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Are You A Citizen Historian? (Perhaps Without Even Knowing It)
I confess that when Helen Tovey, editor of Family Tree Magazine, suggested I pen a piece on ‘Citizen Historians’ as a followup to the overview of Public History which appeared in the January issue, I was completely in the dark. I had no idea of the m
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Go back home, go back to the houses, go back to the villages, the streets of the towns that your ancestors knew, that your family lived in. To walk where they have walked, to be where they have been, is a special experience. You feel so much closer t
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Highland Collections Available To A Worldwide Audience
Until now, researchers wishing to find out more about Highland Archive Service holdings had to rely on printed catalogues available in the service’s searchrooms, with its digital catalogue accessible only to staff. Now its extensive archive catalogue
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Welcome to the Family Tree Subscriber Club. Members not only save money and get every issue delivered to their door, but can also get free access to our online library of video tutorials! Not a member? Find out how to subscribe on page 50 FREE To get
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Scottish Poor Law Records
In this article I cite case studies from Glasgow’s poor law application records as these provide the most extensive examples of ‘substitute records’ in Scottish poor relief documents. I also list several areas which are starting to share their holdin
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Netting Your Ancestors
The fishing industry was a more significant source of employment in the past than it is today. In broad terms there were two types of fishermen. Deep sea fishermen owned quite large fishing vessels that could be away from home for long periods out of
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Book Yourself In For A Family History Adventure In 2021
when you sign up to Family Tree Subscribe and you’ll receive Family Tree delivered straight to your doorstep Offer 1: pay just £3.99 a month on a rolling subscription no on-going commitment) Offer 2: pay just £3 for the first three issues, then £10.9
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Using Local Archives And Libraries In Your Irish Research
An often-overlooked source in our search for Irish ancestors is the treasure trove that is local repositories and the records they contain. These include street directories, local valuations, cemetery registers, maps, school rolls, workhouse records
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MAKING DNA WORK FOR YOU IS THIS MAN MY GREATGRANDFATHER? My grandfather Albert Henry Hudson (1890-1919) was the illegitimate son of Julianna Hudson (1870-1951). Julianna also had another illegitimate son Alfred Hudson (1897-1988). My family had no cl
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New Names And New Professions For A New Year
It feels odd to start my research with a brick wall, rather than ending up at one in the usual way of things. But I’ve long accepted that my 3x great-grandfather Joseph Riboldi (born, at a guess, in the late-1700s) is my ultimate ‘BW’ and I suspect h
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55,000 Headstone Records Added To TheGenealogist Thanks To Volunteers
These new records allow family historians to see details that have been recorded about their ancestors by the monumental masons in various churches and cemeteries. All the records are fully searchable, with transcripts of the inscriptions that help t
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New Features For FindMyPast Online Family Tree
Following customer feedback and user testing, FindMyPast have rolled out an improved family tree with a fresh design and enhanced navigation capabilities. Specifically tailored to make online research more intuitive, the upgraded tree includes the ab
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Telling The Ancestral Tales
Exactly 40 years ago this month in 1980, I bought myself a nice new thick A4 notebook and wrote in it: Today I‘ve decided to make a start on my Family History. I won’t continue because what follows in bright green ink is excruciatingly pretentious, a
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A Uniform Appearance: What Did Our Ancestors Wear In Institutions?
Many of our poorer ancestors wore prescribed clothes or uniforms provided by institutions such as charity schools, asylums, workhouses and prisons – garments sometimes more hygienic than those in which they arrived, but often basic and illfitting. In
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Family Tree
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Family Historian Version 7
Downloading version 7 of Family Historian was a real landmark for me, as despite having been involved in tracing my family history for more years than I care to remember, I’ve never actually used family history software, as opposed to a family histor
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Coming Next In Family Tree
Discover the story of your surname Trace its origins back to medieval times Finding facts in fiction Top historical novels to help you research while you relax Cricketing ancestors What can you learn about their sporting passion? DIGGING DEEPER INTO
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Getting To Grips With Family Reconstruction
ESSENTIAL SEARCH SKILLS TO MASTER Throughout 2021, the Family Tree Academy will be there to help you grow your genealogy skills. As ever, the aim will continue to be to help teach more about the search skills and source know-how needed to step up you
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The Lunch Hour Genealogist
A genogram is a graphic representation of a family tree that goes beyond the names, dates and life events of a traditional family tree and as such, can be used in fields such as medicine and psychology to help identify family traits. Data such as edu
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Diary Dates
LEARN ANY TIME, ANYWHERE Online talks & courses Come and join a global celebration of family history as RootsTech goes virtual from 25-27 February at This huge online celebration includes talks, video presentations and expert insight i
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Stuck? Maybe We Can Help
How’s your family history going? Very well I hope – and judging from the number of letters and emails I’ve had from readers that mention this – family history is no longer simply a rather lovely past-time that we all enjoy; it’s now an essential piec
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Join in with RootsTech Connect 25-27 February 2021
The RootsTech Connect presenters have been selected from genealogy experts worldwide, and include some names that will be very familiar to readers of Family Tree, and others yet to be discovered, so this is your chance to try something new. See below
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Spotlight on… Midland Ancestors
Midland Ancestors started life in 1963 as Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry (BMSGH). In September 2017, it was thought that a new more up to date name was needed. A vote amongst our members came up with the Midland Ancestors name.
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Further DNA News
Ancestry has decided to discontinue AncestryHealth in order to focus more on family history and genetic genealogy, it announced on 15 January. Calling the move a ‘strategic but difficult decision’, Ancestry told customers that AncestryHealth would no
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New Colonialism And Historic Slavery Report
The interim report on the connections between colonialism and properties now in the care of the National Trust, which include links with historic slavery, details the connections that 93 historic places around England and Wales in National Trust (NT)
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Join The Family Tree Study Club
We will be holding an online family history study group, to run through the coming winter months on Zoom and we’d love you to join us. WHEN WILL THE STUDY GROUP BE MEETING? 6.30pm Monday 15th February 6.30pm Monday 15th March WHO CAN JOIN? Subscriber
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Your Questions Answered
Q I have some maternal ancestors named Savage Evans. John Savage Evans married Esther Powell in Sedgley, Staffordshire in 1791. The baptism of their son John Savage took place in Bilston, Staffordshire in 1795; they had not included the name Evans. J
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Putting It Into Practice
Identify one section of your family tree on which you are finding it difficult to decide how to progress. Then enlist the steps that David has advised, to work through any available records and build up a theory that may shed light on your research.
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Got a story to share? Email MyHeritage has announced the release of Genetic Groups, allowing anyone who’s taken a MyHeritage DNA test to identify their ancestral origins in more than 2,000 regions Genetic Groups include de
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Find Your Northern Ireland Ancestors In Newly-digitised Directories
Covering 1890-1947 and consisting of both transcripts and images of the original directory, the records chart the transformation of Northern Ireland and the province of Ulster as the Irish Free State was formed. They were published by the Belfast New
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