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Boost Your Kids' Brain Power
As they grow taller, kids’ brains are growing and changing every day. A large portion of brain development occurs during childhood, continues well into the teenage years, and doesn’t stop until 25 years of age. And as the brain evolves, so does a chi
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Smooth Start
Serves 1 Time to make 10 min Cost per serve $3.95 ✔gluten free 1 cup frozen cherries¾ cup frozen strawberries3 teaspoons ground linseeds (also called flaxseeds)125ml reduced-fat natural yoghurt½ teaspoon psyllium husks¼ cup reduced-fat milk½ teaspoo
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Your Questions Answered
Q Are there optimal times of day to eat, and how long should I leave between meals and snacks? A There isn’t a definitive answer to your question, as an eating time that suits one person may not suit another. However there’s good evidence that eatin
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Food For Thought
As the brain is made up mostly of fat, brain cells need the right ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fats to function optimally. Both are ‘essential fats’, which means the body can’t make them — so we need to eat foods that contain them. While most Austra
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Totally Tote-able Lunch Ideas!
Serves 4 Cost per serve $3.15 Time to make 35 min ✔vegetarian ✔diabetes friendly ✔gluten free ✔dairy free 1 red capsicum, deseeded, diced1 large carrot, grated1 zucchini, grated, squeezed of excess moisture2 teaspoons curry powder1 x 400g can no-ad
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Get To Know Our Recipe Badges
Recipes contain no more than: • 1700kJ per main meal • 800kJ per dessert • 600kJ per side dish • 200kJ per 250ml fluid Recipes contain at least: • 20g protein per main meal • 5g protein per side dish or dessert Recipes contain no more than: • 10g
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Every year it seems a new ‘miracle food’ is crowned with a health halo and paraded around social media. But do they ever live up to the hype and deliver the benefits, before being nudged aside for the next superfood? Companies these days often use
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Smiley Faces
If your kids want to make other smoothie faces too, try these fun ideas: → Slices of banana for eyes or ears → Mandarin wedges for mouth and eyes → Raspberries or grapes for pokey-out noses → Shredded coconut or chia seeds for hair → Sliced almonds
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Join Club Med!
A study of 30,000 women found a link between adherence to the Med diet and a lowered the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure. Another study found it helped to lower blood pressure after just 6 months, while a third has linked the diet w
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Little Smoothie
Makes 1 Cost per serve $2.70 Time to make 5 min 2 tablespoons rolled oats½ cup milk1 medium banana, sliced, frozen1 cup frozen sliced strawberries¼ small avocado Strawberry slices & 4 blueberries, to decorate 1 Combine the oats and milk in a jug.
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How To SUPER-CHARGE Your Intake
This oil provides a rich source of cancer-fighting polyphenols and high levels of antioxidants which can dampen inflammation and reduce heart disease risk. It stays stable when heated, so make it your main cooking oil as well as the basis for your sa
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Just half a red capsicum has all your daily vitamin C needs. Capsicums’ plethora of health-giving carotenoids are responsible for the veg’s vibrant colours — orange, yellow and red — with some carotenoids converting to vision-boosting vitamin A. You
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HFG loves a picnic! During these warmer months, you’ll often find us sitting under a tree together on a rug at lunchtime sharing a feast of healthy goodies while enjoying the sunshine. It’s a great way to catch up as the team ’decompresses’ outside t
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Eat To Help Your Skin
Karen Fittall is a health writer who contributes to leading Australian wellness publications, brands and programs. More than 1.5 million Australians experience psoriasis, a common skin condition that results in inflamed, thickened and scaly areas of
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Shopping News
We really are spoilt for choice for lettuce these days, so let’s mix it up a bit! And remember, while lettuce contains 96 per cent water, the darker green the leaf, the more nutrients! Some the most readily available lettuce on the shelves are: I
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Editor’s Top Pick
If you love a good smoothie, try our spoonable smoothie brekkie bowls — so yummy and filling! ■
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Psoriasis Explained
Not entirely sure what psoriasis is, what causes it, or whether you can ‘catch’ it? Here’s what you need to know. Even though there are different types of psoriasis, the three most prevalent symptoms are scaling of the skin, itching and skin redness
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Shelf Watch
Lean Cuisine Potato Frittata with Hot Smoked Salmon is a good source of protein, omega-3 fats, and includes a serve of veg. Per 220g serve: 645kJ (154cal), 11.7g protein, 1.8g sat fat, 11.7g carbs, 3.5g sugars, 4.0g fibre, 517mg sodium Carman’s A
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Food As Medicine
What you eat — and don’t eat — can affect your psoriasis, for better or worse. A recent study confirmed that when people with psoriasis who were overweight lost some weight, their skin symptoms and their psoriatic arthritis improved significantly. Pl
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10 Of The Best vegetarian Buys
Per 125g serve: 1170kJ (279cal), 9g protein, 0.8g sat fat, 38.3g carbs, 4.9g sugars, 7.1g fibre, 288mg sodium Per 50g serve: 682kJ (163cal), 9.0g protein, <0.1g sat fat, 23.8g carbs, 4.5g sugars, 9.4g fibre, 175mg sodium Per 100g serve: 763kJ (
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Why You Can Trust AUSTRALIAN Healthy Food GUIDE
Healthy Food Guide (HFG) magazine is your complete guide to healthy eating. Our recipes use easy-to-find, affordable ingredients. Cook with HFG, and you’ll always enjoy a nutritious meal. We give unbiased opinions and are not affiliated with any fo
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Meal prepping may conjure up images of superfit celebrities, professional athletes or even Instagram ‘supermums’ with fridges and pantries perfectly organised and everything neatly labelled in Tupperware containers. But meal prep can be an easy way t
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HOW MUCH SUGAR IS IN snacks kids’ ?
Even if you’re a kid, it’s okay to consume sugar as part of a balanced diet full of fruit and vegies. But given that many children prefer packaged snacks to healthier options like fruit, they’re at risk of consuming a much higher daily intake of suga
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Healthy Food Guide
Managing Editor Alison Kirkman Dietitian Caroline Trickey APD, BSc (Nutr & Diet) Art Director Nerida Shield Subeditor Dan Winter Digital Content Creator Stephanie Hinton Contributors Julz Beresford, Niki Bezzant, B
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Common Ways To Meal Prep
Cooking up a big recipe that will make several meals, and freezing in batches for quick reheating Meals comprised of several different foods, apportioned into a bento box-style container with different compartments Pre-chopped, diced, or roasted in
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This Vs That
Per 100g → Higher in protein → Lower in fat → Lower in carbs → Lower in fibre → Lower in sodium WHOLEMEAL 1510kJ PULSE 1500kJ WHOLEMEAL 15g PULSE 23g WHOLEMEAL 62g PULSE 58g WHOLEMEAL 9g PULSE 6g WHOLEMEAL 30mg PULSE 12g WHOLEMEAL Not gl
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Your Say
For her birthday I gave my daughter the November issue of HFG. She works mostly from home, spending a couple of days in the office in town, and could do with some new healthy recipe momentum. My son-in-law is a nurse, so he’s very busy — the quick 5p
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6 Tips To Meal Prep Success
There’s a huge choice available, and selecting a few different types means you’ll always have something suitable to keep your foods fresh for longer. Use just one container per meal. → 8-Piece 3-Compartment Meal Prep Containers, $8 from Kmart Bent
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While lentils and chickpeas are a fixture on supermarket shelves, the lupin is a less familiar sight. This yellow bean, the seed of the lupin flowering plant, has been part of the traditional Mediterranean diet for centuries. Particularly popular in
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