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Ah HE NA eo i qs Sues FLYING SCALE MODELS By R. G. Moulton A comprehensive work on all aspects of flying scale model air- craft, from the selection of suit- able prototypes, through all stages of building and flying, in- cluding detailed information on all kinds of power units, together with invaluable data on authentic colours and markings. MODEL & ALLIED PUBLICATIONS Argus Books Ltd, Station Road, Kings Langley, Herts © 1956, 1976 Model & Allied Publications, Argus Books Ltd Text © 1976 R. G. Moulton First Edition : — December 1956 Reprinted : 1960 Reprinted : 1965 Reprinted : 1969 Reprinted =: «1972 Reprinted : 1976 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted by any means, or stored in a retrieval systerm without prior permission from the publishers. The author would like to record the co-operation of many individuals and Aircraft Manufocturing Companies who provided invaluable assistance in the preparation of this book. In particular, Cesar Milani of Kensington, London, mony of his models appearing in the illustrations, and Boris Koruz of New Jersey, whe provided information from the U.S.A, and was a constant source of encouragement. Among the Mar facturers, Messrs, Hunting Percival, Piper, Cessna, Fokker, Heinonen & Sierra Aviation were specially helpful and thanks are due to Aviation Magazine for permission to reproduce their Jean Perard drawings of French aircraft. ISBN 0 85344 0700 Printed in Great Britain by The Garden City Press Limited, Letchworth, Hertfordshire SG6 1JS