of neighbouring Hampstead He
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