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5 Ways Companies Improve UX with AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been bringing massive transformations in various industries in recent years. We see AI impacting different parts of life and making possible things that were once fantasy. Although there is a fear that AI will take aw
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Deep Learning Technique for Object Detection
A report by McKinsey states that by 2030 the global economic activity of Artificial Intelligence would easily sum up to 13 Trillion USD. The field of AI became crucial when the machines could complete those tasks that typically required human intelli
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Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Smart Cities
Modern technology brings intelligence into each domain by providing valuable information and scientifically data-derived decisions. Intelligent infrastructure, connectivity, smart agriculture, smart cities are some of the typical results from integra
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What Is A SmartCity?
A smart city is not just a widespread and hyped-up concept among people. Many metro cities around the world are using digital technologies to make their services better for citizens. There are interconnected services provided by local governance; Rad
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Cyber Attack Leads to Shut Down of the US Fuel Pipeline
Managing director of the Climate Policy Lab and Research Professor, Amy Myers Jaffe says, “This is as close as you can get to the jugular of infrastructure in the United States and it is not a major pipeline, and just the pipeline.” This ransomware a
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Complete Guide: 8 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Content Marketing Campaigns
Content being the king of all marketing activities worldwide, content marketing has gained popularity over time as one of the best investments a brand can make. It’s great to generate leads and build thought leadership in the industry-both of which m
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Future Smart Cities:
Smooth transportation, no traffic jam, smart garbage collection, clean streets, smart power grids, seamless connectivity, intelligent waste management, recycled resources, solar panels, and automatic devices are the perfect picture we can imagine for
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Interview with Uday Akkaraju
Uday Akkaraju is the CEO of BOND.AI, an award-winning human-centered artificial intelligence platform for banks. Uday Akkaraju has a background in interaction design and cognitive science and focuses on making machine intelligence empathetic and crea
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6 Artificial Intelligence Trends Reshaping the Field of Marketing
AI was introduced to us in 1956 by John McCarthy. Various industry domains like education, healthcare, gaming, object recognition, etc., have leveraged the potential of artificial intelligence. But it took a long way for AI to get introduced in the m
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A Connected World – Forever Indebted to a Talking Dog, Cadaver Ears, and a Bowl of Acid
As unlikely a combination as can be, it’s the very things mentioned in the title that have contributed to the connectivity we take for granted today. Alexander Graham Bell’s invention - the telephone - has led to an industry that transformed the worl
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Editor’s Note
The world is digitizing, and most businesses have moved to digital platforms. The need for advertising and reaching the target audience at the right time is crucial for the success of your business. Content being the king of all marketing activities
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Five Technology Tips For Dark Factories Installation
We have already reached a stage where robots are manufacturing objects without human intervention. But have you heard that these robots can also perform in the dark, meaning “a place without any light, heat, or air”? Yes, I am talking about the “Dark
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Everything You Should Know About Cybersecurity Automation
The year 2020 saw the rapid spread of coronavirus across different countries of the world, with the World Health Organization announcing it as a pandemic situation. The governments of many countries had to declare complete lockdowns to prevent the sp
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Everything You Need to Know About DEEP FAKE Technology
Google defines Deep Fake Technology as a synthetic media in which an existing image or a video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. Even though the definition seems very simple, the technology is much more complex. A deep fake technology can eas
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Scrum Project Management: The Ideal Agile Practice
In this technological era, organizations use state-of-the-art frameworks to build products and services. Your organization is no exception to this. Whether you use traditional or cutting-edge product development methods, your products must be efficie
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What Can We Expect From Bitcoin In The Future?
With the ever-increasing popularity of Bitcoin, the first question that comes up in our mind is, Will Bitcoin ever be the “Future Currency” that is accepted globally? Bitcoin has the potential to change the global financial industry and the way we lo
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Pros And Cons Of Using Bitcoin:
There has been an exponential rise in the popularity of Bitcoin among investors and tech-enthusiasts in recent times. However, there are mixed reactions related to the usage of bitcoin. Bitcoin has it’s shares of positives and negatives. Let’s discus
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How does OpenAI’s GPT 3 work?
The GPT 3 can write texts, poems, translate paragraphs, chat, code, design, create answers, and much more. It’s like having a personal writing assistant! Currently, it is one of the largest language models in the world. OpenAI released GPT 3 in June
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What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency developed in the year 2008-09 by a person or group of persons under the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”. The person’s true identity has remained unknown until now. It is a decentralized and transparent digital currency tha
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SockSoho is a direct-to-consumer socks brand for men. Within a year of launch, it has become India’s most loved sock brand. In fact, some of the biggest Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, top Indian CEOs, and even Sheikhs from Dubai are spotted wea
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Galileo And The Telescope
If you were to ever find yourself strolling through the Mueseo Galileo in the city of Florence, Italy, you would likely chance upon a rather ordinary object. At least, that’s what it looks like at first glance. Do give it a second peek, as this relic
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The stars, the omnipresent bystanders, have always had an alluring mystery around them. Perhaps it’s their expansive nature where they feel so close and yet so far. We know so much about them and yet so little. Some of our best theories of human exis
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The Historical Acceptance of The Geo-Centric Model
Up until the 17th century, astronomy was firmly in the grips of 2000-year-old philosophies laid out by Aristotle and Ptolemy. Both believed that all celestial bodies were perfect spheres and shared a common centre – The Earth. This was understandable
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Bitcoins Situation Country-wise
Investing in bitcoin is straightforward, but things get complicated once we start treating bitcoin as a mode of payment due to the variety of regulations and rules maintained by different countries. Let’s have a look at the situation in various count
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Education Technology Innovations and Their Role in the COVID World
2020 was a year of struggles for many. People were confined to their homes. Students were missing their traditional learning spaces, and the economy was sinking with no vaccine. Especially the educational innovations that surfed in the world at the t
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COVID 19 Impact on Bitcoin:
Even though COVID 19 had a severe impact on the Global Economy, Bitcoin proved resistant. The value of Bitcoin was halved in March 2020, but currently, it has reached an all-time high. The major reason was the loss of jobs during the pandemic, result
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A New Era of Astronomy Is Born
The telescope, though, continued to be refined. Better reflective models came to be, and our view of the cosmos only continued to expand. Improvements of his invention have led humans to discover that not just this planet but eight other planets (oka
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CULTURE SHIFT – An Indispensable Shift To Building An AI-Powered Organisation
Helping leaders make more informed, effective and intelligent business decisions is the core idea behind analytics. Yet, entrenching data, evaluation, and evidence-based reasoning into the organisation’s decision-making processes has fallen short of
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Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Now; How AI Is All Around Us
Today, in 2021, we live in a reality in which it would be pretty hard to imagine a day without an increasingly sophisticated range of machines – for most of us, it is our phone, computer, tablet, or even a coffee machine without which our everyday ro
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How Do Bitcoin’s Transactions Work?
There are three steps involved in bitcoin transactions: •Signing •Broadcasting •Validation Signing: When a sender clicks the send button to send bitcoins, the wallet generates a transaction message (also called TX message). A TX message contains basi
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