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Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center Business Plan

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Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

Table of Contents I. Executive Summary II. Introduction III. Industry Analysis IV. Organization V. Management/Human Resources VI. Operations VII. Marketing VIII. Assumption Page IX. Financial Documents X. Supporting Documents

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

I. Executive Summary Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center will operate under a philosophy that children need to be treated with warmth and respect. The service sector for child care during standard hours is projected at 58%. Marketing efforts will remain primarily grassroots using local resources, current families, and community centers to promote Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center. Mission Statement Dedicated to providing exceptional tender loving care while making learning fun.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

II. Introduction Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center is a Limited Liability Company/s-Corp owned by S.F. who has over 17 years in the childcare industry and has worked vigorously to provide care for all children regardless of race, gender, or economic status. Ms. Fleet has worked tirelessly to the Development of a Pre-School Center, which will operate under the philosophy that children need to be treated with warmth & respect. The children served by Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center will be surrounded with experiences that will foster physical, social, academic, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Golden Honey Bee atmosphere will embody loving tenderness while encouraging independence, constructive problem solving, positive self-esteem, and improved selfworth. The Director of the proposed center has operated a self-owned licensed family daycare for well over 8 years. Ms. Fleet has also operated several daycare facilities for over 10 years, and is certified with the State of Maryland to serve children ages 0-15 years old, with a maximum capacity not to exceed fifty children. Children enrolled at Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center S.F. began childcare services with the mission of providing tender loving care, while making learning fun, along with providing low-income families with quality childcare. She is passionate about the needs to assist children during early childhood development with a stable, enriching and loving environment while their parents provide financial means for their families. She also understands the problems of lower income parents who cannot afford to pay for quality childcare. She has been operating day centers from her heart embodied with the passion to help families find personal & financial stability.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

III. Industry Analysis The childcare industry remains essentially a mom-and-pop business ringing up annual sales estimated to be between $10 billion and $35 billion. Although the national chains grew 200% during the 80s, they still accounted for only 5% of the childcare centers operating nationwide. In 1995, only 9 chains have as many as 24 childcare centers. The remainder operates on a much smaller scale. Several being non-profit childcare centers, or licensed as a family daycare, which operates within the providers home. Profit margins in the industry are very slim. The average for-profit daycare center earns 5% over costs. Some franchise operations function at about 7% margins. Information on the costs involved in the daycare industry was found in the 2003 report entitled Cost, Quality and Child Outcomes in Childcare Centers. Because childcare is so labor intensive, labor costs account for 70% of a centers total expensed costs. Facilities make up 15% of the expended cost budget. However economies of scale can be realized. Total expended costs decline as the number of children served within the childcare center increases. On average, childcare centers with forty (40) or more full-time enrolled children realized a 10% savings in total cost per child per hour, while childcare centers with 80 full-time enrolled children realized a 20% cost savings.

As found in the recent study, Cost, Quality and Outcomes Study and the Study of Quality in Family Care and Relative Care, childcare is one of the lowest paid occupations. A study by the National Committee on Pay Equity (1999) discovered that childcare is the second most underpaid profession, and has one of the highest turnover rates among any industry.

Childcare workers often receive few benefits, such as medical and dental insurance and paid time off. A good-quality center is characterized by adequate providers wages, education and training, resulting in lower turnover. The national childcare staffing study (1999) found that wages were the most important predictor of quality of care. Adequate pay is necessary to attract childcare workers with necessary education and training to provide children with quality care.

High turnover of staff is a concern. The primary reason why people leave their jobs with childcare centers is the low income. 31% of the providers earning $200 or less per week left the occupation during 1990 as compared with 15% for those earning more than that amount.

Other factors that influence their choice to leave of stay include: working conditions, increasing demands of parents that can not be met, lack of benefits, personal reasons (retirement or pregnancy) and lack of career opportunities.

How children spend their time before and after school is a concern for many parents. According to the Child Care Bulletin (March/April 1995, Issue 2) the average child spends 3 hours a day watching television or playing video games. Other activities include playing with friends, homework and reading. 76% of school-aged children whose mothers work are cared for by 2 or more different childcare arrangements per week. Almost 15% (14.6%) of children spend some time alone each week, with that percentage increasing with age.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

Critical childcare factors There are 4 demographic and socio-economic factors that have a strong influence on the childcare industry. They are: The number of preschool children. The number of working mothers with preschool children. The likelihood that parents will select a childcare center over other childcare arrangements. The financial ability to pay for childcare centers.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center Number of Pre-School Children. The preschool population has been increasing nationally on a steady basis. Since 1989, over 4-million children have been born annually, and that figure is expected to be similar for 1997. Data from the National Center of Health Statistics indicates that over half of the babies born in 1994 were born to women aged 20 to 29, while a third were born to women in their 30s. Among women aged 40 to 44, they saw an 8% increase in the number of babies born. Older mothers are more likely to earn more and spend more on their children. This steady growth can be attributed to several factors. One factor involves a higher than anticipated birth rate of immigrant mothers. Another factor is the fertility rates for women in there 30s are higher than anticipated. Children born to women in their 30s was 33% in 1988 as compared to 19% in 1976. The trend of women delaying childbirth is expected to continue. The encouraging impacts of this trend for the childcare industry is that women aged 30-34 are more likely to return to work quickly and require childcare services. These mothers have established careers to support their family lifestyles. One factor that could have an impact both positively and/or negatively is the decreasing size of American families. There will be fewer children born to each family, but the overall rate, as stated above, is expected to remain relatively consistent. The good news to the childcare industry is that the shift to later child bearing and smaller families provides a greater number of households with two incomes. These families with two incomes will have more disposable income to spend on their children and the mother will be more inclined to continue to work after the children are born. Number Of Working Mothers With Preschool Children The number of mothers with preschool children that are working has risen steadily since the 1960s. In 1990, 55% of the mothers with children under 6 were working and is expected to increase to 75% by the year 2000. This trend is expected to continue due to a shift in attitudes towards working women. The Census Bureau reports that the percentage of mothers with infants under the age of 1 year old returning to work has increased from 15% in1968 to 51% in 1988. The Study of Early Childcare, by the National Institute of Child Health and Development, found that half of the infants in the study were enrolled at a childcare center at 3 months of age.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

Marketing Plan a. Meeting Customer Needs Our current clientele and potential customers require constant reassurance that we deliver quality service and reasonable rates. We will maintain honesty and request candid input from out clients. We will allow customers to take monthly surveys and benefit from their insight. b. Quality Giving our children quality services as opposed to attempts to impress parents with unique ultra modern methods and avant-garde teaching techniques is our aim. c. How We Will Sell Word of mouth advertising via quality output has proved our strongest selling point. Advertising in local papers and glossy local magazines as well as community business exposes.

d. Ability to Penetrate Market Our 49 years experience in a professional day care business and our proven ability to deliver tender loving care while priming the child for secular schooling makes us a good choice for parents making their childs emotional welfare and education a priority. Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center will take the our child care solutions to the community via presentations at photo studios, pediatricians offices, dental offices, churches, African American venues and shopping centers.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

IV. Organization Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center will be located at ____________________________ The Pre-School Center will provide childcare services from 6 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. During that time children will be provided nutritious meals, snacks; along with age-appropriate structured weekly lesson plans & age appropriate activities. During the summers and school breaks, additional services are provided for enrolled children. This allows parents to have their children at one location with consistent supervision and constructive learning activities.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

V. Management/Human Resources Management Development a. Pivotal Employees Acquiring competent productive and forward looking employees is essential to customer satisfaction and the growth and expansion of the company. To that end we provide extensive training as well as growth incentives with a view to grooming each employee to discover and reach his or her true potential.

b. Consultants, Advisors and Contractors Business Marketing Consultant M. Agnew - Financial Marketing Network, Inc. Advisors S. Walker Family Daycare Provider C. Johnson Family Daycare Provider Contractors W. Broad B&C Group Contractors

c. Internal Management Structure

Director S.F. Teachers W. Freeland Lead Teacher S. Brown N. l. Sakas Accounting Firm - Mayflower Accountants Pediatrician Dr. M Smith MD General Pediatrics Group

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

Business Development a. Long-Term Goals, Short-Term Goals Our long term goal is to open franchising to the general public particularly experienced day care professionals with a view to expanding our services, employment acquisition and small business development services across the east coast. In the short term we will expand or client base in the Baltimore metropolitan area. b. Objectives for Achieving Goals To serve the childcare provider needs of low-to-middle income families while providing excellent daycare and pre-school services. Obtain a financial investor who would contribute a minimum amount of $75,000 for the opening and equipment installation for the Pre-School Center within the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

VI. Operations The operations will be handled in the following way: S.F. will be handling the day-to-day operations of the center. Her responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: hiring and supervising employees; design, training, and overseeing of age-appropriate monthly themes & weekly lesson plans; communicating with parents; handling all issues that arise; taking payments from parents; handling late payments; and overseeing overall operations. S.F. will be responsible for working with the accountant to insure accurate financials. She will also handle accounts payables and running all the monthly financial statements. All financial records will be kept at Golden Honey Bee so all owners will have access to the financial operations. We are planning to use ProCare Management Software as the technological support for our daily and financial operations. S.F. will provide advisory assistance in overseeing the overall operations for the center. She will monitor all financial and operations reports to monitor the progress and areas of concern for Bouncy Kids. The hours of the center will be from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. S.F., as the director of the center, will supervise four other full-time employees. These employees will earn a biweekly salary of $1250. In addition, it may be necessary to have part-time assistance. Each full-time employee will work 40 hours per week. For safety and quality of care, the center will be staffed with four employees at all times. During peak hours it may be necessary to have as many as four employees on site. Employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement are not offered at this time. All employees are required to receive training in child development. The training will be provided by 4 Cs (Community Coordinate Child Care) and employees will be sent to specific training for their areas of need. In addition, S.F. has attended and continues to receive training that assists managers in understanding the operational policies and how these policies impact the profitability of the center, the wages for staff and overall quality of childcare services. When a new employee needs to be hired, S.F. will be responsible for the hiring process. Initially a review of the budget will occur to determine the available funds for the position. She will post the job, gather applications and resumes, and interview the applicants. The employment status of the new hire will also be contingent on a completed background check by the Family Independence Agency. The Directors approval for the filling of the position will be required for employment.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

Senior Staff members Each Senior Staff Member/Lead Teacher will plan & execute a structured curriculum along with assessing the needs of each child in his/her care throughout the day. He/she will show competence in caring for and educating young children and will have the ability to communicate effectively with parents. In addition to training and certification in early childhood development, Senior Staff Members will have at least four years experience working in a childcare setting.

For children ages 24 months to 28 months who require a greater level of oneon-one nurturing, they will be placed in a class with a lesson plan structured towards their needs, growth and development. There will be one senior staff member per 6 children For children ages 28 months to 36 months who are more independent and enjoy the peer social interaction, they will be placed in a class with a more advanced and structured lesson plan. There will be one senior staff member per 6 children. For children ages 3-4 years, there will be an age-appropriate lesson plan structure in place for continual learning, as they prepare to go to the fouryear old class room. There will be one staff member per 10 children. For children ages 4-5 years, there will be an age-appropriate structured lesson plan, which will prepare each child for his/her advancement to Kindergarten. There will be one senior staff professional for every 10 children.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

Responsibilities Senior Staff Members are responsible for: Reading and reviewing the Curriculum Guide and the Staff handbook. Establishing learning objectives that are consistent with the Center's philosophy. Planning and executing a program that reflects the center's philosophy and program Including play, learning, the arts and nurturing and structured weekly lesson plans, including social interaction coupled with the following minimum classroom setup: One seasonal bulletin board One divers weekly theme oriented bulletin board Weekly lesson plan posted, following the yearly theme for the Preschool Preparing a written lesson plan weekly, along with needed art projects for review by the director. Preparing projects and activities that reinforce themes and extended learning. Taking daily attendance. Working cooperatively with the Director, as needed, in developing and implementing weekly lesson plans. Attending all staff meetings and in-service workshops. Meeting on occasion with the director to review objectives, plans and evaluations. Planning a monthly conference with a parent and filing a developmental checklist on children's progress. Planning at least one classroom event per month for parents to share with their children. Reviewing children's records monthly and updating as needed. Being attentive to health, sanitation, nutrition and safety at all times. Having materials in on time. Dressing and conducting one's self in a professional manner. (Uniform, i.e. juvenile themed scrubs attire) Recording information pertinent to a child's development. Recording accidents in an accident log daily. Planning at least one field-trip event per month. Taking children to the library and the park as often as possible. Maintaining a neat, orderly and attractive classroom. Requiring parents to sign children in and out of their classroom daily. Reporting to the Director any unusual occurrences or behavioral changes in children. Providing substitute teachers with activity plans and instructions.

Obtaining approval from the director for extended personal leave days. Obtaining a physical examination, a TB test and completing first aid course within a designated period of time. Maintaining the confidentiality of student records, conferences, and family matters at all times Valuing and supporting each child and staff member without regard to race, religion or national origin Demonstrating leadership in training children to be respectful, responsible, kind, and well mannered

Assistants are not responsible for a group of children, unsupervised, but are responsible for maintaining harmony in a classroom; providing support for the senior staff teacher; sharing in the care, safety, and healthy development of children in the group. Assistants will be given the opportunity to interact with children of all ages.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center Volunteers Volunteers will be welcomed to participate in the daily function of an assigned classroom. If they are a parent of currently enrolled children, they will be asked to volunteer their time & talents in one of the other classrooms within the Pre-School Center. Community members will also be welcomed to volunteer, only after they have been thoroughly interviewed and a background check has been completed by the Executive Director. All volunteers must comply with the Centers and the Office of Childcares health and regulatory requirements. Center Aide The Center Aide will assist the Director with the preparation of meals for the Center. When not involved with preparing or serving meals, the Center Aide will assist any senior staff member with art projects, or other activities as needed. Other areas the Center Aide may be necessary are: Assisting Senior Staff members and children with computer projects, in the large Recreation/Computer room; outside activities; & field trips. This will be a 3O-hour/week position. Responsibilities Reading and reviewing the Staff Handbook Reading and reviewing the Curriculum Guide Supervising kitchen and food preparation Maintaining a safe and sanitary environment Maintaining clean and orderly rooms Setting up activities for table and art activities Cleaning up after activities have been completed Preparing children for snack, lunch and other transitions Assisting the Senior Staff teacher as needed; replacing name tags; discarding, sorting, and replacing equipment; making special notations on children" progress reports; phoning parents with routine messages; making suggestions that are helpful and supportive to the Senior Staff teacher; decorating bulletin boards, returning files, going to the library; Interacting and communicating with children in a positive and reinforcing way. Being role models for children Contributing to a program by telling or reading stories, planning group experiences, projects or field trips Attending general staff meetings and workshops Maintaining positive relationships with parents and with staff Demonstrating leadership in training children in areas of health, nutrition, and safety Getting a physical examination, a tine test, and in some cases, completing a first-aid course within a designated period of time Maintaining confidentiality in areas that pertain to children's records, conferences, staff related matters and center -related matters Valuing and supporting each child and staff member without regard to race, religion or national origin

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center Health of Personnel All employees must have a current physical on file, signed by a physician. All physicals must be updated annually as state mandated. All employees must have on file a current TB test stating that the employee is of tuberculosis. The TB test must be updated annually. Sick employees will be encouraged to stay at home and will be replaced with a qualified substitute. Staff Screening All staff shall be of responsible character and suitable to meet the needs of children. The Center will not employ individuals that posses the following: Convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor or if they have ever been involved in a substantiated child protective services case as per state regulations. They will also be required to sign documentation that they have not been placed on the central registry for substantiated abuse or neglect. Staff or volunteers will not be permitted in the Center if they have been convicted of child abuse or neglect or convicted of a felony involving the harm of threatening of children. Employees will also be asked to sign an authorization allowing the Center to investigate past employment and request information from previous employers regarding work experience and qualifications.

Staff Qualifications Senior Staff members must obtain state mandated qualification including 90 hour childcare certification and have an associate's degree or equivalent childcare experience within the field of early childhood education. If a degree is in a related field, an employee must have earned, or be in the process of earning, at least 12 credit hours in early childhood coursework that includes a course in curriculum and a course in the foundations of education. Senior Staff members are required to show evidence of continued training in the field by attending at least three workshop per year. The workshop is to be approved by the Director and Office of Childcare. Senior Staff teachers are required to attend all staff meetings. Senior Staff teachers are required to maintain current Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & First-Aid credentialing as needed. Assistants must be eighteen years of age or older and must always work directly under the supervisor of the Senior Staff member. Assistants will have at least one year's experience working with children under supervised conditions, i.e., volunteering in a camp, coaching, interning in a child care center, participating in a child development class. An assistant must demonstrate skills and talents in the areas that interest young children or be willing to develop appropriate skills and talents. Examples of areas that can enhance a program are sports, the arts, storytelling, music, dance, photography, embroidery, tutoring, cooking, sculpturing. Assistants are required to attend all staff meetings.

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

VII. Marketing Marketing efforts will remain primarily grassroots using local resources, currently families, and churches to promote Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center. Letterhead and business cards will be developed with a new logo, an open house will be held to introduce the new management, and children will screen print the new logo on their own t-shirts. This will provide visible name recognition for the center. In addition, articles will be written for the newspaper and local papers will have advertising for the new center. This will promote the open house and openings for September 2007. Local churches will be contacted to have posters in their lobbies and also notices placed in their Sunday bulletins. These will have little cost since the fliers will be run directly from the computer. In addition, throughout the year Golden Honey Bee will have special events to involve families and their children. These days will be to celebrate multi-cultural events and provide opportunities for families to interact. It will also provide opportunities for further media coverage from the newspaper and television. Local newspapers and human-interest television reporters will be contacted to provide coverage of the events. Next, seminars will be conducted in association with the local churches and community organizations about topics essential to the local families. These seminars could include but are not limited to the following types of topics: Handling a preschooler, effective discipline for a toddler, handling busy schedules & children, preparing your child for Kindergarten, etc. Lastly, a thank-you dinner will be held in May before many families that may leave for the summer months. This appreciation dinner will be a chance to provide goodwill to the parents, provide social opportunity, and be a fun evening for everyone involved. Inexpensive games such as three-legged races, water balloon toss, & wheel-barrel racing will be used for entertainment with everyone winning in the end!

Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

Marketing Budget

Advertising Letterhead/business cards Newspaper Brochures/newsletters Logo Clothing Listing in online indexes such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Website Telephone Book-yellow pages Churches (posters & notices in church bulletins) Special events Seminars Public Relations Family & employee appreciation picnics

Date July July July August June June June

Cost $500 $500 $150 $150 $300 $400 $50





Golden Honey Bee Pre-School Center

VIII. Assumption Page IX. Financial Documents X. Supporting Documents See Attached

Honey Bee Day Care Center Classroom Colors

Classroom Young 2s Older 2s 3 yr. olds 4yr. olds

Recreation / Computer Room

Total # of Children
6 6 10 10 unknown

Color for Classroom

Blue Red Yellow Green Assorted

Honey Bee Day Care Center Classroom Breakdown Pre-School Center Maximum Capacity: Age of Children Young 2 yr. olds Older 2 yr. olds Three yr. olds Four yr. olds 32 children # of Staff Required 1 1 1 1

Max. Class Size 6 6 10 10

Total of Employees:

5 (including Director)

Honey Bee Day Care Center Estimated Monthly Income Age of Child Weekly Fee per child $130 $125 $120 $115 Monthly Fee Yearly Income Max. # children per classroom 6 6 10 10

Young 2 yr. old Older 2 yr. old Three yr. old Four yr. old

$563 $542 $520 $498

$6,755 $6,504 $6,235 $5,975

Pre-School Center Total




Honey Bee Day Care Center Estimated Monthly Expenses Item Monthly Lease (maximum) Utilities *Gas & Electric *Telephone *Internet Salaries: *Director *Senior Staff Food Supplies Licensing Requirement Fees (if Any) Liability Insurance Miscellaneous Total Expenses Monthly Cost (approximate) $4,000 $400 Yearly Expense Total $48,000 $4,800

$4,000 $2,500 $800 $400 $100 $300 $250 $12,750

$48,000 $30,000 $10,800 $4,800 $1,200 $3,600 $3,000 $12,719 $12,719.00

Total Yearly Profit:

Area Daycare Center Rates

Zip Code of Ctr. 21216 21217

Age of Child 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old 2 yr. old 3 yr. old 4 yr. old

Weekly Fee $125 $125 $125 $150 $135 $135 $110 $110 $110 $160 $140 $140 $150 $125 $125 $100.69 $100.69 $100.00 $150.00 $115.00 $115.00 $125.00 $100.00 $100.00 $306.45 $273.60 $273.60 $110 $110 $110 $115 $115 $115 $140 $135 $135

Hours of Ctr. 7am-5:30pm 6:30am-6:00pm

Meals Provided Breakfast Morning Snack Afternoon Snack Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Snack Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner Breakfast Morning Snack Afternoon Snack Dinner Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Snack Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Snack Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Snack Morning Snack Afternoon Snack Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Snack 44 18

Total Ctr. Capacity

21217 21223

7:30am-5:30pm 7am-11:49pm

12 (Small Ctr.) 27



12 (Small Ctr.)

21202 21211 20211 21230 21218 21231 21224

7am-6pm 7:00am-5:30pm 7am-5:30pm 7am-7pm 7am-6pm 7:30am-5:30pm 7am-6:30pm

105 56 25 204 60 26 50

Honey Bee Day Care Center Equipment List

Item Activity Centers (Young 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr.olds) (4 yr. olds) (Rec. Room) Art Supplies Audio / Video *TV w/VCR & DVD (Rec. Room)Stand Block Play (3 yr. olds) (4 yr. olds) Boards & Charts (young 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr. olds) (4 yr. olds) Book Storage (young 2s) (Older 2s) Kaplan Kaplan Kaplan Kaplan Kaplan Best Buy Daycaremallcatalog. com 18 18 18 18 18 13-40023 13-40023 13-40023 13-40023 130-40023 4 4 4 4 5 (LB) Blue (RD) Red (YL)Yellow (BS)Green (YL)Yellow $259.95 $259.95 $259.95 $259.95 $259.95 ea ea ea ea ea Vendor Page Order# Quantit y Color Price

combo Web site

In store AAWD526002

2 1

Black natural

$550.00 ea $323.10

Daycaremallcatalog. com Kaplan Kaplan

Book Storage (3 yr. olds) Books (4 yr. olds)

Web site Web site 20 20

DCCF905052 DCCF905052 13-46005 13-46005

1 1 1 1

multi multi (YL)yellow (BL)Green

$98.96 $98.96 $277.95 $277.95

(young 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr. olds) (4 yr. olds) Carpets & Rugs (Young 2s) (Older 2s) (3yr. olds) (4 yr.olds) (Rec.Room) Directors Office

Honey Bee Day Care Center Equipment/Supplies List

(Young 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr.olds) (4 yr. olds)

(Rec. Room) Directors Office Staff Room Reception Area

Changing Table (Young 2s) Classroom Storage(Young 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr.olds) (4 yr. olds)

(Rec. Room) Directors Office

Reception Area Computer Furniture (3) Costumes (Dress-Up Cntr) Cotts Cribs Cubbies (Young 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr.olds) (4 yr. olds) (3 yr.olds) (4 yr. olds) (Younger 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr.olds) (4 yr. olds) N/A


(Rec. Room) Daycare Dcor Wall Diplays Dividers / Panels Feeding Tables (Staff Room ) High Chairs Housekeeping Center (Young & Older 2 yr.old Room) Housekeeping Center Table & Chair Set (2s room) Housekeeping Center Table & Chair Set (3 & 4s room) Language Arts Lego Play Lofts & Playhouses Mathematics Mirrors N/A Kaplan Kaplan Kaplan

Music & Movement Playground Equipment Puzzles & Games Sand & Water Play Science Sleep Mats Soft Play Items Software Special Needs Step Stools Strollers & Buggies Tables (Young 2s) (Older 2s) (3 yr.olds) (4 yr. olds)

(Rec. Room) Directors Office Staff Room Reception Area

Honey Bee Day Care Center Lesson Plan

Teacher: Ms. Sarah Class: Dates: 03/20 thru 03/25 , 2009 The Little Bears 3 year olds

Weeks Theme: Color: Green

Nursery Rhymes I Shape: Triangle

Letter: N

Circle Time Monday Introduce This Little Piggy Went to Market Introduce One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Introduce Little Boy Blue Introduce Jack & Jill Introduce Little Miss. Muffin

Physical Development Allow Children to walk to a Textured Trail Teach children the One, Two Hop Children will create a blue Wave Machine Children will climb a Hill together Children will search fro the hidden Spider

Art Create colored Little Piggy footprints Children will Create One, Two Buckle my shoe Story Board Children will color the Little Boy Blue picture Children will create Jack & Jill Story Board Children will make a Spider

Cooking /////////////



Math / Science Children will sort & match colored Foot Prints Children will have a Letter & Color Search Children will Find, Sort & Color Search Children will sort & organize a Story Board Children will sort colored sprinkles for muffins made

Literature Which Way went Piggy? By: Alice Walker Recite One, Two, Buckle my Shoe The Color Book Jack & Jill By: Lucy Cousins Little Miss Muffin By: Lucy Cousins

Music / Movement Children will do The Little Piggy Dance Children will play Duck,Duck Goose Children will have a Blue Tissue Paper Parade Children will reenact Jack & Jill Children will have a Spider Dance


////////////// ///////////////



Children will decorated & eat muffins that they made

Honey Bee Day Care Center DayCare - Waiting List

Date Last Updated:__________________________________

Estimated Start Date

Parent Name

Contact #
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Quoted wkly. Amount

Child(ren) Name