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Cauliflower Steaks
Serves 2 Fancy an alternative Easter meal? These cauliflower steaks are perfect for your Easter Sunday roast. They’re great if you’re looking for something other than the more traditional nut roasts and taste divine. The coconut coriander relish is a
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Liv’s Famous One-pot Mac & Cheese
Serves 4 Vegan blogger and YouTuber Liv B shares her famous one-pot mac & cheese from her new cookbook, Liv B’s Easy Everyday. Think of this more as a three-cheese mac and cheese: the tahini, nutritional yeast and vegan cheddar are all slightly diffe
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A Morrisons supermarket in London is trialling an exciting vegan street food concept called Street Vegan. Customers will be able to indulge in plant-based burgers, loaded vegan hot dogs and dirty vegan fries. Throughout April, International Animal Re
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Quick Lunches That You Can Take Anywhere
Serves 2-3 This pasta salad is ready in 15 minutes, making it an absolute go-to on busy working days or when you need to make an easy packed lunch. • 400-500g (14.1 oz-17.6 oz) pasta of choice• 100g (3.5 oz) tofu• 1 broccoli (200g/7 oz)• 1-2 soft avo
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Tuscan Vegan Sausage & Bean Stew
Serves 4-5 This simple hearty one-pot dish is ideal to warm anyone up from the inside out. The bite of the vegan sausage goes really well with the soupy tomato-and-leek-based stew. This works great for batch cooking, as it freezes really well. • 2 me
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Garlic & Herb Roast Potatoes
Serves 6 Your Easter roast wouldn’t be complete without roasties; these garlic and herb potatoes are the perfect finishing touch. Don’t forget to give your colander a shake to ensure the crispiest potatoes! • 2.5kg (5.5 lb) floury potatoes, peeled (w
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We’re all a-flutter in the Vegan Life team this month, because spring has officially sprung, and we couldn’t be happier for it. The bees and butterflies are making a reappearance, the evenings are drawing out and daffodils are popping up wherever the
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Product Of The Month
Vegan Care Bundle A jam-packed Vegan Care Bundle created by Cytoplan’s very own nutritional therapists to support a vegan diet. The bundle contains an assortment of Cytoplan supplements, including vitamins B12 and D3, Omega 3 Vegan and Wholefood Iron
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Just Wholefoods Brownies
Makes 12 If you’re cooking with the kids this Easter, you’ll want something super easy but extremely delicious — you can’t get much better than these brownies from Just Wholefoods! • Just Wholefoods Organic Brownie Mix• 200ml oat milk• 2 tbsp agave s
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Vegan Roundup: Tea, Coffee And Cocoa
Alpro My Cuppa A soya-based plant milk that’s specifically designed to have in your cup of tea — it doesn’t curdle and mixes into your brew perfectly. £1.25,
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Style With A Conscience
No outfit is complete without a handbag. Whether you are looking for shoulder bag, clutch, tote, carryall or crossbody bag then look no further, as I’ve chosen my top five brands with bags of style. All bags are, of course, vegan and ethically source
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Compassion, Cover To Cover
With his twin passions of veganism and illustration, Stanley Foo works hard to portray animals as sentient and valued beings to both adults and children. Stanley does this by creating impactful collections of art works that seek to make people questi
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The Beauty Edit
NAIL.KIND Banana Blonde Nail Colour Get ready for spring, with this fruity yellow nail varnish from NAIL.KIND. £9.50, Nylah’s Naturals Super Botanicals Restorative Conditioner Restorative conditioner for afro and natural curly hair types
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Building A Better World
I don’t know if he remembers saying it, however around 16 years ago, Damian — co-founder of VeggiePets (, told me that the way forward for veganism was through business. Damien’s words resonated with me greatly and have spurred me on e
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Vegan Life Magazine Podcast Will Make You Hungry
The Vegan Life Magazine Podcast has officially launched. And it’s the podcast the world has been waiting for — there’s no beating around the bush or emotional outbursts; we get straight to the good stuff. REALLY good fun and not just for vegans, the
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Vegan Easter Eggs
Recipe by Bettina Campolucci Bordi, plant-based chef and cookbook author,, @bettinaskitchen Makes 6-8 small eggs, or one large one To some people, Easter has become a chocolate-filled, sugar-fuelled holiday. For many parents, the
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Turmeric In Focus
Turmeric is a spice that has long been recognised for its medicinal properties. It is known for its rich orange/yellow colour and earthy taste. Turmeric is a product of Curcuma longa, a plant belonging to the ginger family, which is native to tropica
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For The Animals, For The Planet And For Us
We set up North East Animal Rights (NEAR) at the beginning of last year, starting with of several longer term and experienced animal rights activists, as well as newer activists who were just starting their vegan journey and linking it to animal righ
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Life Can Be Hard, Teatime Doesn’t Need To Be
Recipe from The Happy Health Plan by David & Stephen Flynn (£16.99, published by Penguin Life). Serves 4-6 This salad is easy to make, fresh, wholefood, and when served with toasted pitta bread it becomes like the famous Lebanese Fattoush salad. It i
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The Sporting Hero Saving Street Dogs
John Rush is a fullback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Canadian football team. Five years ago, he began to investigate a vegan diet out of interest from a sports performance perspective. He says, “The first week, my body felt significantly better and
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Pinkabet (Filipino Vegetable Stew)
Serves 4-6 Pinkabet, also called pakbet, originated in the northern part of the Philippines. Traditionally, the vegetables are left to stew, without stirring, in an earthen pot called a banga. Although pinkabet usually includes pork and bagoong (ferm
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Elderflower & Berry Cake
Serves 10-12 This elderflower and berry cake is a perfect spring showstopper and makes a great centrepiece for your Easter celebration. • 600g (1lb 6oz) caster sugar• 850g (1lb 13oz) self-raising flour• 700ml (23.5 fl oz) plant-based milk of choice•
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Follow Me Socially
If you ever need vegan beauty advice, tips, tricks and reviews, Nicole is your girl — her award-winning blog and Instagram pages seek to make cruelty-free living a breeze. Nicole uses her expansive vegan knowledge and love of cosmetics to helps follo
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Medicine Of The Future
Lifestyle medicine is an exciting new medical specialty which offers a truly holistic approach to healthcare. It’s an evidenced-based approach, which focuses on six pillars: a whole food plant-based diet, regular exercise and physical activity, resto
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Editor's Choice Leafology
Struggling with shampoo bars? Try this unique, effective and gentle powder-to-lather formulation. It smells amazing, is plastic-free, sulphate-free and completely plant-based. Comes packaged in a recyclable metal bottle with refills sent to your door
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Family-friendly Vegan Takeaway Restaurant Opens In London
A brand-new vegan takeaway restaurant has launched in London across two locations in Kensington and Wandsworth. BVRGER is the brainchild of three experienced entrepreneurs — Jeremy Ford-Young, Paul Brothers and Afzal Khan. As the name suggests, BVRGE
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Grow Your Own: peas
Peas are so good for you and tasty, too! Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein, every vegan should try growing them. Peas eaten straight from the pod immediately after harvesting are so sweet they can be eaten as a snack or added to salad
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Lemon Pound Cake with Fresh Spring Berries
Serves 16 Pound cake by definition is a cake that contains equal weights of flour, butter and sugar… whoa! This lightened-up version is charmingly refreshing with the lemon flavour and then made even more so with a bounty of berries. This recipe make
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WIN: A Year’s Supply of Human Food Bars
Human Food is the world’s most nutritionally dense organic food. Developed to support a plant-based diet, with added functional ingredients for long-term health and well-being. Each bar is packed full of essential nutrients, such as 100 per cent reco
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