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Corima MCC DX wheels
Corima’s latest wheels are allshow, but if the French brand is to be believed they pack in enough technological wizardry to be all-go as well. For starters they’re handmade in France, as all Corima’s wheels have been for more than 30 years, and are a
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De Rosa Merak
Ugo De Rosa once built Eddy Merckx more than 50 frames in a year, including five in one week as The Cannibal prepared for Paris-Roubaix. Famously fastidious, Merckx obsessed over every tiny detail of his bikes, and it was De Rosa he trusted for the b
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The Rider’s Ride
Working exclusively in steel, Jaegher is a company steeped in generations of Flemish cycling tradition – Tom Boonen just bought one, for instance – and the Hurricane is its off-road option. Tubes have been picked to be stiff yet comfortable, while ge
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Shifting Opinions
The great sport of cycling has a history of adopting technology from one genre and applying it to another, and in recent years the trend in road cycling has been to look to mountain bikes for developmental inspiration. Rim brakes are being superceded
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Bontrager Starvos WaveCel helmet, £99.99 Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses, £178 Peloton de Paris Recon jersey, £108.16 Peloton de Paris River armwarmers, £30.24 Peloton de Paris Sprinteur bibsh
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Spring Kit Picks
Spring is a time of reawakening. The flowers bloom, the trees blossom, woodland creatures emerge from their burrows and cyclists leave the safety of their turbos to venture out onto the tarmac again. Those hardier souls who have ridden outdoors throu
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Every One’s A Classic
To download this route go to or scan the QR code. Oudenaarde is so well appointed you can just point your bike out the hotel door and ride, but if you need some inspiration the most complete resource can be found at cyclingi
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Chrome Barrage Cargo backpack
It’s a serious wedge of cash, but the Barrage Cargo is a serious backpack – the sort that would survive a war zone as well as year-round commuting. It’s completely waterproof for a start, made from the same fabrics the SAS probably uses for bed sheet
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Good Vibrations
Four past winners of Paris-Roubaix walk into a bar. ‘It was bullshit,’ says 1981 winner Bernard Hinault. Two-times winner Sean Kelly says, ‘It’s a horrible race to ride but the most beautiful one to win.’ John Degenkolb, who won in 2015, adds, ‘It wa
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Astough As It Gets
The soft vibration of my watch tells me it’s time to get up. I could do without the 5am start, yet I know in less than an hour I need to be pedalling. It’s not so much the 200km that concerns me, although I’m by no means taking that lightly, but rath
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Can Weight Loss Affect Power?
Average power is quite a simple concept: it’s your total physical output divided by the time you rode for. Your output is measured in kilojoules and your time in seconds, so if you expend 2,000kJ on a three-hour ride then 2,000 divided by 10,800 (sec
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Deignan On…
‘The 2012 Olympics was a pivotal moment for the growth of our sport in this country. It was such a massive event and there were a lot of British female successes. In Britain I’ve never felt the media attention has been that bad. Europe has had a bit
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Cobbles and Lions
Oudenaarde is the kind of place you can find anywhere in Flanders – a mix of olden-day charm and industrial bustle. A large square dominated by a gothic town hall faces off against blocky apartments and a swing bridge over the Schelde river. It is in
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Catch Up With The Cyclist Magazine Podcast
Greg LeMond, Sean Kelly, Rob Hayles, Fausto Pinarello, Alex Dowsett… just some of the names who have appeared on the Cyclist Magazine Podcast. For an insight into the world of pro racing, as well as some lighthearted chat about all things bikes and c
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While We’ve Got You
Can those electro-pads build muscle in specific places, such as quads? They can help prevent muscle atrophy when the limb is immobilised through injury. They may help build muscle, especially in people who have certain conditions, but you’re better o
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Ed’s Letter
It’s good to have the Classics back where they belong – in the cold and wet. Happy as I was to see any pro cycling at all last year, there was something wrong with cobbled races taking place in balmy sunshine. Thanks to Covid, the reshuffled 2020 sea
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Met Manta Mips helmet
As well as having incredibly large brains, manta rays glide effortlessly smoothly thanks to their drag-minimising shape. In an attempt to emulate its fishy namesake, the latest version of the Met Manta aero road helmet features a ‘NACA’ vent on the c
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By The Numbers
Highest elevation in metres Lowest elevation in metres Number of major bergs ridden Steepest gradient in per cent Length in km of longest climb (Kwaremont) Length in km of shortest climb (Paterberg) Cobblestones on steepest section of Koppenberg Beer
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Busy Lizzie
Wins silver medal in the scratch race at the Junior World Track Championships. Wins the first of two straight scratch races at the Under-23 European Championships and takes silver in the points race. Wins gold for Great Britain in the team pursuit at
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Photography Mike Massaro, James Carnegie ■
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How We Did It
A quick hop across the Channel either by ferry or tunnel leaves you with a 90-minute drive on the E40 to Oudenaarde. If you take the Eurostar or fly to Brussels you can take a connection from Brussels-Midi train station straight to the town, or hire
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Rudy Project Spinshield sunglasses
After almost 40 years of making sports eyewear, Rudy Project has gone back to its very first design as inspiration for its latest release. The Spinshields take their cue from the brand’s original Performance sunglasses from 1986. They include the sam
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Essential JOGLE kit
Much like an army, a cyclist marches on his or her stomach. Given the magnitude of my trip, nutrition was always going to be an integral part, and NamedSport has a huge range of products to fuel every situation, both on and off the bike. The Italian
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Ashmei Signature kit
Ashmei describes its Signature kit as ‘super compressive race fit’. It’s not wrong. The original Signature bibs were among the most form-fitting, comfy-all-over bibshorts we’ve ever ridden in, and that was four years ago. For 2021 Ashmei has retained
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Long Road To Roubaix
‘If you’d told me at the start of last year that I’d finish the season number one, I wouldn’t have believed it. And now I’m prepping for our “Hell of the North”. I seriously thought I’d be retired by now. Thank God I didn’t make that decision.’ Lizzi
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Hit The Ice
Cold water is credited with a number of performance benefits – but which ones actually stand up to scrutiny? A peer review entitled Cold Water Immersion: Kill or Cure? grades each ‘benefit’ of cold water immersion (CWI) from one to four stars, with o
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Pick ’n’ Mix
£129.99, Turns out furloughed BA pilots are superb decorators. They made a lovely job of the landing. Also turns out you don’t need anything more than this belt to track fitness. The MZ-3 records up to 16 hours of data (heart rate and
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Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals
Speedplay founder Richard Bryne is said to have a personal collection of more than 300 pairs of bicycle pedals, none of which look anything like the ones he designed and created in the late 1980s. Often referred to as ‘lollipop pedals’, Speedplay lau
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Riding from one end of Britain to the other is a major undertaking, and Cyclist had help from a number of sources. Firstly, thanks to komoot ( for help with creating a route that takes in many of the best parts of the country for riding a
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