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For The Mind, Body And Soul
RAMADAAN is once again upon us. This is the sacred month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims observe fasts from dawn until dusk. The fast takes the form of abstinence from food, drink, smoking and carnal intercourse. Nightly prayers, devotions and a
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Top NPA Advocate Released On Bail
THE arrest of advocate Matric Luphondo, the acting deputy director of public prosecutions, forms part of a cleansing process within the institution, said the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) this week. Sipho Ngwema, the NPA spokesperson, said the
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‘Extremist Terrorism Is A Challenge’
MOZAMBIQUE has a population of roughly 70 000 people of Indian descent and they form the sixth-largest Indian diaspora community in Africa. This is according to statistics from India's Ministry of External Affairs. According to
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You Write
Only letters or e-mails with the names, address and the daytime telephone numbers of the writers will be considered for publication. Use of a nom-de-plume is, however, permitted. Write to The Editor: e-mail ■
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Editor’s View Be Careful. Be Very Careful
THIS week the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic crossed the 3 million mark world-wide. According to statistics compiled by Reuters, an international news organisation, it took more than a year for the first 2 million people to die as a result
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Time To Renew Faith
MANY of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims experienced the holy month of Ramadaan differently last year – disrupted by social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ramadaan is the ninth month on the Islamic lunar calendar during which Muslims are req
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Deputy Minister Had Only ‘Two Pairs Of Clothes And A Return Ticket’
THE relationship between India and Zimbabwe has remained cordial for centuries and both countries continue to embrace each other’s diverse cultures. According to, in the 14th century during the era of the Munhumutapa Kingdom, which was
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Without Crowds, Football Teams Still Have Home Advantage
IN football, a win “on the road” often takes on a greater significance than a comparative win at home. Although the idea of a home advantage has received some considerable research attention over the years, we still don’t know why this phenomenon is
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Inspired To Get Involved In Politcs
SHEHANA Kajee was exposed to politics from the time she was very young. Under apartheid, her uncles, Amin and Yusuf Cajee, were Umkhonto we Sizwe volunteers, and their tin home in Roodepoort, Gauteng, was often invaded by policemen who searched for i
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Global Recognition For Promoting Culture
NIRMALA Govender was recently recognised as one of 25 Inspiring Global Tamil Cultural Women for her social contribution in promoting the Tamil language and South Indian culture. The award was bestowed on her by the Vaureal Tamil Cultural Association
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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
INDIANS living in Malawi, in southeastern Africa, have mixed views about their future in the country. According to, the initial Indian migration to Malawi began in 1891 as the British transported Indians to Malawi and Mozambique to work
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An All-round Sportsman On Top Of His Game
GROWING up in Clare Road, Clare Estate, Chattergoon’s love for football was harnessed by his late PE teacher Fabs Byrow at SM Jhavary Primary School. Chattergoon grew up in difficult conditions, so much so that he was the only one out of his six sibl
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Best Friends For More Than Five Decades
WHAT started as high school friendship blossomed into a love story spanning over 50 years for a Merebank couple. Suminthra Ramgoolam, 70, formerly of Glencoe, and her husband, Ashokumar “Ricky”, 73, formerly of Wasbank, both in Northern KwaZulu-Natal
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A Positive Vision For The Future
INDIANS make up 50 000 of Tanzania’s 58 million population and despite being a minority, the community has contributed considerably to the country’s growth and economy. Tanzania is in East Africa. According to, Indians arrived in the co
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Businesses Provide Water To Frustrated Residents
RESIDENTS in Trenance Park, Verulam, frustrated about not having water over the Easter weekend, staged a protest outside a reservoir on Madrona Drive this week. The group of more than 50 people set tyres alight. Last month, the POST highlighted the p
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‘Disgruntled’ Groups Could Be Behind Violence
MUSLIM leaders in South Africa do not believe an insurgency group is behind the recent attacks in Mozambique. Militants, believed to be linked to the Islamic State (IS), began attacking Palma in the Cabo Delgado province. There were previous militant
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Aakash Bramdeo ■
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Top Bollywood Stars Test Positive
ON MONDAY, India registered 103558 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours. It was the highest single-day spike since the onset of the pandemic last year. On Tuesday, it recorded 96982 new coronavirus cases. The infection rate stands at more than 12.6million.
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Covid Gives Niqab A Helping Hand
FACE masks are new terrain for many, who find themselves unable to recognise neighbours and are unsure how to engage socially without using facial expressions. But not for Muslim women who wear the niqab or Islamic face veil. Suddenly, these women –
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Akhtar Weighs In On Zaman Run-out Row At Wanderers
FORMER Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar has expressed disappointment after opening batsman Fakhar Zaman missed his double ton following a controversial run-out in the second ODI against South Africa on Sunday. Zaman's valiant 193-run knock came to an end
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Nepaul Says Goodbye To The SABC After 32 Years
TANSEN Sanskrit Nepaul worked for the SABC for 32 years, but the senior technical producer at the national broadcaster has opted to take early retirement. His last day at the office was last Wednesday. Nepaul, 55, of Reservoir Hills, who is also a mu
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Plan Your Meals And Stay Energised
RAMADAAN is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar when people go on a spiritual journey. Abstaining from food and water during sunlight hours, fasting is supposed to cleanse the body and teach self-discipline. Abstaining from indulgences, meditatin
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Attempts To Promote Peace Are Appreciated
WITH reference to the letter “India-Pakistan in search of common ground” by Saber Ahmed Jazbhay (the POST, March 31-April 4). Peace starts by changing one’s mindset and not through the barrel of the gun. With respect, Mr Jazbhay, India is often refer
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A Child’s Emotional Scars Can Last A Lifetime
I AM outraged and saddened by the article “Nine life sentences for rapist stepfather” (the POST, March 31-April 4). Not even hell has a place for scum like this. I hope and pray he will never see the outside of prison. What kind of mind and what man
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This Is Not The Time To Play The Long Game
SHAKESPEARE’S tragedy, Hamlet, provides an object lesson on the hazards of not acting in the moment. Hamlet’s anguished cry of “To be or not to be” signals a cautionary tale on the perils of procrastination. It would seem that President Cyril Ramapho
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Selfie Culture: What Your Choice Of Camera Angle Says About You
OVER the past decade, selfies have become a mainstay of popular culture. If the #selfie hashtag first appeared in 2004, it was the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010 that saw the pictures go viral. Three years later, the Oxford English Dictionary crowne
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Four Day Guide
ANZ Bank Women’s ODI Series: New Zealand v Australia, Second ODI, 2.50am, CRI, ACT, GSD (3am); ODI Series: South Africa v Pakistan, Third ODI, 9.30am, GSD, CRI Scheldeprijs: 109th Edition, 3pm, VR1 The Masters: Masters on the Range, Day 3, 3pm, GOL;
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Ramadaan Delights
CUT a chicken fillet into small pieces. Stir-fry dry in butter and season with chicken spices and Aromat. Mix together with: 1 tin creamed mielies3 tbs melted butter3 eggs, beaten200ml self-raising flour½ tsp jeera, turmeric and coriander powdersalt
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Catches Few And Far Between But It’s Size That Matters
THE rock and surf fishing has been a bit slow but the bites that have come have been monsters. The North Coast has produced a good number of raggies around the Tugela area. The areas further north have produced some diamonds but we have not had a pro
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Healthy Iftaar Recipes
Chef Mani Pathak, the executive chef at the Fox in the Field Restaurant in Bengaluru, India. 200g shrimps or prawns, deveined50g asparagus, washed and blanched1 avocado, sliced or diced1 orange20ml lemon juice250g iceberg lettuce, washed and draine
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